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Mainframe Cobol Programmer Business Analyst

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
May 01, 2019

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Senior level IBM z/OS mainframe / Cobol DB2 information systems professional with over twenty years’ experience in information technology with a specialization in retail and financial industries. Areas of expertise include system / business application analysis and development. Excited to learn new skills and refresh old ones.

Professional Experience

Senior Consultant 01/2004-05/2018

DSC-Consulting, Inc. Cincinnati, OH

Client: Bon-Ton Stores

As part of an Agile development team, collaborated with team members, business owners, and outside vendors to resolve problems and provide enhancements to Sterling Order Management’s mainframe COBOL DB2 interfaces, Sales Processing and Back Office Ring.

Supervised one direct report programmer.

Managed offshore resources, sending client’s tasks or writing use cases and / or functional specs for COBOL and DB2 code changes or JCL changes, ensuring offshore was fully tasked, answering questions, reviewing and testing their completed work and handing it back to our client

Managed the Sterling Order Management mainframe COBOL DB2 / CICS batch processes and interfaces to the other IBM mainframe COBOL DB2 applications. Projects included:

Facilitated in the conversion of the legacy Order Management system from COBOL DB2/CICS to Sterling Order Management, an enterprise-wide project for the client, increasing their ability to fulfill web orders forty percent faster. Documented existing databases and new Sterling tables, provided mapping documents. Collaborated with business owners and Sterling consultants to map out existing business processes, create new business rules and new workflows. Identified Use cases.

Composed and maintained the COBOL DB2 data interfaces between the IBM mainframe and Sterling Order Management to Sales Processing, Data Warehouse, Big Ticket, Accounting, Purchase Order, Receiving, Returns processing, and Inventory. From the requirements analysis, designed the new business process, wrote high-level specifications, mapped data to new interfaces for mee and offshore to code in COBOL, or JCL, and tech support to use for MQueue mapping. This involved CICS programs, DB2 stored procedures, batch jobs, and MQueues, COBOL DB2 report programs, and numerous control cards.

Tested code as it was turned over from offshore.

Organized a Sharepoint library of DB2 SQL queries on Sterling OM tables that could be used to bring back commonly needed data.

Designed Visio documentation in Sharepoint for all IBM Order Management Interfaces to Sterling OM to assist with support. This documentation contained all the numerous queue names, program names, job names, and report names.

Created Hi-Level documentation for programmers and analysts to use to write specifications. Wrote specifications, Use Cases, Unit Test Plans, Regression Test Plans, and Integration Test Plans.

Clarified the release documentation process for all IBM Order Management production releases under my control. Developed a migration checklist used by the team to facilitate tracking of the many pieces of a project that could sometimes contain 80 to 100 components. Warehoused Use Cases for each release in Sharepoint.

Co-ordinated and validated the changeover of the Order Management and Sales batch schedules, triggers, and CICS events from Zeke scheduler to Opswize, the new Windows GUI front end scheduler. This task required analysis and documentation of each application’s batch schedule, and review and documentation of each workflow to determine its task, jobs, predecessors and successors.

Assembled and monitored all web sales transactions 24/7, placing them on a queue to Sales Processing, and working with the Sales IT team and auditors to fix errors.

Designed a process for internal Gift Card distribution, validation, and reconciliation for both plastic and virtual gift cards.

Functioned as the SME for sales and returns processing on the IBM mainframe before transactions were handed off to financials and the data warehouse.

Converted the transmission of documents exchanged with Commerce Hub to secure FTP, at vendor’s request. Modified JCL and scripts; lacking a test environment, assisted tech support and the vendor with testing and devised the safest way to migrate JCL to production after signoff by the business owner.

Enhanced the client’s ability to move inventory by incorporating Amazon Webs Service (AWS) into their ordering taking process. This included loading items to Amazon, handling Amazon orders, processing sales, cancels, returns, refunds, and reporting.

Provided on-call support for Order Management System interfaces on the IBM and mainframe applications and resolved any technical issues.

Liaised with DBA’s, Tech Support and MQ managers when modules abended or ran slowly due to their inefficient DB2 queries or queue blockages.

Designed enhancements and supported fixes to existing CICS and batch COBOL DB2 applications.

Principal Consultant 01/2000-12/2003

DSC-Consulting, Inc. Cincinnati, OH and Wayne, NJ

Client: Toys ‘R US

Supplied technical experience and support to client Toys R Us as they revamped their merchandise catalog / structure as well as the applications using it - purchase order, inventory, merchandising, stock ledger, EDI.

Organized a process that expanded database fields on more than one hundred tables; managed enhancements to the related programs, procedures, and maps. This project prepared a retail system for sale to a new client whose store base was markedly larger.

Provided on call application support for existing and new processes.

Documented existing databases and new db2 tables, provided mapping documents.

Collaborated with business owners to map out existing business processes and create new business rules and new workflows.

Managed the Stock Ledger Reporting release of the Merchandise Transformation project. Supervised a software development team through concept initiation, design and development, prototyping, and product launch.

Launched on-line and batch elements and process improvements over the span of 14 months. This new application provided scheduled weekly reporting and ad-hoc reporting.

Using the on-line Java based front end, the accounting department was able to request nearly 100 soft close reports and specialized reports containing specific cuts of data, and, for the first time, accounting could hard-close the corporation using an online application.

Managed a 20-member team that was responsible for creating and implementing a new Purchase Order Reporting process as part of the Merchandise Transformation project.

Incorporated a collection of new data elements enabling planners to better forecast product need and allocate product across 1000+ retail stores.

By incorporating new EDI documents, merchandisers could track purchase orders through the supply chain with a “Where’s my Stuff” feature. Warehouse managers could now future cast product receipts to manage workload.

Senior Software Engineer 01/1999 – 12/1999

American Annuity Group Information Systems - Cincinnati, Ohio

Developed a COBOL process that updated addresses on policies based on change of address forms that were submitted by the policy owner to the United States Postal Service and stored in a vendor database. Upon launch of the new process, the mailroom received a significantly lower amount of returned mail.

Overhauled the method used to produce ERISA Schedule A letters for Institutions and Managing Agents, providing a more efficient process.

Developed and delivered DB2 SQL and QMF query and reporting training to 34 customers and developers.

Successfully changed agent balances from the Life70 commission package to DSS commission package.

Assisted in the data mapping analysis required for the conversion of the commission system to a new vendor package.


Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

Cincinnati, OH

Associates Degree in Business, Computer Programming

Miami University

Java for Web Developers

Technical Skills

COBOL, JCL, DB2, SQL, QMF, SPUFI, SDLC, OS/390, CICS, VSAM, TSO, Xpeditor, Changeman, ISPF, File-Aid, File-Aid for DB2, Sterling Commerce, IBM Utilities, Production Support, Onshore / Offshore Model, Requirements Analysis, Business Process Improvement; IBM MQ Series, MQ message handling, E-Commerce, SYNCSORT, Intertest, Tracemaster, InSync, CA-7, Financial and Unit inventory, EDI Processing, Zeke, Opswize, Service Now, Endevor, Easytrieve, Java (read only), XML

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