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Graphic Designer Design

Hampton, VA
October 30, 2018

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Career Ambition

I wish to continue my career in Graphic

Design in a position in which my creative

thinking, visual problem solving skills, and

technical abilities will be challenged and

enhanced through the creative process in

a professional work environment.

Methodology and Approach

I approach the creative process as a

problem solving scenario in which logical

steps are followed to achieve a desired

effect in visually communicating with a

specific audience. In doing so I employ

creative thinking and problem-solving skills

acquired and refined through current and

past design experience and visual

communication skills (technical or

otherwise) learned in traditional

environments as well as self-education.


Melissa (Missy)

Trevallion Hespenhide

Senior Technical Writer and Editor

Faneuil, Inc.


Lisa Fitzpatrick

Marketing Manager

Faneuil, Inc.


Lance Drs

Creative Manager



Frank Tysl

Senior Graphic Designer

ETA hand2mind



My employed experience, in both agency

and corporate in-house settings, has left

me primarily with solid experience and

understanding of print design. The majority

of my freelance experience, as well as

secondary job responsibilities, has

afforded me a fundamental-to-intermediate

knowledge of digital interface design and

web development.

My career and experience, now spanning

20 years, has rewarded me with the ability

to welcome any design challenge and

successfully see it from concept to

execution to production and delivered


Software and



Comprehensive and Seasoned Graphic Designer

I am a mid-career Graphic Design professional with a well-rounded repertoire of print and digital abilities. Naturally inquisitive and artistic and possessing the wisdom of firm career experience, I have fashioned myself into an ideal successful candidate for any position requiring a blend of creativity and technological talent.




Vernon Hills, Il.

Dec 2000 - Apr 2005

Graphic Designer

Primary Responsibilities

Retail technology catalog design

and production

Editorial and collateral design

Brand stewardship

Secondary Responsibilities

Direct Mail/Direct Response

PDF sellsheet design


Technology troubleshooting and administration


Original Adobe Creative Suite beta tester

Member of team incorporating new catalog

production workflows, migrating from

Quark XPress to original InDesign

Developed and implemented new catalog

and editorial design standards

Key member of team working with external

agency re-branding

Graphic Designer

Primary Responsibilities

Direct mail and direct

marketing (customer

relationship management,

and political and non-profit




Company website

design and maintenance

Functional database

design and development


Design and development

of company website

using Flash

Developed company-wide

project workflow system,

inclusive of production

management, project

tracking, and creative

asset processing and

tracking tools

Senior Graphic Designer/


Primary Responsibilities

Pet Supply catalog design

and production

Product and pet model photography

Image editing and processing

Secondary Responsibilities

General advertising

Direct mail

Product packaging

Email blast design

Retail signage

Functional database

design and development


Redesign of catalog

Improvement of photo and

image standards

Streamlined and automated

production and processing


Managed week-long bi-annual

professional photography shoots

Developed functional ROI

monitoring database to analyze

catalog pages for cost-to-print of

product offerings

Graphic Designer

Primary Responsibilities

Business Development

Proposal and presentation materials design

and production

Template artwork

Binding artwork and production

Infographic design

Technology and workflow illustration

Operations Support

Client communication


Recruiting advertising

Corporate Support

Management presentation materials

Event support

Premium production

Show and exhibit displays, materials, and giveaways Website design and maintenance

Brand stewardship


Redesigned original company website

Organized and managed company's contact center

and executive management photography sessions

Improved standards for design and cohesiveness of

proposal materials

Developed processes and standards for bringing

printing and production s in-house, resulting in

significant cost savings and reduction in required production lead-times

Nexus Direct

Virginia Beach, Va.

July 2005 - Nov 2007

Care A Lot Pet Supply

Virginia Beach, Va.

Jan 2008 - Mar 2011

Faneuil, Inc.

Hampton, Va.

Apr 2011 - Present


Career History

Various Freelance

Sept 1996 - Present

Committed Freelance

CDW Apr - Sep 2005 Web Teks Apr 2007 - Jul 2010 SimpleScapes Jun 2007 - Apr 2011 • 757-***-**** • (please contact to request password)

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