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Purchasing / Buying - Domestically and Offshore

Plano, Texas, United States
Open / Flexible
November 10, 2018

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Steve Kaplan (***) *******

Objective Looking for challenging part-time position. Need not be in the Electronics Area.

Experience 1983 - Present - Began Elite Electronics, Inc. in Fall of 1983 a. Built business up from scratch to $1,000,000 in sales, with assistance of two representatives.

b. Started importing directly from offshore in 1988 c. Initially imported D-Sub components and Plastic Injection MIM-PIM Tooling and Molding

d. Expanded to include the following:

• Custom FIBER Cable assemblies (Commercial,

Ruggedized and Mil-Spec)

• Bulk FIBER Cable - up to 288 Fiber Count

• Custom Hardware (Commercial, Metric and Mil-Spec)

• Other Custom Programs (Commercial, Metric and Mil- Spec)

• Since 1983, have ' paid-our-dues ', and now have domestic and offshore manufacturers as close alliances, who have up to ISO 9001-2015 certifications

1978 - 1983 - 50% owner of a National Needlepoint Supply Company with headquarters in Houston, Texas.

a. My partner and I, after only 3 years, built the business up to

$900,000 in Sales

b. Initial introduction to dealing directly with offshore manufacturers, and thoroughly enjoyed it

c. My partner was the inside person and I was the outside person, selling on the road

1. Enjoyed meeting with and selling both new and old accounts d. Sold out to my partner, beginning of 1983

Prior to 1978, I worked in various Consumer Sales Positions Accomplishments Purchasing

• Task / Charter completion oriented

• Demonstrated ability to well with others

• Built both Domestic & Offshore manufacturing alliances Independent Coursework /

Education University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

B.B.A. Accounting

References provided, upon request

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