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Manager Training

Edmond, Oklahoma, United States
February 20, 2019

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Edmond, Oklahoma 73012


Skilled in all phases of Program Development, Delivery and Evaluation (both curriculum and staffing), beginning with the conducting of Job Task Analysis (JTA) workshops to Level IV return on investment reporting (ADDIE process). Experienced in scheduling, writing, and critiquing course evaluations and executive summaries for the Aviation Flight Standards (AFS) division of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Past involvement in site management and delivery of training for several projects nationwide as well as Europe and Africa, involving marketing of FAA training development courses. Personal experience in development, writing, and testing of software training materials, including web-based training. Secondary school experience includes three years as a Moore middle school teacher, ten years as a business instructor, and four years as a state-certified vocational business instructor. Retired from the FAA as of April 28, 2018.


Bachelor of Science in Bookkeeping/Clerical - University of Oklahoma, 1975

Master of Science in Business Education - University of Oklahoma, 1981

Associate in Aviation Management - Rose State College, 1988

Graduate courses completed in Adult/Career education, Vocational certification, and School Administration certification

FAA management and technical courses taken as in-class and on-line

Commercial/Instrument pilot’s license – Hawaiian Air Academy, and Aeroflite Flight School

Related Employment

Instructional Systems Specialist (ISS) FG-1750-J, FAA, AFS-530

October 2010 – April 2018

Assigned as a Project Manager for several instructor-led and web-based course revisions. This includes conducting Training Needs Analysis, Walk-thru, Operational Tryouts, and Prototype meetings

Served as an FAA Academy Evaluation System point-of-contact for all Flight Standards divisions, and a member of the Evaluation System Working Group

Served on multiple AFS-500 development groups to update the ADDIE process as used by AFS-500

Served as a Senior (lead) Instructional Systems Specialist performing course evaluations for instructor-led, web-based, and out-of-agency courses

Performed conformity checks on instructor-led and web-based courses at initial, and final stages of course development

Managed minor revisions for selected Flight Standards courses, and coordinate workgroups for major revisions

Served as the branch designated On-the-Job Training (OJT) Technical Representative for AFS-530

Assisted the ACR-3B organization during the month of October, 2014. The focus was on adapting the Academy Evaluation System to courses developed by the FAA’s Civil Rights organization

Served on the AFS Course Conformity team in 2013 to develop a six-phase conformity checklist for the periodic evaluation of course development. I performed the first beta-test of the checklist process, and the initial tests on two actual courses in development. Currently perform conformity checks as requested by AFS-500

Served as Contract Representative (COR) for the Flight Standards Evaluation System. One aspect of this responsibility was to create and maintain a new five-year contract

As a Manager of the AFS revised evaluation system, I wrote a new Administrative Guide for AFS users

Assisted in getting Out-of-Agency Training (OAT) sites to use the current on-line Academy Evaluation System as their contracts are renewed

Project Manager for a revised/combined AFS Evaluation System that parallels the FAA Academy version (Worked daily with the CSD contract programmer and her supervisor)

Drafted and submitted a project proposal to evaluate AFS new hire training

Assisted AMA-24 by serving as a Plateau System representative to create post course evaluation items for the Plateau Question Editor

Other duties accepted while maintaining ISS duties within AFS-530:

Stepped in as the AFS-530 temporary Branch Manager during two 60-day absences of the regular manager (2012 and 2015), and on an ‘as needed’ basis

Volunteered as the lead instructor for an International Government Safety Inspector (GSI) train-the-trainer course to assist the FAA Academy’s International office AMA-800 in October 2011. The course was taught at the East Africa School of Aviation in Nairobi, Kenya

Volunteered in the International office in 2014 as a Curriculum Development and Testing course instructor. This course was taught to a class of aviation and medical professionals from Nigeria at the Academy in Oklahoma City, OK

Volunteered as an instructor for the Instructor Enrichment Training (IET) class to assist AMA-800 in October 2015. The course was taught at the East Africa School of Aviation in Nairobi, Kenya

Perform duties as an adjunct instructor to assist the Academy’s Training and Evaluation branch, AMA-23 as needed. This assistance involves teaching both at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and locations out-of-state

Completed a 50/50-time detail with the Civil Rights Training office (ACR-3). This detail began in May 2015 and ended May 30, 2016. This detail involved:

oPerforming Civil Rights briefings given to new-hire ATO personnel on a weekly basis (Continued assistance is given as an adjunct instructor when requested)

oAssisting in developing and making recommendations for online and instructor-led courses, to include graphics and video placement, and lesson plan development (specifically on Social Media, Transgender, and Workplace Bullying)

oAct as the reference point for all issues concerning the Academy Evaluation System reporting

oHelped develop and conducted online Diversity training using Adobe Connect

Instructional Systems Specialist (ISS) FG-1750-I, FAA, AMA-23C

May 2002 – September 2010

Course Manager for the following courses:

oInternational Instructor Training (IIT)

oOn-The-Job (OJT) Techniques

oBasic Instructor Training (BIT) (Co-Manager)

oTechniques For Associate Instructors (TAI)

oTechnical Operations (OJT) Techniques

oOn-The-Job Training Techniques (Correspondence)

Served as a Course Trainer for the FAA Academy. Duties include assuming the lead instructor role for the following “train-the-trainer” courses:

oFacility Instructor Training (FIT). Taught at the Academy and remote sites

oBasic Instructor Training (BIT)

oInstructor Effectiveness Training (IET)

oInternational Instructor Training (IIT) Training overseas

oAirways Facilities On-the-Job Training (AF OJT) Taught at remote sites

Lead instructor roles for AF OJT and FIT courses taught at remote facilities involve managing all logistics and point-of-contact communications required to conduct the course

Assisted in the development and updating of courses to include creation of new PowerPoint presentations, as well as lesson plans and other interactive course materials requiring revision

Served as the FAA Representative for ADVANCED (formerly known as the North Central Association for Accreditation). Duties include managing the five-year review of FAA standards as they relate to ADVANCED’s adult education requirements

Served in 2005 as the Academy Manager for the American Council on Education (ACE). Served as the Assistant Academy Manager for ACE from 2002 to 2008. Briefings included those for ACE funding and the yearly review meetings for course accreditation

Developed and maintained AMA-200, -300, -400 and -500 pre- and post-test documentation for the Academy Superintendent’s “Return on Investment” study

Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Analyst, Computer Systems Designs

March 2001 – May 2002

Served as Assistant Team Leader for a civilian contractor working within FAA office AFS-530

Conducted general aviation safety inspector program/course evaluations. Evaluations were made on all course materials and activities, both during class and following class completion. Included during the evaluation process was a review/tie-in of current job tasks to the lesson plans used in each course. This involved working closely at times with the course managers and individual instructors. Courses reviewed included a month-long flight indoctrination class, as well as more advanced “string” courses

Wrote course evaluations in a format to be reproduced and sent to appropriate Flight Standards personnel. A brief Executive Summary was also created for each course to be forwarded to Washington, DC

Attending monthly meetings in which Flight Standards Subject Matter Experts met to review and revise the job tasks in use by General Aviation Operations and Airworthiness Safety Inspectors. Supervised one of these meetings in which a new job task list was created. Extensive research into current FAA orders as they relate to General Aviation Safety Inspector duties was required

Senior Training Consultant, Brattle Systems

1997 - 2001

Served as Lead Trainer for Telecommunications Information Management System (TIMS) courses for the Telecommunications Management division of the FAA nationwide. Developed facilitator and participant guides, and slide presentations

Served as Project Team Leader for the FAA Telecommunications Information Management System (TIMS) Web-Based Training (WBT) project being developed based on TIMS classroom training. Managed a group of TIMS trainers, web developers, programmers, and graphics personnel. Conducted research and development for converting courses to WBT and Computer-Based Training (CBT)

Served as site Lead Instructor for the Traffic Situation Display (TSD) training of FAA Air Traffic Managers at Air Traffic Control (ATC) sites nationwide

Served as a Lead Instructor teaching the FAA’s Safety Performance Analysis System (SPAS) update classes in both the United States and Europe. Taught one-week classes on SPAS to over 3000 inspectors in 13 cities

Served as an ISD Developer of materials to train new FAA Civil Aviation Registry employees. Development included on-line support and tests using Robohelp HTML software, On-The-Job training (OJT) job aids, and classroom course materials

Created leader guides for several courses, including Airmen Correspondence for the FAA Civil Aviation Registry’s Document Control System (DOCS) software

Served as Network (LAN) Administrator for the Oklahoma City office

Educational Consultant, Jostens Learning

1996 - 1997

Served as one of four regional Educational Consultants for a kindergarten-through-high school software division of Jostens Learning. This involved frequent travel to schools within Oklahoma and north Texas to demonstrate recently purchased educational software to school administrations and faculty. Review of school needs with administrators often resulted in marketing products that would enhance their curriculum.

Secondary Instructor, Moore Schools

1979 - 1996

Performed High School Business Instructor duties, all business subjects (1979-1989). Volunteered and ran the Junior Achievement program at Moore High School. Briefly instructed a basic aeronautics class and set up an Aviation club at the school. Mentored a student teacher as requested.

Junior High School Instructor (1989-1992) at Brink Junior High School. I instructed the school’s business classes and provided backup to the school’s principal as needed.

Vocational Banking & Financial Services instructor; followed by Vocational Business Computer Technology Instructor at Westmoore High School (1992-1996). These were Senior level classes requiring students to be interviewed by myself for the class. They must maintain jobs to keep their class position. During the last two years I had a student qualify for national business academic contests in Washington D.C., and Tampa, Florida. Mentored two student teachers as requested.

United States Army, 25th Infantry Division/95th Division Reserves

1975 – 1977 Active Duty

Infantry Platoon Leader in charge of three squads. In charge of various other duties for the company to include: Chemical-Biological-Radiation Officer; Mail officer, Safety Officer. Managed the annual South Pacific range competition held at Schofield Barracks.

Battalion Assistant S1Personnel Officer. As an extra duty I managed the battalion museum and handled scheduling of off-post yearly training on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Reserve unit Company Executive officer. This was a logistics role that mainly handled scheduling of training. Highest rank achieved: Captain.

Software Knowledge/Training

Office/Business/Training Applications: Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Adobe Acrobat Pro, Peachtree Accounting, Blackboard and Adobe Connect and Captivate applications

Graphics Applications: Adobe Suite of programs (DaVinci Resolve, GIMP, Photoshop, Premiere)

Custom Software: Telecommunications database/ordering software for the FAA (TIMS), Graphics software for Air Traffic Control facilities (TSD), Database software for FAA Safety Inspectors (SPAS), and Web-based training software for the FAA Registry (DOCS), Academy Evaluation System (AES), Flight Standards Evaluation System (AFSES), and Academy Resource Tool (ARTS)

References Furnished on Request

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