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Mechanical Engineer Design

Toronto, ON, Canada
November 20, 2018

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****-*** ******** **, *******, ON M*B 2R6 (C) 647- 887-0211 OBJECTIVE

Aerospace engineering graduate seeking position of mechanical engineer to further develop design skills and knowledge. Proficient in mechanical stress analysis and CAD design. Over two year experience with CATIA V5, MS Office, ANSYS and MATLAB.


- Proficient with C language (3 years), CATIA V5 ( 3 years), ANSYS (2 years), MATLAB (2 years), Simulink and MS Office

- Proficient in designing 3D models to generate and assemble machine parts

- Profound knowledge of mechanical stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA)

- Bilingual in English and Mandarin


Hybrid-Electric Commuter Jet January 2018 to April 2018

- Evaluated and analyzed the jet’s stability and control according to FAR 23 airworthiness standards

- Used CATIA to build a model to determine control surface size

- Used MATLAB to increase the efficiency of a wing to generate enough lift and analyze and size the control surface of the jet

- Analyzed yaw control to ensure the controllability of the aircraft during flight or if one engine fails Two Dimensional Truss March 2017 to April 2017

- Designed two dimensional truss configuration to (e.g. solve a 2D Truss problem)

- Used ANSYS to develop a FEM model to create 2D elements such as stress, deflection, torsion and strength to improve structure stability

- Analyzed the truss's free vibration and presented 3 natural frequencies and modes of vibration

- Drew a free body diagram to analyze the stress, strain and deflection of the beam at different load increments and determine the strain distribution

Structural Design Wing Box January to April 2017

- Developed an aircraft wing box according to FAR 25 airworthiness standards

- Used Excel to establish data and V-n diagram and obtain load distribution, bending moment, shear stress and torsion as a function of the wing's span-wise

- Used CATIA V5 to create a 3D design model of the structured wing box to make necessary adjustments

- Modified spar thickness and cross section area by three iterations to adjust max shear stress to ensure the structure's stabilization

- Applied stress and buckling analysis to ensure Z-stringers would not yield or buckle under loads Glider Design September 2016 to December 2016

- Developed a glider to meet constraints to perform stable flights in a long distance range

- Used CATIA V5 to establish and assemble a 3D model prototype using laser cutting and 3D printing

- Used MATLAB to simulate flight performance

- Analyzed the aerodynamics and stress of the glider and outlined the theoretical performance and validity of the design to maintain stability

- Glider parts were assembled together to make a working glider to perform a flight test EDUCATION

Ryerson University, Toronto 2014-2018

Bachelor of Engineering (Area of Focus: Aircraft Aerospace Engineering) Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute CASI Toronto Aircraft Design Certification 2017

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