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Php Technical Support

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
November 28, 2018

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Personal Information

Name : Abdallah Moustafa Marzouk Hussein .

Nationality : Egyption .

Gender : Male .

Date of Birth : 29/09/1994 .

Languages : Arabic, English .

Study : Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science, Ain Shams University.

Email :

Status : Single .

military situation : Exempt final .

Phone "EGYPT" : 002*********** .

Personal Skills

Operating System : Window xp, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 .

Programming Languages : Core PHP, Java, C++ .


Web Technologies : HTML, CSS .

Client Side Scripting : JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax . Server Side Scripting : Core PHP .

Web Developments Tools : Notepad++, DreamWeaver cs8, DreamWeaver CC .

Web Server : Online Server :

General Skills : Marketing, Managing,

work on [ CPanel ], work on

phpmyadmin relations by using index not

just design .

Private Web Projects

Roma delivery Almosalamy Home.php




Unitedzl 3iadtk



Elzahbya Cairo delivery Sale

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Special Android Projects


زيتك لبيتك




القاهرة لنقل الأثاث


فندق كلاب و قطط


معهد المحاماة

شراء اتش بي ام


فروج لاند


Smokers Egypt


Go Track


School Bus



* Account management and credit management is one of the best programs that allow the company that takes precedence to be the best permanent

This program has many great features

* First: The program is divided into 5 main sections: administration Department .

Factory Section.

stock Department .

General Accounts Section.

Cash Accounts Section.

administration Department :

Which is the main section of the program and its task is to control all the program and the necessary powers to the number of 5 Akuntat and indispensable program because the head of control of the program as the owner of the company

"in addition to the introduction of images received and delivery made by the administration after the signature of the competent director to bear Full responsibility ".

Program Accounts and Management

Factory Section:

He is responsible for entering the products in the manufacturing stages, knowing the necessary weights, and entering the receipt and delivery pictures for the employees after signing them to take full responsibility.

stock Department :

He is responsible for the storage of goods and the transfer of goods between the different stores of the same company, in addition to the introduction of pictures of receipt and delivery after the signing of the staff to the program again to be monitored by the Department on their work and also can be transferred from the factory store after passing on The manufacturing stage to the final store and vice versa. General Accounts Section:

He is responsible for the work of all receipts, either cash receipts or payment voucher

But does not count without the approval of his cash accountant on those receipts.

Cash Accounts Section:

He is responsible for confirming all receipts made by the accountant general

And receipt and delivery of money on his personal guarantee of the program.

Technical support system:

Full technical support is available with you 24 hours a day. System of warnings and insurance:

It works well and at the highest level of international quality But can only be owned by management only for the safety and security of customer data.

Backup System:

Works within the program and is only available for administration

So that he can have a copy of his own data and download it on his own machine

But be careful with dealing with such a feature and huge property if your data is very sensitive and you should inform your purchasers of the program on this property and its sensitivity in dealing.

Search System:

The search system in the menus features the same features as the Google search engine

Once you write the first letter of the product, you can see the products available for that letter

Once selected it shows you the full details of that product and also available date search.

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