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Chicago, IL
March 05, 2019

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+1-312-***-**** Chicago, IL Vjais(Github) linkedin(/in/vanisre-jaiswal-90817562/) EDUCATION

University of Illinois at Chicago (August 2017-May 2019) Masters of Science in Computer science

Coursework:Computer Algorithms,Software Development for Mobile Applications,Augmented & Virtual Reality,Applied Artificial Intelligence,Introduction to Data Science,Data Mining and Text Mining,AI entrepreneurship,,Advanced Software Engineering Rajasthan Technical University,Kota,India (August 2012- July 2016) Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science (Honours) Coursework:Data Structure,Operating Systems,Algorithms,Computer Networks SKILLS

Programming Languages:Java, Python, Android, C, JavaScript/jQuery,C#, SQL,C++ Web Technologies:HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery,Node.js,d3.js,Bootstrap,React.js,Django Packages:Numpy,Pandas,Matplotlib,Seaborn,Sklearn,Nltk,spaCy,Keras,Tensorflow,Caffe Database Systems:Firebase, MySQL, MongoDB,Postgres Tools&Technologies:Unity3D,Vuforia,Cloud9(AWS),Kubernetes,Git,Bitbucket,Intellij,VRTK,ARcore,Blender,Maya,Sketchup, SteamVR,Android Studio,Xcode,Heroku,Docker,AWS,Docker,Eclipse WORK EXPERIENCE

AI and Machine Vision Intern at Vision13 (June 2018-August 2018) Developed scripts for 3D computer vision techniques using Keras and OpenCV in python and created GUI for same using Kivy and tkinter for 3D Printing team.Developed algorithm for cryptocurrency trading using LSTM for AI team. Research Intern at Madan Mohan Malviya University of Technology,Gorakhpur, India (May 2015-August 2015) Developed a secure Target Coverage Protocol via scheduling algorithm by utilizing the trust based mechanism as multi-dimensional entity in Wireless Sensor Network using ANSI C.

Published a research paper (Vanisre Jaiswal, “Secure and Energy Efficient Node Scheduling Protocol for Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Network”,Proceedings of National conference NCACT 2016, 4th March 2016,Gorakhpur, India, ISBN: 978-93-84224-49-3)


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality(C#,Swift)

a)Developed augmented table top future breakfast scenes for image target,cylinder target and box target on Unity 3D b)Developed haunted house in VR i.e 3 rooms scaled in 3 by 3 area for target platform HTC Vive via SteamVR and VRTK c)Developed a multilevel(5 level) adventure virtual reality game for target platform HTC Vive via SteamVR and VRTK d)Developed ios application using ARkit and computer vision utilizing deep learning model for flower classification Data Science Projects(Python,JSON)

a)Implemented sentiment analysis on 6000 reviews using NLP techniques and achieved 70% F1 score b)Implemented ETL on election dataset applied classification,clustering and visualized on choropleth map using plotly API c)Preprocessed,analysed and performed modelling via Regression models on Black Friday dataset d)Implemented preprocessing and modelling on zillow dataset obtained low RMSE error on house price using XGBoost Web Development Projects(HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,NODE,REACT,D3.js) a)Developed social web application for camping tours on cloud9 using Nodejs,Restful API,Mongodb and express deployed on Heroku b)Web application for bitcoin prediction and visualization with candlestick using plotly API c)Dashboard for visualizing CO2 emissions by year and country using pie chart,maps and bar chart using d3.js d)Developed web application i.e video player similar to youtube using React.js Software Projects(Java,Android)

a)Developed app that displays cars in gallery and lists manufacturer using gridview,webview,listview,adapter and menus b)Developed two interconnected applications for several chicago landmarks using webview,listview,fragments,Broadcast receivers and permissions

c)Developed multiplayer Guess four game using threading,loopers and handlers d)Developed application for parsing and tracking maximum among stock prediction dataset in Java f)Developing CD/CI pipeline for automation using AWS,Docker and Kubernetes.(In Progress) EXTRACURRICULARS

Served as VICE PRESIDENT for Indian Society for Technical Education,GWECA chapter India.

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