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QA Lead/QA Analyst

Columbus, Ohio, United States
November 28, 2018

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Jaya Naik

New Albany, OH-*****

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QA Analyst with expertise in all phases of testing for client/server and Web applications

Job Summary

Team Lead/QA Analyst/QA Tester with 11+ years’ experience in Quality Assurance of Client/Server and Web based applications which also includes projects with multiple system of records interfacing with 3rd Party in-house configured applications; OFAC Sanction screening/Financial screening/KYC/GLBA Compliance related projects; Manual testing and Automation testing with Selenium tools; Experienced in developing test plans, designing test cases for functional and behavioral testing, developing and maintaining test scripts and analyzing bugs; Experience in leading onshore/offshore testing teams and coordination of testing efforts; Team player with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. U.S. citizen.


To obtain a Test Lead/Senior Test Analyst position in IT, where my technical skills, creativity, and leadership can be utilized in maximizing company profits while providing career advancement opportunities.

Skills Summary:

Exposed to all phases of the software development life cycle and engineering processes with emphasis on the testing phase and the Software Testing Life Cycle

Proficient in testing Waterfall and Agile (Scrum) Process Models

Expertise in working on sanctions compliance projects: OFAC Sanction screening, FircoSoft Financial Screening and KYC screening (WebKYC)

Experience in leading large and complex implementations, along with leading and coordinating testing team of 12+ offshore and onshore QA engineers.

Excellent analytical, research, trouble shooting skills and ability to learn new systems and technologies

Excellent communication and presentation skills

Expertise in test estimation, planning, development and maintenance of test plans, test cases, test scenarios, test data and test scripts.

Extensive experience in manual testing to validate system, integration, functionality, positive/negative, user acceptance and regression tests.

Expertise in testing various reports – WebFocus, Dashboards, Java based reports, Excel for Data analysis on huge files.

Excellent skills in SQL queries, backend testing and ETL testing of SOR files with Excel.

Strong knowledge of Automation concepts and tools; Executed automation scripts using Selenium/UFT and analyzed test results.

Proficient in using test management tools - VersionOne, HP ALM/Quality Center, Test Director, ClearQuest and Bugzilla.

Proficient in HP ALM/Quality Center and VersionOne for writing test cases, defect logging, identifying, analyzing and documenting the impact of defects on the application including version and change control.

Provided system trainings to end users and new team members

Knowledge and understanding of Performance & Load testing

Self-motivated, troubleshooter, quick learner, energetic and work driven with ability to achieve goals on time and to generate quality products.

Promoted to Officer Title for exceptional work in testing field.

Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Karnataka University, INDIA

Technical Strengths:

Products/ Testing Tools: HP ALM, Quality Center, SharePoint, VersionOne, ClearQuest, Test Director, WinRunner, Selenium, UFT, Angular UI

Delivery Model: Waterfall model, Agile development, and Iterative development.

Domain: Financial Screening, Banking, OFAC, tGRC Archer, FircoSoft, KYC, WebKYC

Platforms: Windows® 7, UNIX, MS-DOS

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MS-Access

Business Tools Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, MS Project, WebEx, SharePoint

Reporting Tools Web Focus, Java manual Reports, SAS Procedures

RDBMS: Oracle 11G, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access

Utility tool/Scripting: Test Builder, Eclipse, VB Script, Java Script

Professional Experience

US Bank Feb 2008 – Present

U.S. Bank, the 5th largest commercial bank in the United States

Roles: QA Test Lead/ QA Lead Tester/ Business Technology Analyst

US Bank, Columbus, Ohio Jan 2018 -Present

Role: QA Test Lead


Fircosoft Sanction Screening Application (Centralized platform for Transactional Economic Sanctions Screening).

Fircosoft is a vendor application being used to perform sanctions and screening of entities and transactions that are generated by different lines of businesses (for example: FX, ACH, Wires) within the bank. This project incorporated a new vendor system to provide screening/matching logic, research and reporting capabilities against a database of Sanctioned entities/individuals, heightened risk individuals and organizations.

Fircosoft Dashboard, Web focus: The Screening Dashboard UI is internally developed application using Java technologies to provide all the missing transaction traceability features from the vendor tool to the production support as well as business line application teams. It provides Screening Dashboard web user interface, search and reporting features.


Lead an onshore and offshore testing team of 12 QA Analysts and coordinated testing efforts. Fircosoft was a brand-new vendor application interfacing with different LOB’s. I was assigned to work as Subject Matter Expert to guide test teams for Fircosoft and Sanctions screening. With hard work and interactions with BL and development teams, I was able to quickly develop expertise and understanding of the system to help drive test team efforts and coordination.

Provided technical expertise, training, and mentoring to the Quality Assurance team. Manage test schedules, track and monitor distribution of work & effectively communicate test progress.

Actively involved in Test plan, Test estimate, Traceability matrix, Peer Review, Requirement based testing, System based testing, Regression Testing, Smoke testing, Defect Triage, Resolution, UAT and prod support, Demo and Defect management & Reporting every sprint and release.

Worked on Fircosoft Real time/Manual/Batch transaction screening

Worked on Web Focus, Java-based app reports running through AutoSys batch jobs and Dashboard reports and validated different reports, such as daily job run reports, aging reports, performance reports, SLA reports, adjudication differences reports.

Actively involved in Fircosoft backlog grooming section, Daily standup, sprint planning meetings.

Worked with Product Owners and Business Customers to define Conditions of Satisfaction and Specifications with examples that are then used throughout the Testing lifecycle to ensure requirements are met. Created Projects, managed users, requirements and scripts along with daily status reports in HP ALM.

Validated Fircosoft Continuity for different line of business

Verified the adjudication process in Firco Continuity that sent from different LOB formats such ACH PEP, XML, SWIFT etc.

Identify and mitigate project and/or test risks with escalation/delegation of issues to appropriate members of the project team.

Executed automation scripts using Selenium and analyzed test results. Also helped automation testers while scripting to understand the application.

Environment: Fircosoft 5.11, HP Suite ALM, Java, Oracle 12 database, SWIFT, XML, ACH PEP messages, Selenium, Notepad++, Webservices, Dashboard, Version One, WebEx, Anti Money Laundering, OFAC Sanction Screening, IR 360(MQ Queues), Eclipse, Angular2 UI

US Bank, Columbus, Ohio Jan 2017 – Jan 2018

QA Test Lead

Know Your Customer (WebKYC, Hogan Mainframe Bridger Files, KYC batch files)

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of a business verifying the identity of customers. It is a web-based application. US bank requires that customers provide detailed anti-corruption due diligence information, to verify their probity and integrity. KYC policies are important to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

I worked as Bridger KYC Test Lead on KYC projects. KYC projects were of high priority for the Bank. There were three projects for KYC along with batch changes for OFAC. Handled very challenging job of managing multiple projects (WebKYC, Hogan Bridger Files, KYC batch Bridger Files) along with multiple forms for real time screening. Further, offshore team was newly brought in and required training, a lot of oversight and follow through. I had to deal with constant changes in scope and schedules of the projects as the delivery had to meet the regulatory deadlines. As a Test lead as well as an SME of the application, I took ownership of projects, deliverables and quality.


Coordinate, lead and mentor onshore & offshore testing teams; resource hours forecasting for KYC projects, PCRs, BAU efforts.

Involved in requirement analysis, design and performed end to end testing.

Worked closely with the Business Line, Interface application and project teams to ensure expectations are met.

Created test plans and test scripts based on the requirements/design documents.

Worked extensively with Line of Business and User Acceptance testing resources to cover complete functionality for System Integration, end to end and regression testing.

Created test data in System Integration and User Acceptance testing environments by conditioning data per scenarios identified in test scripts. Performed E2E testing that required me to collaborate with multiple teams with application interdependences as Bridger was downstream application and required data from a lot of onboarding applications.

Prepared Requirement Traceability Matrix for all releases to ensure/track compliance to requirements.

Identified and documented defects/system issues using the Quality Center ALM. Participated in the Defect triage meetings to review defects, analysis, and fixes

Validated dashboard for daily files reports, aging reports for real time transactions.

Validated and reviewed test scripts, executed test scripts using ALM, was integral part of defect management.

Performed Functionality Testing and Regression Testing of Onboarding Web Services using SOAP UI.

Reviewed Data mappings to validate addition of new fields/mappings across different files. Analyzed/compared data, data manipulation, validation of data accuracy.

Regression test and results to ensure system is performing functions as described in business requirements and design documents.

Environment: Lexis Nexis Bridger XG, Real Time Screening Webservice, HP Quality Center, Waterfall methodology, SOAP UI, Data analysis through Microsoft Excel, Macros, Hogan CIS, KYC

US Bank, Columbus Ohio Jan 2015 – Dec 2017

QA Lead Tester (OFAC projects)

Projects: OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) Phases 1 and 2:

This project replaced the old screening system with a new vendor system (Bridger) to provide screening/matching logic, research and reporting capabilities against a database (World-Check) of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), heightened risk individuals and organizations. This customer screening solution is regarded by regulatory agencies as a key process required in Anti-Money Laundering/Office of Foreign Asset Control ("AML/OFAC") programs; Global program spanning over 60 system feeds and all lines of business including legal and HR.


Lead QA tester for OFAC phase 1 and Phase 2, major CAPEX projects.

QA point of contact for the testing efforts. Viewed as OFAC testing SME with domain knowledge.

Worked on OFAC application program spanning over 60 systems feeds (Hogan Mainframe, PeopleSoft, Elavon etc.) and all businesses including legal and HR. Responsible for batch file mapping validation (Each interface file has a different configuration), Functional testing, Batch jobs testing, Web Service real time testing, Data Validation, System and Regression Testing and coordinating of the User acceptance testing by working with Business users.

Responsible for the validation of dashboard reports (Daily files summary, Aging report)

I was responsible for leading and guiding the offshore testing team to meet aggressive deadlines in testing an Enterprise OFAC(Sanction screening).

Coordinated with various line of business for requirements gathering, planning and strategizing the testing approach.

Responsible for facilitating the defect triage/review meetings and tracking the defects to closure.

I was responsible for writing test cases for automation scripts. Performed automation testing using UFT and analyzed test results

Worked with the team and defined and compiled Testing metrics, generated Daily and weekly status reports to understand the project health.

I was actively involved in mentoring and training new hire/end user at regular intervals

Learned SAS tool while testing the utility project as data files were huge (millions of records) and taking several days to execute. I took initiative and learned Pro-SQL for validating the accuracy of file splitting based on rules.

Performed Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the areas of improvement

US Bank, Portland/Cincinnati/Columbus, Ohio Feb 2008- 2014

Position: Business Technology Analyst/Lead Tester

Projects: GRAPE (GLBA Risk Assessment Project for Enterprise), Archer 5.0 conversion, tGRC Archer 5.1

This was an intranet project, overseen by the Office of Enterprise Security (OES), to assist in the development and implementation of a centralized comprehensive Information Security Program in compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (“GLBA”) § 501(b).

Technology Governance Risk & Compliance (tGRC Archer) is a vendor supplied application customized by the Bank, allowing the bank to manage the lifecycle of bank policies, assess and respond to risks, and report compliance with GBLA (Gramm – Leach – Bliley Act) regulations.

I was the SME and lead tester for the tGRC Archer application projects. I worked on several medium and large projects over the span of 6 years which included projects - GRAPE, Archer 5.0 conversion, and Archer 5.1. With my deep expertise, I found many points of failures early on during requirements phase and helped brainstorm defect resolutions. I worked with the Business Line and Development closely to understand requirements and the design to prepare detailed test cases. I presented findings to the team and worked with them to resolve the issues. Adjusted my schedules to meet the ever-changing project timelines. I had been recognized many times by business partners for collaboration and team work. I received a Gold, Brown shield awards for my outstanding efforts in testing of the largest tGRC Archer implementation. I oversaw successful transition of tGRC application to Wipro for cost savings before my move to OFAC project.


Managed testing activities for all applications/interfaces impacted by the project for various phases.

Provided direction and leadership to the test team. Mentored test teams on methods and tools.

Defined and coordinated the test requirements, data, and software for each test environment. Mapped Requirements to Test cases for Requirement traceability matrix and identified missing requirements/ Test cases in QC

Provided estimates for all testing efforts. Identified and documented the risk to the project.

Coordinated the creation of one consolidated IT Plan.

Coordinated requests for information changes and notices of problems as defined by the project’s change control and problem reporting procedures.

Responsible for validation of algorithm for calculation of Inherent and Residual risk analysis.

Planed and performed End-to-End Testing

Reviewed status reports and coverage reports to ensure the test team is following the strategy in this IT Plan and ensure proper levels of coverage are met.

Ensure test metrics are collected for the entire project.

Prepare a testing status report for the Project and Development Lead, if applicable.

Ensured the successful transition of tGRC to offshore team; Co-ordinated required efforts from Business Line, Development teams.

Environment: Manual Testing, Quality Center, Clear Quest, SQL 2008, JAVA, Microsoft Excel, word, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Waterfall methodology, Iterative approach, Agile, Archer, tGRC,

Exterro Inc, Portland, OR Mar 2007-Jan 2008

Position: QA Analyst

Exterro is a leading provider of litigation support and discovery management technology to the legal industry. Exterro technology offerings help legal teams control discovery processes and costs by tightening collaboration between outside counsel, in-house legal teams, service providers and consulting firms. Exterro enables Law firms and corporate legal departments to identify, purchase and manage litigation support services. It is a first and only On Demand Portal for the legal community to buy and manage all legal services


Involved in the development of test procedures for various stages - Integration, System and User Acceptance, Positive and Negative testing

Prepared Test Plan with a detailed list of conditions under which the system will be tested

Provided documentation on Scripts, Test flows, Test performance

Developed and automated test cases for GUI and Functional testing

Analyzed the discrepancies, categorized based on priority/severity, and reported through Bugzilla

Coordinated with developers for defect analysis and performed regression testing.

Tested the application compatibility with IE and Netscape browsers.

Attended weekly defect report meetings and presented progress updates

Software & Tools: Manual Testing, Quality Center, Bugzilla, Oracle, 2EE and JUnit.

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