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Machine Operator Engineer

Dallas, Texas, United States
February 08, 2019

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*+ years of professional manufacturing/electronic-mechanical assembly

3+ years of experience in Quality Assurance Testing Procedures

Assembled circuit boards from blueprints including: Stuffing, soldering, wire harness, rewire, and inspection

Experience as a dip machine operator with duties that include: inspection for travel verification, touch ups, and Surface Mount Soldering

Clipped and de-soldered components as needed

Received an ISO-2000 Certification and Solder Certification for repair and testing of SMT components

Worked with engineer team in supplying data needed

Refurbished Cell Phones: Worked in warehouse programming phones for AT&T

Worked on assembly lines to disassemble cell phones

Tested/repaired cell phones

Strong attendance abilities: Received Perfect Attendance Recognition

Excellent communication skills: clear, concise, and professional


Front-end Clean room lab experience with knowledge of calibration procedures and documentation

Supervised production workers in auditing machine specifications

Daily monitoring of temperature, samples from production operators, and computer printouts

Conducted ISO-9000 certification on machines and procedures using start-up electrical test

Familiar with equipment such as: Electronic Caliper, Micrometer, Heigh Gauge etc.

Performed visual and Final inspection to incoming lots under microscope and enter data in computer, (Paradox)

Soldering using SMT/Thru holes

Cell phone assembly, repair, and testing




Stay at home caregiver/ continuing education

Microcap Industries INC., Garland, TX

Surface Mount Technician

1/15-2/15 (1-month contract)

Worked in Hybrid Cleanroom using assembly drawings/ mounting component smallest to large

Used solder pace to secure unit placed by hand

Ability to follow assigned instruction

ProLogistix, Carrollton, TX

Warehouse Associate

10/14-12/14 (2-month contract)

Worked in warehouse programming phones for AT&T

Worked on the line receiving product from the customer to put labels on products to be sent out in timely matter

Received product and Input information in computer to accept or reject the product

Harbor Group- Coppell, TX

Laptop Tech

07/14-09/14 (2-month contract)

Worked in receiving/inspecting Laptop LCD’s

Ability to pass or fail laptop according to the spec that was required

Logged information into the computer/ sent laptops to Technicians for repair

Texas Management Division, Coppell TX

Laptop Tech

05/14-05/14 (1- month contract)

Worked in cleanroom area inspecting LCD Laptop and pass or fail laptop

Able to log information in computer

Send the laptop out to next phase during the input information in computer

MTI INC., Carrollton, TX

QC Specialist

01/11- 03/14

Used the BOM to inspect the unit during in process

Conducted final procedures, and logged information in the computer to transfer data to different area of the stages

Sent applicable products to shipping

Celestica/ Milo, Branc, TX


9/10-11/10 (1-month Contract)

Worked on assembly line inspecting, assembling, packing cell phone at Celestica using blueprint and travel to make sure the units are assembled correctly

Used blueprints to build units, test, repair units

Able to accept or reject units and log information in computer

Diebold/CTDI, Dallas, TX

Test Tech

Fiber Optic Tech


Used Computers to inspect fiber optic units

Debugged fiber units to determine proper repair/transfers to another area of testing

Diagnosed problems on the voting machine

PERLOS CO., Bedford TX



Worked on assembly line to disassemble cell phones

Test/repairs conducted on cell phones

Worked in the shipping area to pack and ship phones to customers


Greenville High School, Greenville, Mississippi

High School Diploma

Collins County Comm. College, Plano, Texas

Still pursuing Certification Programs/Educational courses


Wafer Fab Operator

Color Code and Components

Soldering Technician ISO-9000 & 2000

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Data Clerk

Perfect Attendance

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