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Software Engineer Data

Rochester, New York, United States
February 25, 2019

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Shristika Yadav

email:, phone no: 347-***-****, address: 220 john street, Rochester,NY 14623, EDUCATION Rochester institute of technology, Rochester, NY GPA: 3.33/4 Master of Science, Computer Science, May 2019(Expected) Courses: Computer Networks, Big Data Analytics, Distributed Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Advanced Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Natural Language Processing. Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, MP, India Bachelor of Engineering, Information technology, May 2015 GPA: 8/10 EMPLOYMENT Enterprise Architecture Intern, NYISO, Rensselaer Summer, 2018

- Developed a process to keep track of Budget versus Actual costs for AWS operations which raised alarms on unexpected increases in billing amounts.

- Created reports and dashboards with summary views to understand the utilization and associated costs of AWS. (Used AWS - SNS, SES, S3, lambda, IAM, Cloudwatch, Quicksight, Cloudformation) Software Engineer Intern, PHICure, Albany Fall, 2018

- Used C# to automate the communication between PHICure and its payers using SOAP+WSDL, HTTPS, MIME.

- Added functionalities to the core website such as a page for an admin to add new payers, reading claim images to generate the forms automatically.

SIDE PROJECTS Simulation of WhatsApp(Android Studio(IDE), Java, AWS services(EC2), Parse): Implemented a mobile application which allows the sending of text messages, images, other media, documents, and user location. Used AWS EC2 (ParseServer Bitnami) to launch the instance. June’2017-July’2017 COMPUTER


Languages: Java, Python, SQL, PHP, C#, C, C++, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript. Databases and Data Mining Tools: MS SQL, Oracle DB, MongoDB, R (shiny, ggplot), Rattle, Python

(numpy, scipy, pandas), Weka.

Tools: Eclipse, Android Studio, MySQL, Oracle, OpenGL, Blender, Tableau, PowerBI. PROJECTS Detecting key needs during crisis (Python, APIs): Classify tweets/comments into categories to organise stream of data. To understand data, Word2Vec or glove models used. Applied data classi cation algorithms like LSTM or feed-forward or SVM. Predict disaster from tweet. Jan’2019-April’2019 Vehicle Collision 2017(Python, Weka): Performed statistical analysis to extract relevant features and detect trends in the data using python. Applied data analysis algorithms such as Decision tree, k-means, Agglomeration and PCA to predict the areas in NYC where the maximum number of accidents take place. Jan’2018-April’2018

Pub/Sub System(Java, TCP, Multi-Threading): Implemented a real time messaging pattern where subscribers could express their interest in an event to receive the noti cations and publishers could choose the topic under which they’d like to publish their article. Three important features implemented were space, time and synchronization decoupling. Feb’2017-Mar’2017 Simulation of Routing Information Protocol (Java, UDP): Designed a Distance Vector Routing Protocol called Routing Information Protocol (RIP) where each of the routers on the network executed RIPv2 to exchange information with its neighbors via UDP transfer in order to compute the shortest path from itself to all other routers. Performs split horizon with poisoned reverse to avoid count to in nity problem in case of failures. It was tested on 4 routers. Sept’2017-Oct’2017 Movie Rating Application(Java,UDP, Multi-threading, Android): Implemented MapReduce model to divide 8-million records into smaller data chunks which were distributed over the network to reduce computation time. Performed Item-based collaborative ltering on the ratings of movies and implemented a native android application to recommend movies. Oct’2017-Nov’2017

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