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Civil Engineering Engineer

New York City, New York, United States
February 13, 2019

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XiaoMin Zhu (Judy)

Address: ** **** *** *** *** York, NY 10023

Cell Phone: 646-***-****


Birth Date: 03/11/1978


Columbia University, New York, Visiting Scholar, 2018.8-now, Field of research: Historic Preservation Theory and Practice Tongji University, Shanghai China, PhD Candidate, 2015.9-2018.8 (Entrance in 2014) Dissertation: From Ethics to Technologies: Research on Restoration and Preservation of Modern Historic Buildings’ Facade

Nanchang University, Nanchang China, Master of Engineering, 2002.9-2005.7 Dissertation: ‘Research on Geopolymer Concrete’

Xi’An Technology University, Xi’An China, Associate of Engineering in Civil Engineering, 1994.9-1996.7 RESEARCH EXPERIENCE

Independent Consultant and Researcher in Historic Preservation, 2013.12-2018.8 Setting up bridge between preservation of theories and practical restoration technologies. Reflecting on the aesthetic experience and nostalgia of historic buildings brought different opinion based on people’s memory and emotion to hometown.

• ‘Conservation Masonry Patina’ sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China. Set the definition of Patina from perspective of pathology and aesthetics, contributing to the clearer cognition on patina or dust

• Research on ‘Tectonic, Materials and Craftsmanship of architectural heritage in Xujiahui district, Shanghai PR China’; Provided the quantitative standards on restoration technologies such as cleaning, water absorption in China, contributing to the monitoring system of preservation industry

• Research on the ‘Shanghai LiLong buildings’ evolution and renovation standard’; Provided potential reuse to resist gentrification of old communities based on the original function research for renting

• Research on Comprehensive Performance Improvement and Sustainable retrofitting Technology of Historical Buildings.

• Research on Designing on facade color of commercial malls worldwide. Combined with the color set in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel as well as modern and traditional building materials texture, analyzed the trend of current and future color of malls.

Designing consultant of preservation and renovation on large of projects such as DaYuWan village, GuBeiYu village, Shanghai general commercial buildings etc.

Multiple Nonprofit organization which researches collaborated with

• Open Projects Fund of Key Laboratory of Ecology and Energy-saving Study of Dense Habitat(Tongji University, Ministry of Education

• Shanghai Research Institution of Building Science;

• Shanghai Real Estate Research Institute


Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Adjunct instructor, 2017.9-2018.5 Architecture theory and Graduation design. Department of Environmental Art Design In addition, I was fellow faculty members on their syllabus. Set up the questionnaire about the career planning to activate student’s vision and thinking Imitating on the career interview to guide them to get the appropriate job position Tongji University, Teaching Assistant, 2016.9-2018.6 Material Pathology of Architectural Heritage. College of Architecture and Urban Planning Mayho Architecture Designing Company, 2013.12-2015.12 Provided training on Building technologies such as interpretation on Local codes and construction drawing standard etc. Contributing to improve the efficiency of constructed drawing and developing drawing. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

MAYHO Architecture Designing Company, creative designing director, 2012-2014 Managed and organized all the company’s design of commercial buildings and HOPSCA(Hotel, Office, Parking, Shopping mall, Convention and Apartment). Built a good interactive relationship with current clients and potential clients.

JDS Architecture Designing Company Shanghai office, architect and technology director, 2010-2012 In charge of building technology support for Denmark based designing and creative designing for Shanghai branch office.

China Railway Engineering Designing Company, vice chief architect, 2005 and 2007-2010 Advised CEO with institution-wise strategic planning and designing philosophy; managed innovation, design and engineering of products such as standard equipment layout, directed the design and development of complex projects such as urban complex, making them more adaptable to the environment or original fabric and community. Setting up a new review process of blue prints to get high efficiency with lower costs. ShangHai SanZhaiShengHui Real Estate Development Company, designing director, 2006 - 2007 Directed the department of design and engineering that oversaw an entire senior citizen apartment projects including a hospital and a hotel; led the landscape and interior design; planned and managed the construction process; coordinated with construction administration department of local government for compliance management; established strong ties with potential investor, vendors and strategic partners. Jiangxi MinFang Buildings Research and Designing Institution, architect,1996-2002 Contributed to conceptual designing and construction drawing. INDEPENDENT STUDIO EXPERIENCE

Founder of Shanghai MoGuang Architectural Designing Company, 2013-2018 As a team leader, be responsible for the running of the whole company.

• Regeneration of GuBeiYu village. Provide strategies on the regeneration of village and new residential buildings close to the village. By commercial proposals, keeping part of original owner running the workshop related intangible cultural inheritance by themselves and providing the new space for modern living close to the village. The developer can benefit from extended hotel around the village.

• Consultation on DaYuWan village. By deeply interactive with the owners of village, give a excellent balance between the developer's focusing and the owners, stakeholders so that both the historical significance and the public rights were kept.


Excellent interpersonal communication skills;

Professional skills in personnel, project and budget management; Effective team working and leadership skills; Conflict Resolution and Mediation. License: National Registered Class One Architect and Registered Class One Civil Engineer in China Driving License

Language - proficient Mandarin, proficient English, and intermediate Japanese Computer Skills - Auto cad, Sketch-up, Indesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Office RESEARCH AND TEACHING INTERESTS

Preservation on Architectural Heritage and Art Pieces History and Theory of Modern Architecture and Planning Community Based Organization and Regeneration

Technologies on Designing and Restoration of Architecture Theory and History of Architecture


Excellent Paper Award For Young Scholars in EAAC 2017 Excellent Designing Projects in China in 2016


Xiaominzhu, YueerZhou, ShibingDai. (2019) Conservation and Restoration on Cement-based Renders of Built Heritage in Shanghai, PR China. ISBN:978-3-319-99440-6.(Springer index). The 11th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions Xiaominzhu, Gese, ShibingDai. (2018) Color Identity of Heritage Space- Reflection on Conservation of The Historic District Facades. Association of European Schools of Planning: Make hope for space Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai.(2017) Reflection on Authenticity in Reuse of East Asian Architectural Heritage from the Perspective of Historiography. EAAC2017: International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture

Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai. (2017) Smart communities: the coexisting of the high tech future and the intimate neighborhood past. ISBN:978-94-90354-52-7. International Society of city and Regional Planners conference. ISOCARP 53th 2017.

Xiaominzhu, Xiaoli, ShibingDai. (2018) Subtle Expression of Historic Building facades: Technological and Aesthetic Changes in Pointing Restoration. ICCTBH 2018: Toward the Revitalization of Historic Place: International Conference on Conservation Technology of Built Heritage. Yanchen, Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai(2018) Discussion on the significance of investigation and using original painting techniques and colors for the conservation of plaster surfaces in historic districts. Urban architecture ISSN1673-0232

Xiaominzhu, (2017) Urban regeneration: Balance ways between the residential built heritage's Authenticity restoration and energy saving strategies. The 12th China Urban Housing Conference, Guangzhou, China, 2017

Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai. (2017) Interpretation of Nostalgia-The thoughts on the strategy and practice of the built heritage regeneration. Conference of Built heritage held in Tongji university, April 2017 Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai. (2019)Tradition and Inheritance: Inheritance on Traditional Buildings Materials and Craftsmanship-Based on the fair faced brick wall facade. Huazhong Architecture. ISSN:1003-739X Xiaominzhu, (2019) Rise and Fall of ‘Material Authenticity’ in Preservation on heritage -Predicament of Laying Claim to Authenticity in the Digital Era. Being Submitted to JAE Xiaominzhu, (2019) Reflection on conservation ethics for architecture heritage. Being Submitted to BH Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai. (2019) 'Authenticity' on Architectural Restoration Techniques from the Perspective of Historiography-Case Studies in Chinese Architectural Heritage Being Submitted to Cogent Art and Humanities

Xiaominzhu, ShibingDai. (2019) 'Conservation and Restoration Technologies on Exterior Finishes Adapted for Revitalization of Architectural Heritage


ShibingDai, Xiaominzhu, (2017) Cleaning of Historic Architectural Façade (2019, Tongji University Press) second author


“Color Identity of Heritage Space- Reflection on Conservation of The Historic District Facades,” Association of European Schools of Planning- Make hope for space, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2018

“Smart Communities:the Coexisting of the High tech Future and the Intimate Neighborhood Past,” International Society of city and Regional Planners conference. Portland, US, 2017

“Reflection on Authenticity in the Reuse of East Asian Architectural Heritage from the Perspective of Historiography,”

International Conference on East Asian Architectural Culture, Tianjin, China 2017

“Subtle Expression of Historic Building facades: Technological and Aesthetic Changes in Pointing Restoration,” ICCTBH 2018: Toward the Revitalization of Historic Place: International Conference on Conservation Technology of Built Heritage, Shanghai, China, 2018

“Urban regeneration: Balance Ways Between the Residential Built Heritage's Authenticity Restoration and Energy Saving Strategies”

The 12th China Urban Housing Conference, Guangzhou, China, 2017

“Conservation and Restoration on Cement-based Renders of Built Heritage in Shanghai, PR China” The forum of historical architecture for PHD candidate. Beijing, China, 2017

“Interpretation of Nostalgia-The Thoughts on the Strategy and Practice of the Built Heritage Regeneration” Conference of Built heritage, Shanghai, China, 2017

“Guidelines for (Materials) Monitoring of Stone Relics” Invited talks on behalf of the mentor by the industry company(a listed company), Shanghai, China, 2018 EXHIBITION

Historical Consultant, Preservation International, Shanghai, 2017 and 2015 TRAININGS

Small talks of international conference. 2018.12

International Students and Scholars Office of Columbia University. Session of 'Inclusive Teaching'. 2018.9-Now

Center of teaching and learning of Columbia University. Writing Skills. 2018.9-Now

Writing Center of Columbia University.

Advanced Course on Conservation and Restoration Techniques of Traditional Architecture for the Asia-Pacific Region. 2015.7


Trend and Changing on Commercial Activities and Designing Management of Commercial Mall. 2014.7 Commercial Consultation Orgization

Training on Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings. 2014.8 Minisry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People Republic of China Portfolio will be submitted separately elsewhere if further interesting goes on

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