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Crane Operator Maintenance

Theodore, AL
October 09, 2018

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James Lemul Bailey Jr.

**** ********* **

Theodore, AL 36582

cell ph.(25l) 509-4191

APR17-Present, Knights Marine/NTS/HKA – BAE Shipyards Mobile/Jax Fla/ Detins Shipyard Charleston SC, Huntington Ingalls Newport News VA (working at the present since 21March19) – Rigging for various Cranes throughout the yard. Use nylon straps, endless slings, chains, wire rope slings to rig numerous types of equipment, motors, pumps, valves, electronic cabinets, safes on ships to foundations or remove and rig out and off ships as necessary.

AUG08-APR13/Octl3-l9OCT16 Atlantic Marine A1abama(AMA)/BAE Systems Southeast Shipyard:

Work as a Crane Operator/Rigger, operated various 20ton overhead cranes (single/dual hooks), Rig for various types of cranes throughout the yard using nylon /’ Kevlar straps or slings, chains & wire slings, various size & types of spreader beams, plate or screw dogs, eye bolts, to rig numerous types of equipment, motors, pumps, valves, supplies on/off ships as required. Also operated l5ton Electromagnet to move steel plates onto plasma cutting tables. Operated several types of forklifts,

Maintain Daily, Weekly, an Monthly Lift and Inspection Logs

APR06-AUG06: worked at Tampa Bay Ship & Repair Yard as a Crane operator and Rigger.

Operated 85T, 4ST, 40T gantry cranes, 250T, 240T, and 230T overhead cranes and 90T & 60T grove r/t crane. Operate 250T transporter. Front-end loader, back-hoe, various Forklifts up to 20k. As a Rigger,

rigged equipment, parts, material, etc. on and off as needed. Kept daily Logs of Lifts, maintenance, an

time on jobs or equipment

OCT02-JUN05: Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC), Mayport FL.

Leading Petty Officer (LPO), Senior Lead Rigger- Supervised 28 personnel in Rig Shop. Coordinate

and scheduled rigging & cranes jobs, assigned personnel to complete crane operations, rigging

operations, weight test, and set up scaffolding on over 24 stationed a visiting ship in Mayport Naval


As Quality Assurance Inspector, trained personnel to qualify as QAI and ensure no rework or damage to rigging gear or ship's equipment.

Manage WHE tool inventory, and schedule all weight test as required by P-307. Over $350,000 in WHE gear in stock (various chain & ratchet hoist, K’-Links, round poly slings, 2-ply nylon straps at

various lengths, S-2 type beam clamps, shackles and wire rope slings.) Saved Command over $10,000

alone in 04 by using all available resources. Trained personnel in completing Navy Afloat Maintenance Training Strategy (NAMTS) to qualified Battle Force Intermediate Maintenance Activity (BFIMA) Rigger/Weight Tester NEC 0120. (Over 15 personnel have qualified for NEC 0120.)

JAN94-DEC96: Naval Submarine Support Facility, Groton CT.

Leading Petty Officer (LPO), Senior Rigger, RADCON Rigger» Supervised 38 personnel in Rig

Shop. Trained personnel on proper rigging techniques, swage press operations (on an ESCO 150 swage press ~ l./4" ~- 2.5-inch wire rope) Three strand, double braided line splicing (mooring lines), foundry

work for poured sockets (zinc), Completing Controlled work packages (CWP) for torpedo handling

gear, ammo handling slings. (Over 80% of submarine equipment is controlled work packages.)

Instructed personnel on how to properly maintain Quality Control and ensure no rework. Assist

RADCON in training Lead Riggers in completing Rad-con Rigger qualifications.

JUL84-JUl\l05: United States Navy- Boatswain Mate First Class (E-6)

Throughout Naval career, I have work on or with numerous types of rigging gear (Standing or

Running), Kept logs and records of anchoring, maintenance and upkeep during in port or shipyard

repairs. Supervised the on load an offload of Marine vehicles & equip. during ll deployments on 4

different Amphibious Ships. Supervised as many as I58 personnel in a Department or Division.

Planned Daily, Weekly, an Monthly work & maintenance schedules. Wrote training programs, lectures,

an SUP's as needed. Trained personnel to write their evals, but made final evaluations inputs (mid term

and annual), controlled over 1-million-dollar Supply OPTAR, Managed Ships HAZMAT & Safety

Programs. Completed General Crane safety course, two Naval NEC's and numerous Naval Leadership

and educational courses. Last security clearance held was Top Secret.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Madison County High School 1984. Completed over 81-semester hours

of college credits through naval courses, shipboard college classes, and correspondence classes.

Enrolled in online courses to complete BA degree.


Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Word and Excel programs. Type 45 wpm. Willing to travel

and Relocate.

Enjoy movies, fishing, boating, bowling, hunting and working with Community Service


Qualified Assault Boat Coxswain (ABC) operated & navigated LCU, M-8, M-6,15M, LCPL, LCV P,

and Admirals boats for amphibious operations, NEC 0164, and BFIMA NEC 0120.

Operate 6OT, 40T, 2OT B&A cranes, l5T traveling bridge crane, and 90T & 60T Grove R/T cranes, l5T & IOT Loran Crane and all types of Forklifts used the Navy on Ships a Shore.

Qualified Quality Assurance Supervisor & Quality Assurance Inspector.

CPR Instructor qualified through American Heart Association.

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