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Electrical Engineering

San Jose, California, United States
April 20, 2019

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Michael Sanchez

San Jose, CA 831-***-**** OBJECTIVE Seeking an internship in the field of digital signal processing, control systems, or hardware testing/design. EDUCATION San Jose State University Expected Graduation: Fall 2019 Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering Overall GPA: 3.17 RELEVANT COURSE WORK

· Elect Design I&II, Theo Auto Controls, Analog Embedded Sys, Microprocessor Sys Design, Circuits and Sys, Digital Logic Circuit Design, Intro Signal Processing, Analog Peri for Embedded Systems COURSE WORK & SKILLS

· C/C++, Python, LTspice, MATLAB-Simulink, DipTrace, Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Verilog PROJECTS Biomedical EMG (Electromyography) Group Class Project (Fall 2018)

· Designed an EMG circuit that generated electrical signals during muscle contraction representing neuromuscular activities using Arduino Mega 2560 to convert analog into digital signals.

· Achieved an EMG signal more sensitive to changes in muscle movement and interface with Arduino. Solar Energy Harvesting Group Class Project (Fall 2018)

· Implemented a solar charger PCB using DipTrace. LTspice software was used in order to acquire the simulation of the current, output voltage, and maximum power of the solar cell.

· Attained a solar cell 0.5-volt input and 5-volt output voltage that is needed in order for the solar charger to charge a device.

Microcontroller Communication Programming Individual Class Project (Spring 2018)

· Utilized C language to program the ARM SAMD20 for serial communication (UART Peripheral)

· Displayed number to 7 segment display on the SAMD20 from Termite and numbers to Termite from a Peripheral Keypad(debouncing) on the SAMD20

Digital Design Individual Class Project (Spring 2018)

· Designed a FSM Traffic System. Synthesized, Implemented, and Programmed a Nexys 4 Artix-7 FPGA

· Designed a 2-bit/4-bit Comparator, Full Adder, and BCD/HEX counter using TTL logic and Verilog Signal Processing FM Synthesis for Musical Instruments Individual Class Project (Spring 2018)

· Used MATLAB to analyze sampling, down-sampling, and reconstruction.

· Produced sounds that mimic musical instruments of bells and clarinets. VOLUNTEER WORK Member, Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists (SOLES), SJSU (2018-Present)

· Communicated and recruited clubs to participate in Science Extravaganza (270 kids and 100 student volunteers) as a member of the Outreach Committee

Comm+University Provide Early Science Awareness to Kids (April 2018)

· Worked with a group of four classmates to design a game of light refraction for children.

· Encouraged kids to the field of science exploration by getting involved in scientific understanding

· Acquired and polished important skills and attitudes for learning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. CSUMB Gear Up Math Tutor for High School Students (June-August 2017)

· Facilitated group study sessions ranging from 5-10 students for math course.

· Provided support to students by identifying areas of student difficulty.

· Maintained constant communication between students and programs faculty. Naval Postgraduate School Internship – Interface Development for Mobile Robots (June-August 2015)

· In a team of 4 members, I was responsible for creating a visual servoing platform in order to increase the robot’s detection of surroundings and motion planning.

· Resolved the main objective of developing the platform and increase the functionality of the Pioneer P3-DX Robot through integration of laser and vision sensors.

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