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Dallas, Texas, United States
November 10, 2018

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Lu Lu Email :

Mobile : +1-302-***-****

Programming Skills

Languages: Python, C, Java, Matlab, HTML5/CSS, Javascript(ES6)/TypeScript, C#

Library & Framework: Node.js, Express.js, Angular2+, Angular Material, Rxjs, JQuery, React, Bootstrap, OpenCV, Scikit-learn, MPI, Git, MongoDB, Unity3D, SQL, Oracle Education

University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX

Master of Science in Computer Science; Aug. 2017 { Dec. 2019

Delaware State University Dover, DE

Master of Science in Applied Optics; GPA: 3.75 Jan. 2015 { May. 2017 Experience

Font-End Developer Intern Aug.2018 - Present

BlockHub Corp. Frisco, TX

Worked with a small team with Agile software development thought, implementing SCRUM on Jira, GitHub and Bitbucket.

Designed and developed a SPAs(Single-Page Applications) for responsive blockchain wallet and corresponding web components from scratch By using Angular2+, Angular Material and Rxjs.

Collaborated with our back-end team to add the log in and sign up function with JWT(JSON Web token) authentication for the responsive blockchain wallet application Projects

Rental Car Website Feb. 2018 - Jun.2018

Implement a MEAN-based website of car rental which supports le upload, user login and sign up, shopping cart, quick view, purchase history and checkout.

Developed the AJAX-based frontend by utilizing Angular2+ components.

Implemented backend with Node.js on MongoDB. Created and used RESTful API.

Database for Dallas Care Sept.2018 - Nov.2018

Refer to the Dallas Care speci cation, designed an EER diagram and a logical model(relational Schema) for represent the database system.

Normalized the relational schema to 3NF(third normal form) and convert it into SQL statements.

According to SQL statements, created the database,the View and the SQL correspoding queries in Oracle.

CPR-Trainer Virtual Reality application Sept.2018 - Nov.2018

Developed a VR application for the HTC Vive that teaches the user how to perform CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Design and wrote the C# script for interaction between the chest compression and HTC Vive controlors in Unity3D.

Client-Server System Oct.2017 - Nov.2017

Constructed a client-server system that communicates over TCP/IP sockets used Java.

The server stored, retrieved, deleted, listed named data sets on the server. Each data set was associated with a string name extracted in the clients request to the server. The server was responsible for storing this data in a persistent fashion for later retrieval.

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