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Software Engineer Support

Queensville, Ontario, L0G 1R0, Canada
March 08, 2019

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Challenging and exciting full-time or contract position utilizing my broad engineering skills and experience


Over 20 years of experience in software design and engineering in embedded, firmware, multimedia arenas with expertise in Windows and Linux, HW and SW, open source and commercial environments

Extensive experience in software architecture and design with focus on low level, embedded HW oriented video graphics and multimedia software development as well as debugging, optimizing and HW related problem solving.

Expert in firmware development including front-end input/output, graphics and multimedia video/audio. Extensive experience with various debugging, include HW debugging systems as IKOS and Quickturn ASIC Emulators. Variety of lab tools and equipment including signal processors, oscilloscopes, logical analyzers

Extensive experience in Linux device driver for Video, Audio, TV and other analog and digital multimedia related devices.

Strong background in digital electronic schematic, components and architecture, microcomputer architecture, mathematics and theoretical computer science, system programming, concurrency and code optimization

Advanced/Deep knowledge of PC architecture and operating systems such as Windows 2k/XP/9x/NT/7/8, major Linux distributions and DOS

Organized, highly motivated, self-directed, excellent analytical and time management skills, creative with a fast learning curve


Expert in C/C++/VC, Assembler, familiarity with C#/.NET, Visual Basic, HTML.

Design and implementation boot loaders, SW U-Boot for Embedded Linux OS, customization of existing HW designs.

Deep, detail working with CAN bus protocol an part of design source code for support CAN functionality and messages, debug routines thru CAN bus etc. Working knowledge of LIN bus and protocol, design routines for debugging source code thru LIN bus.

HW debug and test equipment like JTAG, Oscilloscope, Logical Analyzer, debug and test utilities for JTAG and UART

Video graphics standards including VGA, VESA, PCI/-E, AGP, CI_E ACPI, DDC, I2C, LVDS, DVI, SPDIF, I2S, HDMI

TV standards including all variations of NTSC/PAL up to HDTV and all signal interfaces from Component up to HDMI.

Video encoding/decoding protocols including H264, MPEG 2/4, AAC, and others

Linux Kernel customization and build, Linux audio, video and device driver design.

HW platforms: PC, x86 family CPU, SB/NB, RAM, ROM Flash/Nand ROM and System BIOS, Microcontroller (Thermal, TMDS, Flash ROM, HDMI, TV encoders etc.)

Win32/16 (SDK/DDK), .NET, web services, web design: Dreamweaver, Nvu.

Development Tools: Tasking C/C++ VX-toolset, RIDE Raisonance Toolkit, COSMIC ZAP Tool, Freescale Code Warrior, Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio,

Debugging Tools: CANalyzer, Ford Diagnostic Engineering Tool, FreeMaser Debug Tool, SoftICE

Source Control: Perforce, Continuous, Visual Source Safe, PVCS, Mercurial, InstallShield.


M.Sc. – Computer Engineering, Taganrog State University Russia


Embedded Software Engineer (Contract) Flextronics Inc. Newmarket / Markham 2013 – 2019

Architect, design and implement functional and infrastructure software and related interfaces for Automotive Body control ESM modules. Execute static analysis using PC-lint, QA-C, code coverage and complexity metrics.

Software Release Management for the assigned projects including release, build, test, release notes, versioning, release labeling. Document software requirements, software design and software testing.

Install and configure the Development environment including code generation and debug platform, execute software debug. Execute software unit testing and integration verification testing, write test cases and test reports.

Existing projects:

V2X (vehicle to Everything) DSRC RF communication device design.

Based on Autotalk CRATON2 (ARM7 core) communication processor, PLUTON RF Transiver, Telc GNSS receiver.

OS Linux Ubuntu/Xubuntu, Embedded Linux, GNU C, Lauterbach HW & SW Debugging system,

Was involved in the next main projects:

Chrysler. Keyfob SW design, update and support.

Chrysler. Door Window and Latch ECU SW design.

Chrysler. Update, test and verification ECU SW for Power Sliding door control and latch.

Ford. Update, test and verification ECU SW for trunk power Deck Lid.

Ford. Update, test and verification ECU SW for Rear Lift Gate.

Languages and tools: ANSI C (Embedded C), PVCS, Serena. Vector tool suite: GENy, Canalyzer, CANape, CANdela studio, ZDnet too, Ford Diagnostic Engineering Tool, FreeMaser Debug Tool,, Tasking C/C++ VX-toolset, RIDE Raisonance Toolkit, COSMIC ZAP Tool, Freescale Code Warrior.

Operating systems: Windows, FNOS, Linux Ubuntu/Xubunt, VM VNware

Microconrollers: Freescale 9S08, 9S12x, MPC56xx Bolero, PIC24, ARM7.

HW equipment: JTAG tools, Oscilloscope, CAN-bus Analyzer, CAN-busTester, Pemicro Flash and debug HW tools.

Embedded SW/FW Engineer IENSO Inc. Richmond Hill 2012

Designed and developed U-Boot modules for ARM core TI processor unit series TI8148/8138/8168 for different types of boot sources – UART, MMC, SD, NAND, NFS, SPI.

Brought up new devices based on SDK board designs, implemented U-Boot, resolved HW design, HW and SW issues

Designed and developed bring up test utility for raw board initial HW testing including UART interface, HW configuration, DDR external memory, NAND Flash memory, Debugging tools for JTAG, UART.

Implemented FFMPEG to the custom specific functionality support for support SW tools (C, Linux Bash, FFMPEG SDK).

Implemented embedded Linux Kernel according to specifications for existing project

Languages and tools: MS Visual Studio 2008, 2010. C++ 6.0. VSS, TI Code Composer Studio.

Operating systems: Windows 7, VM VirtualBox, VM VMware, Linux Ubuntu, Xubuntu.

HW equipment: JTAG tools, Oscilloscope, Logical analyzer, Fluke etc.

Senior Software Engineer ViXS Systems Inc. North York 2007 – 2011

Designed and developed Linux ALSA audio drivers for embedded Linux OS for cutting edge new media processor including support of all major audio formats inside ALSA functionality. It uses both internal and external I2S DACs, as well as SPIDIF interface. (C++, C, Linux Bash, ALSA SDK)

Implemented embedded Linux kernel code with new functionality and features in support of new media processor requirements for the company's SOC (system on a chip) (C, Linux Bash, Linux SDK)

Designed and developed Linux Video V4L2 family drivers in support of the Linux driver level major video format functionality. TV analog and digital DVB, DVB-T, DVB-C tuners as ALPS, XC5xx and other, analog and digital encoders as ADV 78xx family, HDMI oriented Auritek AU85xx, DVB-x Realtek 2822, 2832 chipset. Support all existing analog and digital TV standard, Video capturing, Close Caption and Teletext function. Front end programming for all input/output interfaces – CVBS, Component, HDMI. Infrared remote controls management and a lot of else. (C++, C, Linux Bash, Linux SDK)

Ported FFMPEG to the ViXS transcoder SOC platform (C, Linux Bash, FFMPEG SDK). Designed modules for Open Source FFMPEG for Close Capture subtitle format with full support for main video stream formats and containers

Designed and developed internal Linux and network oriented test and debug application intend for FPGA verification, testing, QA and debugging SOC functionality. (C#, C++, C, Linux Bash, VC++)

Created dual Windows/Linux development environment and ported several project for internal SDK board supporting between Windows and Linux (C#, C++, C, Linux Bash, VC++)

Designed sample code application for use as reference code by customers with SDK board. (C++, C, Linux SDK)

Designed special Flash ROM Utility for support different types of flash ROM include NAND flash chip. Flash utility was intend for different environment - Windows GUI, PCI bus, Telnet remote, through USB, I2C, SPI PCI bus interface. (C#, C++, C, Linux Bash, VC++)

Created build and release processes, tools and scripts for integrating with CVS code support system for both Windows and Linux environments (C#, C++, C, Linux Bash, VC++, VSS, Linux SDK)

Languages and tools: MS Visual Studio 2005, 2008. MS Visual C++ 6.0. VSS Version Source Control system, Linux ALSA driver SDK, Embedded Linux SDK for MIPS, GNU, ARM.

OS: Windows XP/7/8, Fedora, Ubuntu, Red Hat. Embedded Linux Kernel and SDK for MIPS, GNU, ARM.

Staff Engineer/Project Team Leader AMD/ATI Technologies Inc. Thornhill 2002 – 2006

Team Leader of VIDEO BIOS Desktop team. During this period team size was 7-10 members. Play team management role and provide full management and technical leadership of design and development of Embedded Video ROM BIOS and Firmware for flagship ATI desktop and mobile graphics GPU products. Involving in the all steps of SW product life time, from initial architecture thru structure and code design, first bring-up, moving to production on shelf level, testing and QA, production build, customer support, life time improvement and updating, legacy product support.

Shared lead responsibilities of the design and development of the entire Video ROM BIOS line for mainstream ATI desktop and mobile graphics products. This area was strategic product for ATI.

Responsible for technical direction and support of mainstream graphic product Video BIOS design and support – including active cooperation with external OEM and AIB customers: HP, Dell, IBM, ASUS, Toshiba, Fujitsu etc.

Worked closely with software driver designer groups for Windows, Linux and MAC platform, for closely linking BIOS and display driver software features.

Developed documentation for architecture and implementation of BIOS, software graphics drivers, DDK and SDK.

Languages, OS, Tools: MS VC++, MS C, x86 MASM, Watcom C/C++. DOS, Windows XP/2k/Vista;: MS Office (Word, Access, Project, PP, Outlook, Excel), MS Visual Studio 2005, 2008. MS Visual C++ 6.0. Perforce VSS. Dreamweaver, SoftICE, IKOS, Quick Turn, American Arium,

Senior Software Engineer/Software Engineer ATI Technologies Inc. Thornhill 1996 – 2002

Designed all most complicated and critical parts of Video ROM BIOS source code including support PCI/AGP/PCI-E bus, ASIC initialization; Memory detection, initialization and management, include different types of memory up to GDDR4; different types of external onboard supplement microcontroller initialization; monitor (CRT, DFP, DVI, TV, HDTV, HDMI) detection and initialization by VESA, DDC, I2C, ASPI protocols; all VGA, VESA and extended functionality; TV Out support on the all standard (NTSC, PAL, SECAM and Hi Definition.

Code optimization for maximum performance, reliability and minimization size.

Development and support of special test software and video hardware test utilities for internal intention (MASM, C, C++, Watcom C/C Design reference source code and sample source code for most complicated features support for external software team – driver, application and other.

Designed Flash ROM Utilities for Flash ROM features support for BIOS burning and updating.

Languages, OS, Tools: VC++, VB, MS C, x86 MASM, Watcom C, Watcom C DOS, Windows XP/2k;

MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel), Perforce VSS. SoftICE, IKOS, Quick Turn, American Arium,

Various engineering and leadership positions Join Venture “DANKO” Ukraine 1989 – 1995


Vladimir Inozemtsev

9 Fairbairn Gate, Queensville, ON, L0G1R0

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