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Engineer Quality

New Milford, Connecticut, United States
November 04, 2018

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Quality/materials engineer with experience managing quality systems within aerospace, surgical devices, fuel cells, and consumer products (batteries). including but not limited to: statistical process control, failure mode effects analysis, and statistical analysis (Minitab),. Experience collaborating with engineers and scientists in determining properties of materials. Am certified to Green Belt in Six Sigma through Management and Strategy Institute Have been a member of materials/quality review boards responsible for exploring failures of materials and how to address defects. Familiar with Cost of Quality and statistical quality/process control. Have conducted Failure Modes and Effects Analysis. Knowledgeable in ASTM, NIST, ISO 9000, GLP/GMP, FDA QSR 820.75 (Process Validation), Mil and EPA standards. Proficient in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Extensive experience with product and process support. I have unparalleled instrumental analysis experience.

Currently training for American Society for Quality’s Certified Quality Engineer.

Currently pursuing Six Sigma Black Belt certification through Management and Strategy Institute.


Bachelor of Science, Columbia University, 1992


2015 – 2016

United Technologies – Aerospace Systems

Materials Engineer

Responsible for technical documentation review of all materials and machined metal parts approved for spaceflight. Materials included polymeric items such as adhesives and inks. Reviews included ensuring that Certificates Of Analysis comported with specific requirements demanded by each unique program and included all chemical/material process specifications. Reviewed and inspected MSDS/SDS to provide assurance that materials would be handled with appropriate PPE.

Conducted approval tests in the Reliability lab to assure that when materials arrived with disparities between what the manufacturer analyzed and what the proprietary specification called for, that the material could be relied upon to withstand the unique climatic demands of spaceflight. Tests included shear and tensile strength, gel time, pot life, Shore hardness, viscosity, and Fourier Transform Infra-Red with Attenuated Total Reflectance.


Siemens Inc.

Validation Engineer

Developed and executed validation protocols (IP and OP) for Siemens Medical Diagnostic instrumentation.

Participated in weekly Validation Review Board functions including review of ongoing validation processes related to the process transmittal operations involved in sending product lines from one site to another, as well as interfacing with FDA representatives overseeing this transmittal.

2007 to 2013

Duracell, Bethel, CT

Materials/ Process Development and Electrochemical Engineer

Supported product development of lithium-based cells in pilot scale preparation and processing of cell components. Sampled chemical powders, preparation of slurry components, mixing of slurry, material/physical property analysis, comma coating of slurry onto foil web, and processing of coated material into final cathode, all with process checks at each step.

Contributed considerable expertise in ongoing development of experimental parameters related to testing mechanical and chemical properties of electrodes.

Collaborated to determine necessary parameters for new materials including grades of steel and materials for machines.

Approved requests for new materials and determined safety of material based on EPA standards

Verified compliance of paperwork for new materials including, but not limited to reactivity reports and personal protective equipment reports.

Member of the Materials Review Board responsible for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Reviewed and addressed various materials to explore failure of the materials to meet the project needs.

Tested production cells by opening and separating cell components and performing such analyses as thermal gravimetric analysis, Karl Fisher titration for moisture content, ICP for trace element analysis, and particle size analysis.

2006 to 2007

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY

Research Assistant, Oncology

Researched the effect of phytochemicals, specifically triterpene glycosides, on breast cancer cell development. Performed Western Blot, RT-PCR, and microarray analysis. Performed statistical analysis to characterize genomic effects of herbal chemicals on cancer cell growth.

Contributed and edited articles for academic journal submission. Also prepared applications and proposals for research grants from private and public funding resources.

2001 to 2006

Fuel Cell Energy, Danbury, CT

Materials/Metallurgical Researcher

Performed all aspects of materials research related to fuel cell technology including epoxy sample preparation and polishing, X-ray diffraction analysis, preparation of tape slurries from component addition to casting, chemical viscosity measurements, analysis of incoming materials, test cell set-up and testing of electrical resistivity, monitoring and requisitioning of lab supplies, and maintenance and repair of lab equipment.

Key member of corporate safety committee. Conducted and reviewed safety inspections, reviewed and developed strategies related to safety issues, and participated in chemical handling and related Haz-Mat training.

2000 to 2001

Applications Systems Group (CT) INC., Bethel, CT

PC Hardware/Software Consulting Engineer

Performed updates and repairs on computers, servers or printers onsite for customers.

Installed software and configured customer networks.


Shoulders Corporation, Roxbury, CT

Quality Consultant Software

As consultant, performed automated and manual software testing for a variety of clients including database and web applications..

1999 to 2000

Evercell, Danbury, CT


Developed battery electrolyte additives seeking to stabilize solid component stability.

Installed and configured essential lab instrumentation including potentiometers and XRD.

Handled ongoing corporate LAN administration including installing network printers, adding users and setting access rights, and administration of local database.


Photronics Labs, Inc., Brookfield, CT

Software Quality Engineer

Performed manual testing by devises test cases, inputting data and checking the database to ensure that proprietary ERP software is up to date.


TSI International Software Ltd., Wilton, CT

Software Quality Analyst

Performed manual testing by devises test cases, inputting data and checking the database to ensure software is up to date.

1993 – 1999

Sherwood Davis & Geck, Danbury CT

Validation/Quality Engineer

Performed all new and recurring validation protocols on processes and equipment used in the manufacture of bioabsorbable surgical and wound closure devices. Protocols included IQ, OQ and PQ.

With assistance from the microbiological analysis group, performed yearly large scal qualification of the Ethylene Oxide sterilization procedures.

Performed finished product materials analysis testing for release of surgical devices.

Performed ongoing batch testing of sterilant materials.


Gene expression analysis of the mechanisms whereby black cohosh inhibits human breast cancer cell growth.: Anticancer Research 2007 Mar-Apr; 27(2):697-712 Authors: Einbond LS, Su T, Wu HA, Friedman R, Wang X, Jiang B, Hagan T, Kennelly EJ, Kronenberg F, Weinstein IB10.5

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