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Engineer Manager

Garfield, NJ
$135K, negotiable
October 29, 2018

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Steven M. Hirschman

**** ****** ****, ******* ** 07666 Phone: 917-***-**** Email: Project Manager

Senior Network Engineer

Employment: ITT Aerospace/Communications Division (A/CD) Clifton, NJ Project Manager for a team of:

3 System Engineers, 7 Electrical Engineers, 2 Mechanical Engineers, 4 Programmers, and others as needed. Preepared PC & lab equipment budgets and configuration data for three 20-person depts, subcontracts administration and Capital Budgets

List of major ITT projects:

• Data Module (DM) $30M

What is it? - DM is the first Packet Switch with embedded COMSEC. It received NSA endorsement. Built for the US Marines, DM is an add-on to ITT's existing ULCS which is a Tactical Telephone Central Office. DM contains 8 DSP's for the 8 channels, one 386 and one 8051 in a space only 11"x4"x4". DM Managerial Tasks:

compiled: DM EveryPerson Forecasts, Cost to Complete ( 20pp) estimates, rollup and assumptions, gave the project's first architectural review, re-visited DM proposal using Pro-Pricer, maintained the DM issues book, provided verbal/written doc to the DPRO auditors, was part of a later cost-to-complete exercise, presentations to the customer at the Program Design Review and, later, the Program Status Review, chaired weekly DM meetings, wrote bi-weekly reports, and reported project status at standups. As Point-of-Contact with the DM customers:

chaired all liaison meetings with customer's SW group (MCTSSA):

- meetings covering all protocol messages, culminating in IRS and IDD documents

- the Scenario Meeting, culminating in Scenario Appendix

- Additional MCTSSA issue resolution phone/mail/meetings negotiated a scaled-back COMSEC test,

support to Atlantic Research Corp: answers, Operator's Manual text & chaired customer technical mtg.s. Coordinated the various DM Support Functions:

reviewed the Engineering Release Notice package (TTC&SB) consisting of mech dwg.s & PLs worked with mechanical engineering on a board-by-board analysis of: ht/area/heat/power + total heat/power coordinated the “-illities” people (rel, emc/tempest, rad/emp/nuc, mil envir test). Supervised all Tests:

oversaw the design of a DM Simulator for MCTSSA and both the SB & TTC Open Frame DMs, formulation of BIT/BITE, assisted in Lab debug effort, worked with SW dept on DM (validation) / Production Test SW document and on a traffic generator for load-testing. Handled unanticipated issues as they arose:

looked into feasibility of supporting an X.25 mode got approval for the use of plastic industrial ICs instead of full-mil ceramic ICs for cost and spares advantages pursued other potential customers: Navy 7/93, ROC 4/93, Thailand 10/92, 7/92 Army Strategic Plan looked into the use of DM as CIS Gateway in Britain's Tactical Radio Network. Assured DM compatibility with Legacy Systems:

worked on all modification specifications (PPS) for existing Switch Configurations (SB& TTC), reviewed the updated loop/trunk ICDs and edited ECPs (SB& TTC) to incl DM. 2 of 4


Supervised the NSA DM certification process

wrote portions of and coordinated the 5-volume NSA Compliance Document, made presentations at NSA regarding the crypto device selection and tested the DM w/KG-84 in the Lab wrote the classified Infosec SRS (emphasizes the Security Monitor Processor) coordinated /supervised the writing of the Crypto Verification Plan (SFA). Author/Editor of the following DM documents:

• wrote proposals that won the project • wrote the Network Management document

• reviewed the SW SRS • wrote/edited 9 System Specifications (SRS) for: software, interfaces, message protocols, hardware (each CCA), test and mechanical

• wrote the DM Test Philosophy document • wrote the Test Plan Schedule

• wrote the Security SRS including COMSEC, initialization, self-test sections

• supervised the writing of a formal qualification test

• used RTM (Marconi's Requirements Tracability Product). Supervised orderly DM project shutdown

DM cancelled by Congress under recommendation by MITRE, wrote final engineer's report on DM CCA status at job shutdown.

• Wireless Internet Router (known variously as INC / FABC / ESPD / TIDB) $1B+ What is it? - The INC (InterNet Controller) is a 4-port Wireless Router, vehicle-mounted for use in private internets in battlefield environments. It is compatible with standard Internet protocols and has some custom protocols. Unique aspects include: 1) handling connectivity changes that occur with router relocation, 2) handling routing and aggregation for special position location messages, 3) handling both wire-LANs and radio LANs that are not “all-informed”. Within the INC Project:

a) Wrote the following INC documents:

• INC Security SRS • Router SW Version Release Notes • NM SDS

• TRW Position Paper • Routing SDS +5 app • Routing SRS Also wrote OSPF & BGP routing test plans & then worked with SW dept to run tests on 30-router lab config. Two trips to Ft. Huachuca, AZ to show that INC survives IW/EW tests. Overlaid the 200+ radio nets on the TRW UTO- I vehicle deployment map and cross-referenced them. Supervised a jr. engr in finding errors in TRW INC configurations, provided input to modeling group on OSPF, etc. Researched & created extensive NM tradeoff chart: 14products -->4finalists-->1selection; high visibility in company. b) INC Management Information Base (MIB)

ITT’s point of contact for MIB data structure (author/maintainer of 300pp document) c) INC System Design Document (ISDD)

Author/Editor of a 100pp detailed graphical description of the custom protocols in INC internets. Document received critical acclaim from ITT Div Engineering VP for its clarity & is being used as example for other projects in A/CD.

d) Bowman BICC (a sister program, known variously as: Archer / Crossbow) FABC commonality effort 6/93, proposal strategy meetings w/ITT England 3/97, discussions and analysis of adding adaptive routing 3/97, 6/97, Wrote HW spec & modification reqts. spec. 9-10/92, INC mechanical w/Ft.w: FABC in "sidehat" containing 360 + c30 in a 2-bd sandwich, drew the memory maps.

• Network Planning Tool (known variously as: IPT, PT) $500k Lead System Engineer

What is it? - NPT a is Graphical Configuration Tool for deploying mobile wireless routers in the US Army, in the forward-area battlefield. It can generate a self-consistent configuration of 1500-10,000 routers, each with 500-1000 configurable parameters. Was the motivating force behind the Planning Tool; championed it through 3 incarnations: I: Acting Project Engineer. Wrote IPT SRS. Terminated the subcontractor for lack of progress. 3 of 4


II: As technical Lead, Gave project to ITT group in Ft. Wayne, IN. Specified, received and reviewed 3 successive partial prototypes. Program was stopped for lack of funding. III: Was Technical Lead reporting directly to a Division VP. Wrote project goals & SOW, revised the SRS to include international req'ts. Trips to BBN (Boston) and BAeSEMA (England) prior to their bids. Chaired consensus-forming meetings between Sr. Staff, dept. mgrs. and business development. Presentation to VPs. follow-up bidder teleconferences, reviewed bidder proposals, wrote follow-up questions. Reported on NPT at stand-ups. Project cancelled by the VP of SINCGARS 3/97. Note: Cisco introduced their first router configuration tool 9 mo.s later.

• DOSTN Proposal for US State Dept. $1B ($2M proposal alone) What is it? - A program to upgrade Secure Network facilities for every US embassy/Consulate facility worldwide. Used a GO (Graphically-oriented) proposal format. Communication Mgmt. Assoc. served as proposal consultant

Member of DOSTN Proposal team responsible for Network Management including configuration at NCC, Modems and Statistical MUXs at all sites, Equip reliability/availability study, Equip trade-off studies. Voice, Packet Data, Secure Video Conferencing (Rembrant), Network Management of all modems and satellite links. Red/Black facilities.

17+ more projects

• Wrote White Paper “TNS (Tactical Network Server/comserver)” PC-based gateway between wireless networks, LANs, WANs, and Marines Backbone Net

• Taught the following Lunchtime Seminars:

OSPF, BGP, IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) Progress in Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Routers

• Attended the following Seminars/Conferences:

• 30th IETF conference in Toronto • U of Md. Routing Conference

• 36th IETF conference in Montreal • NIST OSI Implementers Conf - Network Mgmt

• various training in Methodologies & Processes: ISO9000, TQM, QFD, IPD, Phadke Diagrams 19+ other courses/conferences

Computer Sciences Corporation Falls Church, VA

Section Manager, promoted from Senior Engineer

• Managed the CSC Microprocessor Applications Center ("the Microlab”) Drafted the facility upgrade plan

• Lab Manager for NASA Restricted Access Processor project Designed entire facility, purchased all equipment, wrote user procedures, and trained employees Featured in InteLeads magazine 10/85

• AUTODIN hardware co-design received a commendation from the Navy Dept. Graduate School

• Participated in many $100M+ US gov’t proposal efforts including USPTO to automate entire text and drawing filing systems, INS, etc Hi-Speed Checkweigher Co., Inc. Ithaca, NY

Systems Design Engineer

Designer of digital & analog circuits for industrial automatic scales and package handling equipment. Including first successful averaging Rate Counter

4 of 4


Entrepreneurial Start-ups

• Co-founder of the Manhattan Technology Group (IT consulting)

• CTO of Quincunx, which, 11 years BEFORE the Internet, proposed a nationwide network for realtime multi-player games.

• SAIRUS (a medical infomatics dot-com): Co-wrote the business plan

• Consulting Engineer / Contract assignments including: NJ’s Liberty Science Center: Bid on an AV exhibit with a video touch panel. Built a DVD firmware prototype for NYC TLC,

GPS consumer electronics prototype for a dot com startup, Built custom HW/SW for Children's Television Workshop interactive TV psychology experiment Music Eartraining Hardware for Cornell University

Several Motion Control systems variously for: TV production and for art exhibitions in USA & S.Korea Designed and supervised installation of a CCTV and Access Control system for a NYC midtown commercial building, including multiple cameras and custom panels.

• Specialities: Embedded realtime systems, Sensor technologies, Data Acquisition, AI

• Maintains own Cisco Router Lab to study router admin. and WAN links including FDDI, ATM, SONET, DWDM, etc.

• Technical Editor contract to Prentice-Hall for five books on wireless networks Education: BSEE 6/78 Cornell University

New York City & Boro Science Fair Finalist, 3 years New York State Regents Scholarship, National Honor Society (Arista) Memberships: IEEE, since 78; groups: Acoustics, Optics, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Power, Robotics, AI Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

Unigroup of NYC

Natl Council of System Engineers (NCOSE)

Montclair Society of Engineers

Skill Set:

Computer/Web Languages Microprocessor Development Systems / Development Environments C, PL/M, Fortran, assembler, SNOBOL, APL Intel 8051 & MicroChip, Intel 386, & 8089, Intel Series IV, I2ICE, NDS II TI: c30

Operating Systems

DOS/Win, MacOS, Linux, IBM JCL Micro-, mini-, mainframe computer architectures iOS & Android PC, Macintosh, Sun, SGI

DEC/VAX 11/750, Interdata 7/32, HP1000, IBM370

Fluency in these Tools DG: Eclipse, MP-100, -200, S-140 MS Office (Word, Excel, PwrPoint)

AutoCAD2000, Visio, etc

Marconi RTM Teamwork

NM: HP-OpenView, SNMPc, BBN IMS Protocol Analyzers: Network General Sniffer 2.0, ARC, others NPT/layout: Cisco, NetViz Logic & Serial Analyzers: HP, Tektronix, Biomation/Dolch/Kontron some CSI/ITT's Maestro, ITT's CMS&NPT Oscilloscopes & TDRs References: Will be provided on request

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