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Engineer Systems

Costa Mesa, CA
October 21, 2018

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Jim Lopez

Costa Mesa, CA ***** 949-***-****

Tenacious DevOps Software Configuration Management /

Quality Assurance Engineer

Extensive hands-on experience in multi-platforms, multi-sites, multi-applications, and 24/7 accessibility test and build systems used by various development / QA / release departments. Expert at driving various projects to completion with thorough planning, 100% follow through on commitments and satisfying stakeholders' concerns.

Skilled at all phases of product life-cycle development from gathering initial requirements, analyzing and planning through development and implementation.

Thorough knowledge of various Unix scripting languages, including Shell, C-Shell, Bash and Perl.

Experience in setting up and managing various build systems. This includes Unix (AIX, HP/UX, Solaris), Linux and Windows O/S’s.

Dev/Ops experience in managing the infrastructure and space requirements for various build systems.

Experience in setting up continuous build/continuous integration systems, as well as one-off builds.

Over 30 years’ experience in doing builds/releases.

Technical Skills


AIX, HP/UX, HP/UXi, Linux, Solaris, Windows 2000, Windows 2008 Enterprise, Windows 7


Java 7, Java 8, C, C++, Fortran, Shell, C-Shell, BASH, Perl


Oracle 9/8/7, IBM DB2


Agile Software Development


Rational Team Concert (RTC), BuildForge, Jenkins, PVCS, ClearCase, SCARS

Professional Experience

IBM, Costa Mesa, CA 2006 – 2016

Staff Engineer

Worked with various departments to develop build and test enterprise solutions for various products involving RTC, BuildForge and Jenkins.

Created continuous integration build systems, ensuring builds would occur whenever change was delivered at scheduled time or on demand and uploaded successful build to appropriate system for testing.

Developed innovative continuous test systems, guaranteeing automatic series of tests would occur while being uploaded to mass storage device that entire company could access.

Identified development choke-points in build and test systems, enabling systems to run 20% faster and with 40% less build failures.

Migrated source code from difficult to use proprietary version control system to RTC, allowing entire company easier access to code, such as enabling a GUI interface that could be used on either a Unix/Linux or Windows system.

Migrated builds to BuildForge and Jenkins, allowing entire company to do on-demand builds from wherever they were located. Also providing easier access to build logs for debugging purposes by allowing developers to have a central location of all of the logs.

Took on additional role as import / export liaison between ECM group and IBM import / export office in Washington, DC, to save personnel costs and without any sacrifice in work quality.

Jim Lopez Page Two

FILENET CORP, Costa Mesa, CA 1996 – 2006

Principal Engineer

Collaborated with various departments to develop build and version control solutions for various products involving PVCS and RCS.

Developed Unix-based version control and build system based on RCS using executable-based interface, reducing build times to less than 1 hour.

Created bug-tracking systems based on Oracle 8.0.5, allowing easy access to bug reports for both internal and external customers.

Managed day-to-day maintenance of PVCS-based version control system based on NT 5.0, allowing internal customers access to source code from various remote sites.

Identified development choke-points in various Unix / Windows build systems, enabling systems to be faster and have less build failures.

Planned, developed and implemented successful Y2K conversion process for RCS-version control / build system and bug-tracking system, that resulted in no outages of services when January 1st, 2000 occurred.

Additional Experience

ISICAD, INC., Anaheim, CA

Software Control Engineer

CALCOMP, INC., Anaheim, CA

Software Control Engineer

Education and Awards

Attended Fullerton College

Attended California State University at Fullerton

Awarded CalComp President's Award

Awarded FILENET Engineering Department Achievement Award

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