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Social Media Digital Marketing

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
February 03, 2019

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CONTACT House No.**, A-Block,

Hyderabad Estate,

Nepeansea Road,

Malabar hill, Mumbai


Maharashtra, INDIA


Phone: +919********* 10/10/2018 — present 20/12/2018 — 25/12/2018

Amazon's Mechanical Turk 05/01/2014 — present

Microsoft UHRS 05/01/2016 — present

Ameya Shashank Karhadkar


Copywriter/article author

My job as a copywriter consists of researching topics in a thorough manner and composing articles and tutorials in a simple and easy to understand manner so that viewers/readers can easily understand and absorb the information given. KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Researching various topics, educational writing, APA capitalization, Working independently, Meeting deadlines On time.

Commissioned writer

I authored a commissioned article for KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Refined article writing, Easy to read and understand articles, Working with a team, Forming Good business relations.

GIG Worker

I have worked various gigs at Amazon's Mechanical Turk platform. From writing articles to transcribing text, completing assignments to researching university papers, participating in university studies and even helping train Artificial intelligence software.

KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Basic understanding of facial recognition systems, Basic understanding of A.I, Mastery in writing academic articles, Experience in adapting to new technologies, Speed writing, Errorless Transcription. Human Intelligence task worker

I do micro jobs and human intelligence tasks at Microsoft UHRS Through This job consists of A wide range of short-term contract jobs, each different and unique in their own way. The jobs come from various fields, including medicine, technology, education etc.

The jobs consist of various tasks. While one job might be training Artificial Intelligence to be able to differentiate between cars of buses or different emotional states in humans, another might be something completely different, like classifying web pages into various categories.

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CRYPTOCURRENCY DAY TRADER 01/01/2016 — present

Appen Global 01/06/2017 — present 01/01/2017 — present/discontinued

Ebay and Olx 01/01/2011 — present 01/11/2015 — present/discontinued KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Refining search engine results, Traning Artificial intelligence, Transcription, And Writing Reviews.

Crypto currency trader

I occasionally trade various cryptocurrencies and cryptographic tokens to turn a profit. I have had decent success in this field but lack the capital required to make it a career. KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Basic understanding of cryptocurrency, Basic understanding of Blockchain Technology, Basic understanding of trading, Basic understanding of cryptography, Ability to predict market patterns, Ability to access risk, Making a profit in a bearish market. Social Media Content Evaluator

I work as a social media content evaluator at Appen global. My job consists of DIgital Marketing Analysis, refining advertisements, providing insightful end-user perspective and helping improve both targeted advertisements and retargeted ads for consumers of various Online Advertising Networks. KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Analysis of the performance of any online advertisement, Planning online advertising campaigns, and key elements of digital marketing, Researching and utilizing current social media trends to promote products.

Relationship Coach

I worked part time at as a Relationship Coach, my duties included live chatting with clients and helping them work through personal issues including romantic, workplace and familial relationships and reach their desired goals with said relationships.

KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Communication, Customer service, Managing multiple clients, Helping clients get desired results, Assisting clients in attaining better workplace efficiency. Re-seller/Online seller

I have years of experience selling household trinkets like; old coins, stamps, furniture, books, comics, games, electronics, toys, watches, as well as vintage and antique items. KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Ability to haggle a good price, The ability to ascertain the value of various items, The ability to befriend strangers and The ability to resell items. Independent Blogger

I ran a blog about choose your own adventure games. These games progress as you make choices. If you choose a certain path you are told to turn to a certain page and follow the story from there. A type of written video game from before the computer age. Popular examples of these type of games are the Hardy Boys novels. KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Writing Structured novels/gamebooks, Writing in a non-confirmative manner, planned writing. managing a social network, promoting a social network, Failure in business which taught me the value of specialized education and marketing.

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Social media jockey 25/06/2015 — 01/01/2016

Private coaching instructor 15/04/2013 — 01/08/2013 Google Digital Unlocked: Online Marketing


01/12/2017 — 07/01/2018

BCA-MCA 01/08/2011 — present

Social media manager

I was contracted with managing and promoting a social media page for a private business. I am well versed in managing, maneuvering, and maturing social media accounts.

KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Ability to Managing and promoting a social media page and The Ability to respond to customers/subscribers in a professional manner. Karate Instructor

I was hired as an instructor at a karate school for young children. I was responsible for educating, nurturing, disciplining and managing children aged 4-10 years. I had to quit this job due to wage theft by the business owner. KEY SKILLS I LEARNED FROM THIS JOB: Beware of wage theft, The ability to discipline children, The ability to educate, and A fine understanding of learning patterns in children. QUALIFICATIONS

CERTIFIED In Digital Marketing BY GOOGLE

Experienced in copywriting and digital marketing

Strong communication skills

Excellent command of the English language

Expert in managing and maturing social media accounts Expert in Human Intelligence Tasks

Expert in Micro-Jobs/gigs

Experienced in managing a team

Ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme work pressure, heavy workloads and deadlines Highly adept at installing, using and testing as well as critiquing desktop and mobile applications Highly enthusiastic about work

A hard worker

Self motivated



The digital unlocked module consists of 23 modules covering a wide range of subjects from Marketing Fundamentals: search, email, social media, display, video, e-commerce,geo-targeting and analytics. IGNOU

Currently pursuing my bachelor's cum masters degree in computer applications to become a software developer through the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). I've faced some setbacks due to financial and familial circumstances in this endeavor, namely my mother's breast cancer. Ameya Shashank Karhadkar 3

High school equivalency diploma 01/05/2009 — 01/05/2011 G.E.D 01/05/2008 — 01/05/2009

National Institute of Open Schooling

A High School Equivalency diploma from the National Institute of open schooling INDIA. National Institute of Open Schooling

Generalized Education Diploma From the National Institute of Open Schooling INDIA. INTERESTS

My INTERESTS span across various genres, I particularly enjoy writing short stories in my free time (hope to get published before age 30!). I enjoy collecting old, vintage and antique coins and currency notes. I have a keen interest in learning about new things. I have an enthusiasm for learning new skills (employable or not). I have a particular romance for mechanical watches and would love to learn how to repair one someday. I have an interest in minerals and do collect any interesting ones I encounter during travels.

My HOBBIES include Reading English Novels, Reading graphic novels, watching English movies, playing video games, and reading translated novels from other countries to educate myself about foreign cultures. Much of my reading is inspired by movie titles or recommendations from friends, although I do have blind dates with books as well. I love watching popular Television shows from the United States and love browsing social media for a good laugh or to catch up on the latest trends.


References available upon request.

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