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Data Project

Tetovo Municipality, Tetovo Municipality, FYR Macedonia
November 06, 2018

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Republic of Macedonia

Filip Bogdanovski



South East European University

September 2016 – May 2019

B.S.E. in Computer Science

Undergraduate Coursework: Operating Systems ; Databases ; Programming Languages; Comp. Architecture ; Computer networks ; Applied Probability and Statistics ; Disctrete structures 1 ; Discrete Structures 2 ; Linear Algebra and Calculus ; Software Engineering ; Web Programming ; Machine Learning ; Algorithms and Data Structures


Random Quote generator (2017). Built a random quote generator using HTML,CSS and jQuery.

Web Store project (2018).Built a website using PHP and SQL where user can buy products.

Local weather map(2017). Built a website using HTML,CSS,jQuery that takes data from api and shows you weather at your location,and also shows where you are located.

League Of Legends Website(2018).Built website using ASP.NET to get data about League of Legends players from Riot Api,and shows it to you.

Wikipedia viewer(2017).Built a website using wikipedia api and jQuery that allows users to search for a term and it shows them wikipedia articles related to that term.

SpriteKit Game(2018).Used Spritekit framework to build a small game using Objective C.

Additional Experience and Awards

Third Prize Robomac 2015: Awarded 3rd prize for programming a robot at robotics hackathon .Robot had to be faster than other robots,and also follow the right path.

First place web design project 2014:Awarded first place for helping to build my high school website using Wordpress.

Third Prize NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017:Awarded 3rd prize for programming a web application that gets data from api from current location of passenger in airplane and shows him where he is.

Certificate for mediator for conflict resolution:I earned certificate in Conflict Resolution using meditation after going abroad in Norway for 7 days.

First Prize LLPA Battle Macedonia:Awarded first prize in LLPA Battle in my country in domain of IT Pro.

Languages and Technologies

C++; Delphi;Pascal; Objective-C; C#.NET; SQL; HTML;CSS;Javascript;Python;PHP

Visual Studio; Microsoft SQL Server; Eclipse; XCode; Interface Builder;Notepad++;jQuery;Ubuntu;Git;

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