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Engineering Medical

Los Altos, California, United States
130000 +
November 09, 2018

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**** ********** **. **** *,

Mountain View, 94040 CA


Mobile: +1-408-***-****

Date of birth: 01/27/1980

Citizenship: Netherlands

Work permit USA: YES

Languages: Armenian

(native), English, German,

Dutch, Russian

Computer : Microsoft

Office, Endnote, Image J,

Graphpad Prism


Cell Biology: Cell culture, stem cell isolation, expansion, storage, characterization, FACS, differentiation, cell lines Biochemical assays: DNA, ALP, Ca (mineralization), life-dead Microscopy: Fluorescence, Confocal Laser Scanning, Scan Electron (SEM) In Vivo: Animal research, surgical methods

Histology: Different staining, immunohistochemistry DNA/ RNA engineering: Transfection, DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, primer design, Q-PCR, probe design, MLPA Protein engineering: Expression, purification, chromatography, fluorescence spectroscopy, SDS Page, Blue Native Page, Western Blot, ELISA, AlphaLISA, Mass Spectrometry Data analysis: MLPA-Gene Marker Software, Image J, Graphpad prism, SPSS June 2016 - January 2017 Quality Control Scientist for vaccine production, development of in vitro testing methods at Merck & Co. Boxmeer/ the Netherlands

November 2011 – June 2015 PhD in Biomedical Science in the Department of Biomaterials and Periodontology at Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, the Netherlands

July 2005 - September 2006 Dentist in “Denta” - Dental clinic, Yeghegnadzor, Armenia September 2003 - April 2004 Dentist in “Biodent” - dental clinic, Yerevan Armenia November 2011- June 2015 PhD in Biomedical Science, Bone Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, the Netherlands October 2008 - August 2011 Master Degree in Biomolecular Science, Vrije University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands June 2004 - June 2005 Visiting Clinical Researcher (Department of Periodontology), University of Heidelberg, Germany September 2002 - June 2003 Post graduate internship: (Specialization for General Dentistry), Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia October 2001- February 2002 Internship at the Department of Oral Surgery and Implantology, Karl-Franzens-University of Graz, Austria September 1997 - July 2002 Master Degree in Dentistry/Stomatology, Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia Skills in Biology

Work History



1. Signaling pathways involved in osteogenesis and their application for bone regenerative medicine Astghik Hayrapetyan, John A Jansen, Jeroen JJP van den Beucken, Tissue Engineering part B 2. Effect of nano-HA/Collagen Composite Hydrogels on Osteogenic Behavior of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Astghik Hayrapetyan, Matilde Bongio, Sander CG Leeuwenburgh, John A Jansen, Jeroen JJP van den Beucken. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (in press). 3. Osteogenic capacity of human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells in co-culture with endothelial cells or macrophages Astghik Hayrapetyan, Soraya Surjandi, Evita EPJ Lemsom, Marleen MMW Wolters, John A Jansen, Jeroen JJP van den Beucken Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

4. Effect of Calcium Phosphate Ceramic Substrate Geometry on Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Organization and Osteogenic Differentiation Eva R Urquia Edreira, Astghik Hayrapetyan, Joop GC Wolke, Huib JE Croes, Alexey Klymov, John A Jansen,Jeroen JJP van den Beucken. Biofabrication 5. Osteogenic signaling of human BM-MSCs and AT-MSCs cultured in PL- or FBS-supplemented media Astghik Hayrapetyan, Yu-Xuan Chen, Mariska Kerstholt, John A Jansen, Jeroen JJP van den Beucken. 6. Different unequal cross-over events between NCF1 and its pseudogenes in autosomal p47phox-deficient chronic granulomatous disease Astghik Hayrapetyan, Paula C.D. Dencher, Karin van Leeuwen, Martin de Boer, Dirk Roos. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Basis of Disease 7. Controlled Release of Platinum bisphosphonate Complexes from Injectable Calcium Phosphate Cements for Treatment of Bone Tumors Kambiz Farbod, Kemal Sariibrahimoglu, Alessandra Curci, Astghik Hayrapetyan, Jan N.W. Hakvoort, Jeroen J.J.P. van den Beucken, Michele Iafisco, Nicola Margiotta, Sander C.G. Leeuwenburgh Tissue Engineering Part A Honors & Awards

ESB - September 2015 First prise for the best presentation in Rapid Fire Session (27th European Conference on Biomaterials ). October 2008 Vrije University Fellowship Program for Master Students April 2004 KAAD (Katholischer Akademischer Auslander-Dienst) scholarship to carry out research activities in the Section of Periodontology/ Department of Operative Dentistry, at University of Heidelberg/Germany. October 2001 OEAD (Österreichische Austauschdienst) exchange scholarship for the course: “Oral Surgery and Implantology”, department of Oral Surgery and Radiology, at the University of Graz/Austria.

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