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Oakland, California, United States
November 12, 2018

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Shane LeBlanc

Full Stack Developer


**** *** ***.

Oakland, CA 94606

Empathetic, passionate and highly motivated technology expert seeking to return to Software Engineering by utilizing skills in triage, problem solving, server administration, and programming. Insatiable hunger to learn new tools and CS concepts. EXPERIENCE

FixSwift IT Solutions, San Francisco Service Manager August 2017 - PRESENT

● Create, test, and maintain custom integrations and automation

● Delivered a time-tracking application saving hundreds of hours of technician time per year, using Google Calendar API and ZenDesk triggers

● Created API server using Node-RED, JavaScript

● Improved average ticket response time by 50% by improving IT Service Process

● Deploy and maintain Node.js servers, MongoDB replication set, RocketChat Golden Gate Office Solutions, San Francisco System Administrator January 2008 - May 2017

● Deployed and maintained Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, ECI Solutions E-Automate, E-Info and Remote Tech Web servers, Lexmark Fleet Manager, and Compass Sherpa

● Ensured availability of web services, client and technician portals Golden Gate Office Solutions, San Francisco .NET Developer July 2006 - January 2008

● Visual Basic .NET development of custom business management web application

● Delivered color-copy billing capability in a business limited to black and white

● Created tools to generate tax and revenue reports from SQL tables using Java PROJECTS

Wa High-tra c website

Founded a user-funded, non-profit peer-to-peer file sharing community focused on music - packed with staff featured content, community written articles, volunteer quality-auditing of lossless digital audio files, and active members that contribute to donation drives for Toys for Tots and the Red Cross. Managed a team of volunteer developers to maintain and build new features into our PHP, MySQL, Memcached, Lucene, NGINX (and later LightHTTPD), CentOS & Gentoo stack. Open Pledge Donation drive registry and pledge management platform Led a team to develop a donation registry platform for St. Anthony’s and to empower other non-profit organizations in easier facilitation of donation drives. Uses an integration of React.js on the front-end, Django and Django REST Framework on the back-end. Concert Share Web app empowering social concert-going A web application built with the Django web framework for Python, it utilizes the BandsInTown API to let users create their own feeds of concerts. A group programming venture where my role was focused on API implementation and back-end code. Currency Charts React.js and CSS grid powered currency value comparison tool Updates and parses currency values from a JSON API, empowering graphing of crypto, virtual, and real currency. Allows users to delete items and recalculate the scale of the graph. Calculates the nearest possible whole trade and displays values. EDUCATION

SAE Expression College, Emeryville BaSC Interactive Audio July 2012 - July 2016

● Trained in interactive audio programming using Wwise, Unity, and Unreal Engine

● Trained in programming languages SuperCollider, Max MSP, and C# for Unity

● Trained in advanced studio music production, signal flow, and signal processing SKILLS

Javascript ES5 - ES7, Node.js

Python 3, Java, TypeScript, Flow

React.js, Redux, Django, Jinja

Django REST Framework

HTML5, CSS3, FlexBox, Grid

PostgreSQL, MongoDB

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

NPM, pipenv

Linux, Bash, Git

Wordpress, Drupal

Express.js, NGINX

RESTFul API Engineering

Nightmare, JEST, Mocha

Bootstrap, Moment.js


Static Site Generation

Single Page Apps (SPA)

Test Driven Development

Agile Development

Abstract Data Structures

AWS EC2, AWS Lambda

VMware ESXI, ProxMox, Terraform

IT Service and Support

IT Business Management

Max MSP, Ableton Live

Adobe Creative Suite


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(Scored Expert level with Node.js

and Python)

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