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Engineer Customer Service

Universal City, Texas, United States
November 23, 2018

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Kevin Holtz

*** **********

Universal City, TX **148

Phone: H210-***-**** C210-***-****

Objective: To secure a challenging and rewarding position with a progressive, innovative organization that is results oriented,

encourages employee contribution, "free thought" and supports thinking outside the box.

Technical/ Integration and Analysis both Hardware and Software, Capacity planning, Infrastructure, Architecture,

Expertise system/network tuning, optimization, System Administration, design, programming, implementation, requirements

definition, user training, project management, requirements definition, user training, structured programming and


Hardware/ Sun Enterprise, Work group servers, Sun/STK/Hitachi USP V/VM Mass storage ( StorEdge A/D1000, A3500 fibre Software channel, A5x00, Mxxxx, T3, T4, T5, 35xx, 39x0, 6320, 6140, 6540, 69x0, 95xx and 99xx USP V/VM),Sun/ StorageTek

Key Management System cluster V1 & 2 encryption (L700, L1400, SL48, SL500 and SL8500). DG AVION servers and Desktop machines, Dell and Compaq servers and Desktops 3Com and Cisco Software bridges and routers. DEC VAX/VMS DECNET cluster, muxes, modems, servers, bridges and routers. IBM RS6000, IBM DS4000 series, DS6000 series, DS8000 series storage. PC's. DG Unix, IBM AIX Unix, SGI Servers and Desktops, IRIX/Unix, Sun Unix & Solaris OVM/LDOM/containers virtualization, Linux Redhat, Suse and other Linux distributions, Solstice/Legato Networker, Solstice Disk Suite (SVM), ZFS, Oracle/Sybase SQL server,Veritas & Volume Manager, Veritas Foundation Suite, Veritas San Point Foundation Suite, Veritas File and Volume Replication, Sun Cluster server, Sun Grid, Veritas HA Cluster Server, Veritas Cluster File System, SunScreenEFS, Checkpoint FW1, EMC Symmetric, EMC Connectrix, VOL Logix, Disk Storage, All EMC/Clarion CXx00 Series, StorageTek, Hitachi USP V/VM Fiber/direct attach Disk and Tape Library, Ancor Fiber, Brocade and Mc Data Fiber switches, Emulex, JNI and Qlogic Fiber HBAs,HP Openview, Netview, BMC Patrol, OS2, DOS, Windows, NT/win95/98/2000/2003/2008/Vista/XP, Novel, Lantastic/TCP-IP, Banyan Vines, 3Com, Exchange, Right Fax,Word Perfect, Lotus, Microsoft Word, Dbase, Foxbase/Foxpro, C, C++, VMware ESX Server, VMware GSX Server, VMware Consolidated Backup, Work station, Server and infrastructure.

Certs: Brocade Certified Fabric Professional, SNIA SAN Certification,

Sun Micro Systems Certified Engineer (SSE), Sun Unix System Administrator Certified,

Sun Network Administrator, Sun Work group Certified,

Sun Enterprise Certified, Sun Competency Certified,

Sun System Expert 1000 Certified, Sun HA clustering Certified v2&3,

Sun Systems Expert 2000 Certified, Sun Enterprise 10000 (E10K) Certified,

Sun Enterprise performance/tuning Certified, Oracle Solaris 11 Certified,

Oracle Linux Certified,

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE),

Cisco Certified Network Assoc. (CCNA)

Symantec/Veritas Foundation Suite (Veritas Volume Mgr.), Symantec/Veritas HA Cluster server certified,

Symantec/Veritas Data Protection (Netbackup) .

Aug. 97 – Present Independent Consultant/Veritas Software Inc./SIS Technology/Sprint-Paranet Enterprise Network Services/OSAGE Systems Group

Senior Systems Engineer: SUN Microsystems Certified, Oracle Solaris 11 Certified, Oracle Linux Certified, Microsoft MCSE certified and Cisco Certified Network Assoc. SNIA SAN Certification, Brocade Certified Fabric Professional, Veritas Foundation Suite, Veritas HA Cluster server certified (Veritas Cluster Server), Veritas Data Protection certified (Netbackup).

Working with several clients to Consolidate, refresh, migrate and virtualizes (P2V) Solaris 8,9,10 and 11 including applications to T7/T5/2 and T7/T5/4 hardware. This included network, VLAN, OVM/LDOM, Zone, SAN, ISCSI optimization, tuning and integration with Ops Center. Migration, optimization and tuning of ZFS and support of LIVE, warm and cold migration.

Experience designing, deploying and integrating solutions involving numerous products including Symantec/Veritas products, SANPoint Control, Storage Reporter, Foundation Suite, Global Cluster, Cluster Server,NetBackup and Backup Exe /Appliance, Solaris OVM/LDOM/container, ZFS, virtualization, VMware ESX Server, Linux (Red hat, Suse and other Distros). Intimate knowledge of storage hardware and software products from a wide range of venders. EMC, HDS, Brocade, Cisco and IBM. Support sales staff and customers in all aspects of configuration, installation, software testing/trouble shooting of Unix/Microsoft servers, Unix/Microsoft desktops, Windows NT/2000/2003/2008Vista/XP/win95/98, Os2, MS Sharepoint 200X, Novel and associated LAN/WAN equipment in both large and small network environments. Network/System management and monitoring using HP openview, Netview and BMC Patrol. HA, cluster, client/server, Firewall, internet/Intranet and Sybase/MSSQL/Oracle/RDBMS environments. Configure, install and optimize Vmware Workstation, Server, infrastructure, Apache, Solaris Sun ONE Directory, Portal, Messaging, Proxy, Calendar, Web and Netscape Enterprise Web servers. Tune and Optimize Enterprise systems and networks. Responsible for knowledge transfer to clients of installation, configuration, testing and maintenance of network/systems. Work. File system management using Veritas, SVM, ZFS, HP, AIX, IBM, and UFS. Backups/Disaster recovery utilizing NetBackup/Appliances, NetBackup pure disk, MSDP, Solstice Backup/Legato Networker, BackUp Exec/Appliance, ArcServe including host based and device based encryption Sun Key Management System cluster in SAN and/or Network environments. Responsible for Perl, C, C++, Korn, and Borne shell scripting. Implement and train clients on FTP, DNS, Telnet, NIS, NIS+, Firewall, SendMail, and Netscape. All aspects of Symantec/Veritas products in Customer High Availability, performance, tuning and disaster recovery. Symantec/Veritas Volume Manager, Symantec/Veritas File System, Symantec/Veritas Cluster Server (NT/W2k and UNIX) using Enterprise agents or custom scripting, Foundation Suite, Database Editions Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, Informix, Netbackup, Veritas Volume replication, Veritas File replication, Veritas Database Replication, Veritas San point Foundation suite, Veritas Flash Snap and SAN installation, EMC Symmetric, EMC Connectrix, Vol logix, Access logic, EMC Clarion CXx00 series storage, IBM DS6000, DS8000 Storage, IBM V7000 Storwise, StorageTek, Compaq, Hitachi USP V/VM disk storage 99xx series and tape libraries. Ancor, Brocade, Cisco, Qlogic, Mc Data Fiber, Compaq switches and hubs in addition to SCSI fiber bridges and routers (MDR). Fiber shared disk and tape storage. Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, SAP, Informix, clustering on Sun Cluster or Symantec/Veritas Cluster environments (Oracle RAC), hot and cold backup disaster recovery using Veritas Flash Snap, Storage Checkpoints, Veritas Netbackup Agents and Timefinder BCV’s. Data de-duplication technology, Hitachi USP V/VM Storage Navigator, Replication, True copy, Shadow Image and storage optimization.

Aug. 94 - Aug. 97 Tesoro Petrolem Corp.

Tesoro Dr., San Antonio, Texas

Systems Engineer: Directly responsible for system administration, installation, integration, operation, maintenance and applications of all Novel/Win NT and Unix servers, LAN/WAN equipment hubs, bridges and routers in a HA client/server environment. Oracle and Sybase DBA, Accounting and financials Platinum (General Ledger, Accounts Payables, Asset Mgmt., Projects, Purchasing). Network/System management and monitoring using HP openview, Netview and BMC Patrol.

Sept.93 - Aug. 94 Tel-Star Systems, Inc.

Tradeway, San Antonio, Texas

Director, Technical Department: Analyzed and streamlined production resulting in a cost reduction of 50%. Implemented a stringent quality control program resulting in 64% reduction in customer service calls. Negotiated and Coordinated production, assembly and delivery of all Tel-Star products. Negotiated warranty and extended hardware maintenance and software support contracts. Arranged and organized all product delivery, installation, testing, start-up and customer training. Researched and developed hardware and software to meet client requirements.

Mar. 93 - Sept.93 Caremark, Inc.

Alamo Downs Pkwy., San Antonio, Texas

System Analyst: Operate, maintain and install, Vax/Vms DECNET cluster, TI UNIX system and PC's on OS2 LAN/WAN, bridges, routers, servers, modems and terminals. Establish new user accounts train and assist users with network applications. Analyze and repair software and hardware problems.

May 91 - Jan 93 Parrish Medical Center

North Washington Ave., Titusville, Florida

Information Systems Analyst: Sole technician in a newly created position, at a 200 bed hospital. Purchased, installed, upgraded, trouble shot (board or component level) and repaired DG AVION 4605, 6200, 5200, MV15000 and 7000 computers, 486, 386 personal computers, printers, terminals, telecommunications and LAN/WAN equipment. Designed, purchased and installed PC LAN. Analyze, purchased and installed software and equipment to various vendors to interface medical equipment with the MEDITECH system. Evaluate, install and maintain remote site equipment. Train and assist personnel with the use and operation of Medical Information System, applications and related equipment. Purchase or create applications not supported by the MEDITECH system. Achievements: Modified equipment maintenance contracts resulting in $92,000 annual savings. Established preventative maintenance program reducing equipment down time and repair costs 43%. Instrumental in MEDITECH, PC EDI interface with Baxter Network. Integrated and networked systems allowing users to access various applications and data on different platforms. Researched and prepared network for medical record document imaging.

July 79 - Mar. 91 United States Naval Submarine Service

Naval Ordnance Test Unit, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Refurbishment Laboratory Supervisor: Directly responsible for refurbishment, quality assurance, maintenance, fault isolation, repair, system grooming, acceptance testing and packaging for shipment of Computer Data Acquisition Systems and RF Telemetry Systems for use onboard submarines. Test and Instrumentation Supervisor: Accountable for conversion of up to four Trident or Poseidon tactical missiles to test configuration; installation, testing, and verification, operation and (board or component level) repair of Computer Data Acquisition Systems, In-Flight Termination System, RF Telemetry System and Radar Tracking System. Managed and supervised 20 technicians required to perform these operations. Missile Control Center Supervisor: Responsible for 8 highly trained personnel and the operation, maintenance, fault isolation, repair (to component level) and launch of the MK 88 MOD 2 Fire Control Computer System, Computer Launcher System and up to 16 Trident tactical missiles.

Clearance Held: Top Secret, with Sensitive Background Investigation.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Degree, Trinity C & U

Graduated, A.A. Degree, Columbia College, MI

Graduated, Judson High School, Converse, TX

Naval Basic Electronics School: Fire Control Computer Technician; Advanced Hard Disk File Theory, Operation and Maintenance; Fire Control Computer Advanced Maintenance, Fault Isolation and Repair; RF Telemetry Systems Fault Isolation and Repair; Computer Data Acquisition Systems Advanced Operation, Fault Isolation and Repair.

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