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Engineer Quality

Castalla, Valencian Community, 03420, Spain
November 06, 2018

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Alvis Gineika


EU Citizenship

Professional Experience:

**/****-**/**** ****** Field Service Engineer – Quanterix Adjusting, Upgrading, PM, troubleshooting, Installations, Commissioning, work with Clients and all there need in the Bio industry / Medical Devices / Research areas With the Simoa HD-1, Single Molecule Array, the LSI Optical array, Divers Chillers for the Sample Bays, and alike. The HD-1 is a fully automated immunoassay platform with multiplexing and custom assay capability, which enables the detection and qualification of Biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure. Key Responsibilities

• Service of all Instruments, PM and Preventing Maintenance, Installation

• IQOQ, R&D Adaptation and installation of Upgrades, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronical, Optical, Hydraulically

• Troubleshooting, Work with Clients, Train Technicians

• Extensive traveling throughout all EU in a very Short Notice

• Know how to work with Research Centers and there regulations Key Achievements

• Work with R&D for the adaptations, modifications, and perform all the upgrades. To all the instruments, (HD-1, LSI, and Chillers) Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic components,

• Revisions of the SOP, changes and adaptations.

• Adjustments to Factory settings and to clients necessities

• Establish and Maintain cordial and Harmonic Relations to all the Clients

• Monitoring there Instrument Performance, Time periods where greatly reduced. As where PM regular times

• Training, Teaching, Suggesting to Clients new ways and Methods. 05/2016-07/2016 Field Service Commissioner Engineer – Minimax Check all shipments and contents, Establish workgroups with assigned personnel, Find ways to communicate to them the different tasks and how to do them (normally workers only speak local language), check the progress, and that the quality is maintained in each step of the commissioning servicing or maintenance, solving all the problems and adaptations to be made, complying with the regulatory and quality parameters. Be flexible and adaptable, check all installations that comply with the regulations, and supervise the tests and that are within the regulatory parameters, applying all too mechanical and electrical parts.

Key Responsibilities

• Service of all systems world wide

• Commissioning All systems world wide

• Maintenance of all systems world wide

• Installations, Commissioning, Service Electrical, Electronical Mechanical

Freelance Projects

01/2015-05/2015 Marketing Photography Scotland

• Modifications, Adaptations, Tests of Equipment for Specific Project 09/2006-11/2014 Senior Field Engineer – Genscape International. NL Establishing, developing, quality systems that comply to all the different project as well as related to production and personnel, comply with all the regulatory policy’s, Companies, Countries, EU, Change procedures to increase the quality in; engineering, customer satisfaction, safety. Planning and application of new methods in a very changing environment, in conjunction with the different company department and meet the demands of the changing business, as well how to adapt the newest technology’s managing and developing the personnel to ensure their skills meet the role, implement new procedures to increase the quality in all aspects of the work keeping in account all the variant regulations per each job performed, keeping the management informed on the quality performance systems.

Key Responsibilities

• Maintenance of all the monitors in the Spanish Grid

• Sightings, Easements, Installations of new expansions of the grid

• Search, Plan, Logistics, implementation, tests for the new locations

• Daily Monitoring of all the different project monitors in all EU, and migrate there local Carriers to Kore M2M

• Inform Local Field Engineer about local Problems and there Priority

• Test of different compounds, modifications, adaptations specific to sites

• Solve all issues in a fast manner, identify cost saving opportunities, apply corrections

Key Achievements

• Work with World Carrier to adjust parameters per site obtaining optimum performance

• Planning, Logistics on new installations throughout EU Countries

• New Procedures, for installations, problem fixing, optimization of components

• Plan new Expansions, Targets, Logistics, New Procedures

• Adjust to Budgets, reduction of costs, Procedures, Creating Manuals, Training Personnel, Test Alternative ways, Implement quality

• Reduction in all Gas Project Installs, optimizing time and budgets

• Adaptation of new Technologies in Gas Projects

• Give support to all the team 24/7, same as to all the Clients

• Remotely Guide the Coworkers to the exact location helping them in all possible manners

• Increase all communication Channels between the team, consolidate a pool of ideas; Train them in any variation in Procedures and adaptations.

• Supervise their work and results in there different areas, help to increase their efficiency

• Develop Methods to relay information, assistance, procedures, backup, communications, to all the team, in a remote way.

• Support 24/7 all the 12 Field Engineers in all EU Countries

• Constantly seek ways to improve any aspect of all working procedures, relating all the information to all coworkers

• Develop Data bases with all the relevant information of all the monitors Controlled by World Wide Kore Sim,

• Create GE Drawings with all ways to get in and points to be aware of 01/2004-11/2005 Logistics Assistant – Atelier Visuel JB. CH Key Responsibilities

• How all the Illuminations systems work and have to be set fallowing the exact layout and specifications

• Supervise the correct assembly and disassembly of all the equipment, its proper storage, keep a daily stock check

• Set all the groups and how the equipment has to be laid out, as has to fallow a strict order, same as when disassemble all,

• Have Group meetings so to organize the order of the jobs, and who will do which tasks, depending on the locations and the physical structures of the site

• Ensure the correct parameters and variables used in there systems Key Achievements

• Divide all in Small Projects and develop more efficient ways to do the job, working as a team, find an equilibrium between speed, quality, efficiency, time, resulting in cost reductions

• Preplan different routes and scenarios, so in case of any problem could adapt fast to any changes and keep the same pace

• Find new ways to install the equipment, spending less time in adaptations, go in advance to future locations and study all variables, work with the team and manufacture the best adaptations per site, so to keep the high standards 02/2002-05/2003 Logistics and Operation Manager- Andover Vzla Key Responsibilities

• Reduction of Stock levels to an optimum

• Increase of dispatch transports to clients

• Supervise the product since production, to Hub, to Client, times, quality, volume of items

• Supervise the transport from Factories to Hubs and there Distribution

• Directly in charge of the 56 workers in the Main Hub and indirectly the 23 in the local transports

Key Achievements

• Meetings with the different Production managers in there plants, work with them to increase Production and reduce times in production line changes, increase quality and presentation

• Meetings with Managers in the Hubs, to restructure all the storage areas, how the items are unloaded, stores and uploaded to final destination, improvement in all the steps

• Meetings with Managers and Salesman, Restriction of Marketing Department adjusting to client’s needs.

• Meetings with Production Managers to synchronize Production to Marketing needs and Transport times, so reduce unnecessary stock in Hubs

• Increase direct dispatch of raw materials directly to clients, increase in Production, Reduction of Stock, Increase in Market

• Train all Personnel in their areas, increasing their efficiency, reduction in costs, and unification of a Team with clear purpose

• Reduction of overtime, and later create second shift 03/1992-05/1994 Plant Manager - Fortaca Vzla

Key Responsibilities

• Create a working Continue Form Feed Press Factory

• Find a way to make different Brand Machinery work in a continuous way,

• Create a high quality Product to be used for all the industries of the group and later sell to the public

• Comply with all the production standards

Key Achievements

• Find and Train Personnel for the different tasks, with a multitask way of work, and work as a flexible team of 12 Workers

• Meetings with Different Managers and Engineers so to create the nesesary parts to adapt all the machinery

• Implement a Cost system, Production times, implement Safety and Health features in all working Steps

• Import all Raw Material, produce to each Industry what exactly they need for their internal use, Find Clients and export all the end products

• Learn all the Procedures, Rules for import export, all best ways for transport materials,

• Search for new Clients offering a higher quality product at lower cost

• Install photographic plate printing striping machines for the continuous form feed presses

• Install the upgrades to the lithographic printing developing cleaning equipment 03/1991-02/1992 Semi Senior Sales Assessor- Computronic / IBM Vzla Key Responsibilities

• Present the best solutions possible depending on the client’s needs and specifications

• Optimization of all the Clients Hardware and Software Key Achievements

• Work with the Oil Industry and Sell to major Companies as Creole and Shell

• Work with the Oil Research Institutions Supplying all there IT Needs

• Work with the National Airline Assessing in there Hardware and software 04/1988-01/1991 Administrative and Technical Manager – Alitex Vzla Key Responsibilities

• Production Management, Meetings with Clients about their specifications, maintain High quality in Printing and times of production and delivering

• Have Conversations with Pigment Providers and other chemical Products to maintain stock

• Supervise Personnel, Train, instruct in specific Tasks Key Achievements

• Meetings with Pigment Providers to have country exclusive on certain pigments

• Search, Conversations, Trips to different Factories that could provide an automatized solution for all the production lines,

• Maintain Meetings with Different Companies to find an integral automatized solution for all the factory

• Import all the Machinery necessary, assembly, test, adjustment and start production

• Implement, Adjust, Train Personnel, in the new Machinery, increase Quality and reduce printing times cutting costs

• Maintain regular Meetings as to keep all the team integrated and motivated in their tasks, create a pool of ideas implement the most feasible

• Increase Quality Reduce Costs consolidate all the functions optimize all steps

• Directly responsible for the 39 company workers


1983-1984 BSc Science MB

UNE University of New England, Biddeford Maine, USA 1979-1983 BA Science Marine Biology

MDCC Miami Dade Community College, Miami Florida USA 1975-1979 Engineering

UCAB Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Caracas DF, Venezuela Courses

• 1991 Administrative Processes

• 1991 Micro Processor

• 1993 Workers Evaluation

• 1993 Total Quality

• 1993 Software Application

• 2000 Fishery & Agricultural Agenda

• 2002 Finances for Executives

• 2006 Safety Driving

• 2008 First Aid

Key Skills


• First Aid

• Scientific Research

• Field Work, Field Research

• Installing Commissioning,

• Servicing Maintaining Special Propose Equipment

• Trainer, Instructor, Teacher

Professional Skills

• Ample management, Administrative and Sales Skills

• Extremely Detailed work

• Constant Learning, Improving,

• Troubleshooting in the areas of: Mechanics, Electric, Electronic, Optical, Hydraulic, Software, Hardware

• Adaptable and flexible to all circumstances and Clients

• Ample use of knowledge acquired from Laboratory, Research period. Applied to Bio Tech, Life Science, Client Communications

• Organization and planning abilities

• Sound Knowledge in Research: Medical Research, Research Universities

• Maintain High Degree of Client Satisfaction and adaptation

• Norms and Regulations on Laboratory Environment

• Work with complex Instruments and High Standards

• Consulting and Service Expertise

• Work with divers Lab instruments

• International Experience North & South America, Europe

• Multilingual, Multicultural, Multitasking Experience

• Production and Manufacturing Knowledge and Experience

• Managing and Negotiation skills

• Consumer, Client Support and Interaction

• Operations and Logistics Management

• Enjoy Solving Problems and Enjoy Challenges

• Result oriented & hands-on mentality

Personal Skills

• Result oriented & hands-on mentality

• Team Leadership

• Ability to think Logically

• Strong Analytical Attitude

• Attention to Details

• Innovating and Creative thinking

• Good Problem Solving

• Computer Expertise

• Extensive Travel

• Work under stress and time limits

• Organization and Planning of Field Trips

Personal Information


• Mother Tongues: English, Spanish, Lithuanian

• Basic German (B+studying)

Training, Teaching, Education, Translation 1979 till 200*-****-**** English Professor, Valencia Vzla

• Colegio Internacional Carabobo, Colegio San Marino,

• Fundametal. In Company; Pfizer, Goodyear, Firestone, Ofimax, Mavesa

• Ivy Celis, Private Classes, Professionals, Executives, Young Adults, Kids 1998-2000 English Professor San Cristobal Vzla

• Universidad Experimental del Táchira

1994-1998 English Instructor San Cristobal Vzla

• Britannia International


1987-1998 English Professor Maria Montessori School San Cristobel Vzla

• Several levels

1986-1987 English Professor Caracas Vzla

• English Lab

1980-1984 Professor Assistant Miami USA

• Comparative Anatomy, Zoology & Oceanography

1979-1984 Simultaneous Translators

• Albert Schwartz,

• Daljo Investments

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