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Assistant Medical

Atlanta, GA
October 13, 2018

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Motivated and hardworking professional with a strong knowledge of data science and machine learning concepts seeking for a full- time/ part-time position to utilize my knowledge and skills to serve the organization and evolve continuously through learning. TECHNICAL SKILLS

Programming Languages Java, C++, C, HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap, PHP, Python, R, MATLAB, DevsJava Big Data Frameworks Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark, PIG Databases MySQL, Oracle, HBASE

Software/Frameworks Microsoft Visual Studio, Cloudera QuickStart VM, RStudio, Anaconda, VirtualBox, Eclipse 4.5, NetBeans 8.0, XAMPP, WAMP, TensorFlow, Google Cloud, AWS, AnyLogic Operating Systems Microsoft Windows, Linux


Master of Science, Computer Science, Georgia State University (GPA:3.9/4.0) August ‘17- Present Related Coursework: Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Predictive Data Analytics, Advance Software Engineering, Database Design and Management, Computational Intelligence Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science, Vellore Institute of Technology, India July’13 - July ‘17 WORK EXPERIENCE

TQ – Intelligence, Atlanta, GA Machine Learning Intern May ‘18 – August ‘18

• Developed a Deep Learning model for Patient’s Speech Emotion Recognition using TensorFlow, RNN/LSTMs and backpropagation. The model resulted in an accuracy of 68% after tuning the parameters

• Created the mobile application on Android OS that helped in collecting patient’s information and voice samples with a SQL database and Google Cloud’s SQL interface

Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA Teaching Assistant December ‘17 – Present

• Teaching Assistant for the course Principles of Computer Science, which also involved conducting weekly lectures for undergraduate students

• Teaching Assistant for the course Advanced Graphics Algorithms, which also involved guiding graduate and Ph.D. students with their projects and practical assignments and currently assigned as Machine Learning teaching assistant Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA Research Assistant December ‘17 – Present

• Designed a website using HTML5, PHP, MySQL, CSS, AJAX and Python, which performs pairwise comparisons on any set of items such as images, word documents, PDFs and rank them accordingly using Collaborating Ranking technique

• This technique helped removed potential user bias and proved better than existing selection algorithms used by companies such as IMDB and Netflix

Aptron Solutions, India Big Data Intern May ‘16 – August ‘16

• Analyzed Twitter data using Hadoop, Hive and MapReduce to identify positive, negative and neutral tweets on a real time basis using particular keywords

• Visualized the results using BI such tools such as Power View, Power Query and Power Map and analyzed the sentiment of users across the world

Zensar Technologies, India Web Programming Intern May ‘15 – August ’15

• Helped in designing the database for business applications used by Assurant Health, one of the leading health insurance products provider, using tools like MySQL and PHP

• Designed frontend for product detailing for both web and mobile applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS ACADEMIC PROJECTS

Rank Wisely Pairwise comparisons over Grading Mentor: Dr. Daniel Pimentel (Present)

• Developing an algorithm to perform pairwise comparisons on any dataset of items including images, word documents, PDFs, etc. and conclude the best N- items where N is the number of items we need to select

• Collaboratively ranking and currently being studied, different Metric Learning Algorithms would help in training the ranked data and recommend best from the item-set provided

Sound of Deep Learning Generative Model January ’18 – April ‘18

• Developed a model using RNN/LSTMs methodology which creates unique music from the public PC game dataset (“Final Fantasy”). The model helps provide tailored music choices to music composers and directors by learning a dataset of their taste

• The model was trained on 200 songs and the framework was built using Python, Keras with TensorFlow and Anaconda Bank Queue Management System Advanced Software Engineering January ’18 – April ’18

• Designed a real time simulation using “AnyLogic” system designing tool, MoScoW prioritization technique and DEVSJAVA to tackle the queueing problem in a busy bank branch

• The simulation helped reduce the average customer wait time by 10 minutes, and also provided additional descriptive statistics related to customer behavior which can be employed to optimize the bank's queuing system and improve services Booze Test Machine Learning/Data Mining August ‘17-December ‘17

• Built a Random forest model to understand the relation of various behavioral factors to the average grades of undergraduate students at Georgia State University

• The model, which included 500 decision trees, indicated that student’s study time, their educated mothers and aspiration for higher education had a greater effect on their grades, as opposed to consuming alcohol RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS

Automated Medical Counter (AMC) Research paper published April ‘17

• The idea was to bring medical facilities to neglected rural areas by installing mini units of AMC comprising of hardware including PIC Microcontroller, GSM, 4 Sensors and software including Embedded- C coded on PIC controller. The units performed body checkups in few seconds and also created a real time report via GSM which can be sent to the nearest medical facility that can instantly provide basic medicines pre-stocked in AMC’s dispensary, and updating records simultaneously on cloud server using IoT

“Rohit, Archisha Tomar, 'Automated Medical Counter (AMC)', Vol 5, Issue VI, International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET) ISSN: 2321-9653”

Cryptography – Using Guitar Chords and Drum Beats Research paper published December ‘16

• Encrypted English alphabets to musical melodies, symbols and spaces to drum beats using based Windows application. The key can change each time up to 40! ways which makes this algorithm very strong to decrypt

“Rohit, 2016, 'Cryptography using Guitar notes and Drumbeats', IJIRD Vol-5 No.6”

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