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Ontario, CA
October 26, 2018

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Looking for a position as a Sr. RF Design Engineer/ RF System Engineer


MS Electrical Engineering, Pacific States University, 1984


I have extensive experience in hardware circuit and system design and have worked on projects (DC to 28Ghz) from concept to complete product. I have focused on transmitter, receiver, and high efficiency antenna design from 13.56MHz--2.4GHz(RFID)--GPS-WiFi to 5.8GHz ISM band, microwave 15GHZ-23GHZ telecommunications (T1, DS1, DS3,16QAM), and Tx/Rx of 26-28GHZ system design, also including high efficiency wearable antenna for medical device --- suitable for new generation wireless implantable system. Up/Down converter design, EMC/RFI testing, diagnostic / troubleshooting and filtering design with total solutions to match system requirements. My passion is from hardware circuit design to system design and innovation. I had completed a high performance automatic gain control amplifier design, which can provide over 70dB dynamic range by designing 3 consecutive feedback control loops with low cost pin diodes attenuator. Wideband multi-channel down converter design and single channel up converter design. Low phase noise phase locked loop oscillators-- PLL circuit design for the motor control/polygon mirror. I excel in high IP3 low noise linear amplifier and AGC close loop design, also including design: AFC, VCO, DRO, RF magnetic coils, RF modules, active and passive filters, microstrip filters, EMI/RFI filters, antenna design and matching circuits design, switching mode power supply and DC to DC converter design. Strong analytical skills and be capable of working closely with software engineers on RF auto adjustment algorithms for transmit power control and modulation index control. Experience in root analysis of component failures/circuit design issues, also provide confident problem resolution. I can build critical circuits for quick testing to prove the correct concept, PCB layout, and setup the project time schedule, documentations for schematics, parts list, theory of operations, and also design automatic test fixture to help production people to have high yield rate, etc. I have had practical experience on RF hardware design and RF transceiver testing validation / development, I can handle the entire transmitter and receiver project design (HF, VHF, UHF, and Microwave-26GHZ-28GHZ System design), and establish a system level of specification, system block diagram, system parameter calculation analysis, test plans and documentation, transition to manufacturing, as well as system testing/interact with customers to meet their requirements. I am a very responsible person, self-oriented and good team player. Familiar with Software simulator such as Touchstone, AWR (Microwave Office), Eagleware, Computer simulation Technology--CST, Or-cad / P-cad (schematic drawing). I am an excellent Analog/Digital/RF/Microwave/NFC product development engineer, know how, and willing to work with a team to develop and design a revolutionary product. The following experience can show my design ability in a variety of Digital/Analog/RF/Microwave circuits, wireless communication system, 16QAM radio system, RFID 13.56MHZ/ 900MHZ/2.4GHZ system, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth Antennas, Low noise front-end amplifier and Microwave Telecommunications point to point system ( M12 board design, T1, DS1, DS3,16QAM ).

Secura Key Inc. November 2016 – Present

Senior RF Consultant Engineer:

Involved in developing and design the antenna for 13.56MHZ, 915MHZ, and 2.4GHZ RFID Readers and system integration. Designed a unique state-of-the-art low cost high efficiency antenna for high frequency transmitter/receiver RFID system in which United States Patent application has been filed.

Daqri LLC

Principal RF Engineer May 2015 – Oct. 2016

My first project--- validation and design GPS-WiFi-Bluetooth antenna, low noise amplifier/filter, and also provide testing setup---including detail testing procedures. My second project --- Involved in developing and design the holographic video monitor with acousto-optic modulator project. Created the UHF system block diagram and then designed up converter, LPF/BPF, mixer, VCO, splitter, amplifiers, also designed a special phase-locked loop (PLL) for the motor control/polygon mirror/18 channels waveguide lithium niobate/ Galvanometer application to produce the video image. My third project--- involved in developing and design ground and wall penetrating radar (GPR) project. This GPR is a near-zone electromagnetic radar system will be used to detect/locate/ identify and image subsurface objects. By using UWB (Ultra-wide band) technologies, designed a short impulse to create a very wide RF bandwidth and designed a control circuit to select the different PRF (Pulse repetition frequency) to test the image resolution, designed low noise amplifiers/matching circuit and also designed the wideband antenna (From UHF to 5.8GHZ with CST) for both transmitter and receiver.

Secura Key Inc. November 2011 – June 2015

Senior RF Consultant Engineer:

Involved in developing and design the Antenna for 13.56MHZ and 915MHZ RFID Readers (UHF Up Converter / Down Converter module for RFID Transmitter and Receiver ) also including overall system analysis, system design and system integration.

Lucix Corp. May 2010 – November 2011

RF Testing Engineer for Satellite Communication System: Working in a clean-room environment

Involved in 44GHZ down converter to 21GHZ circuit testing, 21GHz combline bandpass filter (prepare testing procedures), microstrip filters design, amplifier splitters (output 7ports), 12 GHZ temperature compensated dielectric resonant oscillator (DRO) design, K band AGC amplifier. Also including modifying the old design to get better performance to pass all military standard temperature testing.

Vivotech Inc. June 2007 – August 2008

Senior RF Design Engineer (RFID Projects):

Involved in developing the 13.56 MHZ Antenna, amplifiers, filters and matching networks design for RFID Readers Projects and System Integration. I completed many different kinds of 13.56MHZ high efficiency Antenna design (including flexible membrane antenna and PCB inlayer antenna) with transceiver integrated circuit and low cost discrete amplifier module that all passed the FCC and CE tests. Set up complex RF measurement equipment for test purposes. Solved lots of ISO–FIME issues and EMI/EMC related issues.

Secura Key Inc. August 2002 – March 2005

Senior RF Design Engineer (RFID Projects):

Involved in developing the 13.56MHZ and 915MHZ RFID Readers (Transmitter and Receiver) and overall system Integration. I completed many different kinds of high efficiency Antenna design with transceiver integrated circuit that all passed the FCC and CE tests. I also completed a high power Reader design with State-of-the-art discrete components which includes both high power transmitter and high sensitivity receiver (design low cost low noise figure front end amplifier and active filters use the innovative programmable analog integrated circuit). Also including high volume production failure analysis, I recommended changes magnetic coil circuitry and test procedures to improve reliability and cost reduction. Also solved lots of EMI/EMC related issues.

Research Development Lab March 2000 – July 2002

Senior RF/ Microwave Design Engineer:

Involved in developing the 26 and 28 GHZ Transmitter and Receiver for OC3, 10 /100 Base-T and OC12 wireless wideband data system. Designed the compact size low-cost DRO(13.4GHz), Subharmonic pumped Mixer, Low Noise Amplifier (wire bonding) Transmitter power amplifier with AGC (PIN diode attenuator). Finline to Microstrip MMIC chip Transition and the Microstrip Low pass filter, Delay line FM Discriminator, Baseband Amp. Also including the overall system performance analysis, system design and system integration, and point to point transceiver of the video/audio multi-function system field testing. Also designed transimpedance amplifiers for photonics application.


Project Engineer:

Involved in developing the industrial digital timer, digital counter, and the temperature controller with RF module (VHF narrow bandwidth FM type transmitter and receiver) for data communication. Switching mode power supplies and DC to DC converters. Also including design the automatic test fixtures with many kinds of Analog and Digital circuits.

MICROWAVE NETWORKS (Point to Point Telecommunications) 1990-1994

Senior RF/Analog / Digital Design Engineer:

Involved in developing the 16QAM project, Digital Microwave Radio Telecommunications and the System Integration (2 GHZ and 10 GHZ with DS1/DS3). I also completed 3 mainly significant design projects: The wideband linear I.F. strip amplifier provide 70 DB dynamic range with automatic gain control (AGC). The intelligent automatic frequency control (AFC) for 18GHz and 23GHzDigital Transmitter/Receiver at working temperature from -40 C to +80 C. The M12 Interface board (T1) with the state-of-the-art Digital Xilinx Technology and the automatic testing fixture for the Norton Telecommunication Project.

TELXON CORPORATION (Land Mobile Radio) 1988-1989

Senior RF Test Engineer:

Involved in developing the RF module (400 MHZ TO 470 MHZ narrow bandwidth FM type transmitter and receiver) test setup, modify design for increase the receiver sensitivity, and analyzing and solving the test problems related with the data communication system. Improvements made to tune 80 radios with about 98% confidence during an 8 hour day compared to 25 radios with 50% confidence using prior set up Translated to 6 work days’ savings per 100 radios while increasing reliability.


Senior RF Design Engineer:

Involved in the spectrum analyzer project, including RF circuit design, phase locked loop oscillator, VCO, all kinds of filters with lumped and distributed elements, and logarithmic amplifier. Completed a 90 DB dynamic range logarithmic amplifier and an automatic gain control (AGC) phase locked loop (PLL) reference generator at working temperature from -40 C to +80 C.


Senior Analog/ RF Design Engineer:

Involved in developing state-of-the-art electronic analog, digital and linear circuit designs including hardware and software system integration. Circuits design included the RF phase locked loop oscillator, front-end amplifier, RF passive filter (L.P.F., H.P.F., B.P.F.), replace the high cost saw filters, I.F. amplifiers, low frequency active filter, PCB layout, and baseband demodulator. Completed two significant design projects: TV stereo Aural Modulation Monitor (from Channel 2 to Channel 81) and Super Narrow Band STL FM type receiver, including all the RF/IF/Audio circuits and the automatic switching circuitry.

GENERAL INSTRUMENT COMPANY (Wide band CATV Converter) 1975-1982

Electronic Design Engineer (cost effective designs for high volume production):

Involved in Cable TV converters development, including analog and digital circuit design, PCB layout, Passive filters, RF amplifier, voltage control oscillator, and double balanced mixer. Band separate amplifier and MATV circuit design. Most of them belonged to VHF and or UHF products, and RF modules, also including digital control circuit design for the automatic testing fixtures to help production people to get high yield rate. I completed 2 mainly significant design projects: Single Channel Down Converter from UHF Band to VHF band and the wide band cable TV- 52 Channels RF converter from UHF (571.25 MNZ to 913.75 MHZ) to VHF channels. Also design testing fixtures to help production line to have 1 million volumes per year.

REFERENCES: Upon Request

U.S. Citizen, Married, Excellent Health

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