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Software Engineer Java

Massachusetts, United States
January 31, 2019

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Aditya Kapre

Tel : (***) ***- **** e-mail : Address : 455 Boston Turnpike, Unit 3, Shrewsbury, MA 01545 SUMMARY

Software Engineer at eClinicalWorks working to architect, research and develop Healow (Health & Online Wellness) platform EDUCATION

Aug 2012 to Dec 2013

Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo Courses: Algorithms, Operating systems, Database Systems, Modern Networking Concepts, Data Mining and Bioinformatics, Large Scale Machine Learning and Big Data Seminar CGPA: 3.54 / 4

Aug 2005 to June 2009 B.E in Electronics & Telecommunication, Pune University, VIT, Pune CGPA : 9.45 / 10 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE & PROJECTS

Software Engineer eClinicalWorks LLC February 2014 to now

• Health and Online Wellness

Designing and developing Internet of Things (IOT) platform for eClinicalWorks using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) industry standards.

To architect, develop & test software for eClinicalWorks' EMR (Electronic Medical Record) product. It includes developing architecture of HEALOW (Health and Online Wellness) platform with focus on home monitoring of patients using wearable devices which provide automated measurement of activity & sleep, blood pressure & heart rate, blood glucose, BMI & weight. Wearable devices manufacturers include Fitbit, Withings, iHealth, Jawbone and apps like Moves, Google Fit. Integration done using OAuth 1.0 & OAuth 2.0 & web services written to expose collected data to smartphone apps. Further, it includes making patients' tracking data available to their doctors online so that doctors can make this data a part of patients' EHR (Electronic Health Record) and treat patients.

[ Java, MySQL, Tomcat, RESTFUL Web services, JSP-Servlet, AJAX, JQuery, Highcharts, Bootstrap, JSTL, Redis, JDBC, Eclipse, Redis] Student Developer Google Inc. (The JPF Team at NASA ARC) June 2013 to September 2013

• Visual Java Path Finder - A GSOC Project

Developed eclipse plug-ins for visual and high-level understanding of JPF's textual log output using Java Interactive Visual Environment

[JIVE]. Project description at following website: ''. The completed code is hosted on bit bucket repository at '' [Java, Eclipse,GEF F/W, ANT] Software Engineer Infosys Ltd (for Bank Of America) Sep 2009 to July 2012

• Bank Transactions’ Health Monitoring System April 2011 to July 2012 Developed UI to display metrics' values, reports, graphs for transactions and backend of tool to monitor transactions in Real Time. Developed alerting module to send email and SMS for critical conditions.

[Java, J2EE, MySql, Tomcat, AJAX, JQuery, UNIX,Oracle, Eclipse]

• Backend Migration from My SQL to SQL SERVER 2008 Nov 2010 to March 2011 Created database schema and migrated applications under MYSQL to MS SQL 2008. Enhanced the project completion time by around 2 months by use of SSIS, the move which was greatly appreciated by peers and clients.

[MySql, SQL Server 2008, SSIS]

• Ticket Maintenance System March 2010 to Oct 2010 Designed and developed ticket maintenance system to issue and track tickets. Features such as ticket interview, meeting for ticket resolution, ticket timelines collaborate with each other to track ticket till resolution.

[Java, Struts 2.0, MySql, Eclipse, XML]


Programming Languages Java, C, C++ Frameworks JQuery, Bootstrap, Jsp-Servlet, Struts2.0, J2EE Databases MySQL, SQL Server, MS-Access, Redis Operating Systems Windows, Unix, Ubuntu Web technologies HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery Applications Eclipse, SVN, Araxis Merge, Matlab, SSIS, Tomcat, Gas Jobs, JIRA, Crucible

Knowledge of OO Design Patterns, Map-Reduce & Big Data technologies, Agile, Waterfall MAJOR ACADEMIC PROJECTS

• Data Warehouse/OLAP System for Clinical and Genomic Data, SUNY Buffalo Sept 2013 to October 2013 Designed and developed Data warehouse supporting regular OLAP operations such as roll-up, drill down, slice, dice and pivot along with statistical operations such as t-test and correlation.

[Java, SQL Server 2014, JDBC]

• SQL Query engine, SUNY Buffalo Feb 2013 to May 2013 Developed database including translator and interpreter for SQL and Relational Algebra respectively for executing queries on large datasets efficiently. Implemented Hash, ISAM Index and query optimization with push down selects for performance tuning. [Java, Java CC]

• Simpella (version 0.6), SUNY Buffalo Nov 2012 to Dec 2012 Implemented complete distributive search/file sharing protocol based on a simplified version of the Gnutella Protocol Version 0.6. Implemented various types of messages as part of Simpella 0.6.

[Java, Eclipse, Ubuntu]

• Distributed Event Coordination (DEC) System, SUNY Buffalo Dec 2012 Implemented server which can interact with multiple clients simultaneously to serve insert, query or reset request.

[C++, Eclipse, Ubuntu]

• Virtual Memory Manager, SUNY Buffalo Nov 2012

Implemented FIFO, LFU, LRU-STACK, LRU-CLOCK, LRU_REF8 algorithms and calculated their page replacement penalty

[C++, Eclipse, Ubuntu]

• Multi-threaded Web Server, SUNY Buffalo Sept 2012 to Oct 2012 Implemented threading & thread-pooling along with synchronization between threads for shared request queue.

[C, Unix, Ubuntu]


• Submission Visual JPF accepted for JPF workshop by NASA at 28th IEEE/ACM International Conference on automated software engineering

• Published Book of Knowledge on pattern matching on SQL Server in internal publication at Infosys Ltd ACHIEVEMENTS & EXTRA CURRICULAR WORK

• Infosys INSTA Award in Quarter 2 of year 2011 and CGPA of 4.92 over 5 in System Engineer Training program at Infosys Ltd

• Ranked 13th at S.Y.J.C (Second Year Junior College) and 11th in vocational merit list across Pune City board and ranked 1st at F.Y.J.C

• Certificate course in ‘Embedded System Design’ and participation in ‘Intellectual Property Awareness’ workshop at VIT, PUNE

• Built stair climber robot at national level championship ‘Shaastra 2006’ at IIT Madras and organized robotic event (line tracer)

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