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MS Access/VBA Development, Strong Analytical Skills, SQL DB

Jacksonville, FL
$60/hr ; $100K
October 08, 2018

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Joseph Giallombardo

**** ******** **** ***** ***** FL 33771 – 847-***-****


Expertise in providing MS ACCESS (relational) database development with expertise for full-life cycle application development including data access and management, dynamic querying, reporting and maintenance functions and provide SQL Server skills to manage and analyze data and creating datasets, i.e., SDF text, CSV, Spreadsheet, extracts, and linked MS ACCESS tables.

Read and write complex queries – MS Access expert level

Create database objects (tables, views, stored procedures, user-defined functions)

Strong Skills with using VBA Objects: text box, list and combo boxes, Active X components, radio buttons and check box for User Front End’s, taking selections and converting choices to create dynamic queries that adjust based on user selection to create data subsets for exporting to Spreadsheets or for Reporting

Several decades of spreadsheet experience – MS Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, VisiCalc

VBA Coding including Variable declaration, arrays, use memvars in SQL Code for dynamic use of user parameters in queries.

Use of Append and Make Table Queries from SQL Code.

Modify existing reporting content

Understand complex business processes

General and technical specification development

SAP Crystal Reports 2013 Developer (Oracle-based Database)

MS Access Reporting Object

Some Tableau Experience: Graphs, Reports, Dashboards.

Work efficiently and verify the results

Strong writing and communication skills

Experienced seminar leader & trainer of application users

Oracle Database Development: Extensive use of the TOAD environment for Oracle Database management:

oSQL: Create Table, Create Sequence, Merge, Insert, Update, Drop, Grant, Truncate

oSQL * Loader for fast import of large data sets to Oracle Table

oOracle Support Community:


Google Investigation for quick issue solution


MS-ACCESS development, SAP (Crystal Reports – extensive, 2013, Oracle: SQL; TOAD for Oracle; (WinSQL, 2012 Management Studio), VBA (Visual Basic, Visual Studio), ODBC (connection), MS Excel (CSV, pivot tables, filtering and analysis), Excel (Think-Cell Add-On), MS-Word, PowerPoint, Tableau

Professional Experience:

Johnson Controls, Largo FL Apr 2018 – to Present

Microsoft Access 2013 Developer


oAutomate manual report processes for

oDaily Productivity Status

oProvide Business and Functional Specifications when required

oDevelop a Data Migration map to automate Manual Entry Orders

SQL Server to MS-Access

oAdditional projects (Priority list of 12)

oAutomate Extensive Order Data Re-Entries to an import process

oDevelop Data Sets from production data for real-time Dashboard Graphical Reporting in Tableau.

oMaintain Development and Production versions using version control for check-in/check-out of coded modules.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, Deerfield IL - placed by RandstadUSA Feb 2017 – Mar 2018

Microsoft Access 2010 / SQL Developer


oConvert new data to existing Government Compliance Reporting Application with extensive VBA/SQL Query development and modification.

oAnalyze existing Government Compliance Reporting application (extensive VBA Queries) to migrate the application to align with modified data sources.

oDevelop specifications and programming for data validation during the data migration process.

oProvide methods ways to improve processing speed.

oContract Extended: After the above success, I was charged to convert all tables to Oracle, re-do all 200+ queries to Oracle SQL (backend), and redesign the MS Access Interface (frontend)

oCreated New Oracle tables to hold yearly data and a system of working tables to process data for annual governmental reporting.

oMaintain Development and Production versions using version control check-in/checkout of modules.

oA secondary task was to automate Analytical queries that reviewed that data creating review logs and history/action loads for the analysts to deal with data issues.

oExtensive Excel Spreadsheet conversion to xls, xlsx, cvs for data import to Access and Oracle

oUse of Spreadsheet/Database Filtering, Recorded Macros/Development Tools (command buttons), Pivot Tables, and Graphics.


oSolved “System Resource Errors” in by implementing code fixes which allow ACCESS to operate more efficiently in a server environment.

o Developed an application to provide a detailed field-by-field comparison data check between previous and new data sources to identify data conversion issues and code issues.

oWorked with Multiple Tables, creating complex queries, joining DataSets (90,000 records) joined to large DCH tables of 4.5 million records to produce updated a work table with information for compliance processing. This process reduced processing time from 8 hours to 8 seconds by executing the query in Oracle. (Server Side execution initiated from MS Access

oAs a result of this success, I created Oracle “back-end” tables for all 68 tables in the system and developed and edited “Pass-Through” queries (which execute on the server) to vastly improve processing speed of elaborate queries.

oModified data load queries to capture new structured data download.

oIntegrated new tables

Programmatically modified field names to work with SQL Queries

oRedesigned application for all data to reside on “Oracle” Back-end with MS Access control of table updates and data transfers.

oConverted macros to VBA code. Created Form Menus (with command buttons) for convenient user-processing and professional look of the application.

Presence Health, Chicago IL Feb 2016 – Aug 2016

Microsoft Access 2010 Developer

Responsibilities – gather specifications from top management for the development of internal MS Access projects interfacing with PeopleSoft HCM (Query Manager) to extract downloads to be used in MS-Access for additional query and reporting including Screen Preview, PDF and Excel spreadsheet formats. Applications developed to-date include: Skills Review, Talent Acquisition, Case Consolidation, Hierarch Reporting

Development includes general and technical specification development, use of Access Objects (List, combo, text boxes, radio, check boxes, command buttons, hyperlinks, event programming, Internal help screens, external document access, automatic user application update, operational manual development, user training, and system support.

Proficient MS-Access Visual Basic, SQL, File Open/Launch, multi-user data accessibility.

Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL Jan 2016

Microsoft Access 2010 Developer

Responsibilities - to update an existing database: Adding new fields; creating a more user-friendly environment for data entry using drop-down boxes and screen formatting; providing record navigation, add, and delete buttons; creating a search/find browse screen with zoom-in/Edit functionality; providing an automated email function for distributing reports; and developing standardized and dynamics reports with variable user input of report parameters.

The improvement of the database was clearly evident and delighted the customer by providing ease-of-use, much needed functionality, and savings of time.

Nosco Inc., Waukegan, IL June 2015 - Dec 2015

SAP Crystal Reports 2013 Developer

Responsibilities: to interface with management and operational users in gathering specifications for report enhancements and new development using SAP Crystal Reports 2013. I used extensive ad-hoc SQL queries for table-linking optimization along with the full capabilities and features of SAP Crystal Reports 2013 for the enhancement and development of 54 reports. Each report had been pre-determined prior to development for significant time and cost savings to the Nosco, Inc. Work accomplished over LAN/WAN network(s).

Worked extensively with these SAP Crystal Reports 2013 elements:

Database Tool, (Connections, Commands, DB Set Locations)

SQL Commands (extensive ad-hoc SQL Queries to optimize table linking)

Sorting (Field and formula-based)

Filtering (Field and formula-based)

Grouping (Field and formula-based)

Sub-Reporting (Linking, passing of memory variable and user-entered parameters)

Section Expert (Formula-based suppression, conditional color formatting)

Maintain version control for modification of existing reports.

Shared and Local Memory Variables (used extensively in sub-reporting)

Formulas (Extensive use of formulas and functions)

Running Totals (Sum, Count, Average, formula-based record selection and resets)

User-entered parameters (Static, dynamic, programmed conditional flagging)

Aurora Health Care Center, Elm Grove WI May 2015 - June 2015

MS-Access Database Development

Responsibilities: Conversion of Single-User Application to Multi-User, including Data Migration of current and legacy data, and statistical report development.


Converted Single-User System to Multi-User System with centralized data collection.

Migrated current and legacy data to the new application:

Re-numbered all foreign keys in a new customer lookup table to previous data records.

Integrated 300 current data records and 25000 legacy data records in the new system

Improved and automated Data field lookups.

Added Filters to improved recording searching for editing and updates.

Developed 7 new statistical reports.

City Colleges of Chicago, Chicago, IL Nov 2002 - May 2015

Database Developer & Programmer

Recent Projects

Data Warehouse – SQL Server Management Studio 2012

T-SQL query development extract Excel data sheets for analysis and reporting

MS-ACCESS Application Development – including SQL Database ODBC connection for data extracts for analysis and reporting

SSRS/Visual Studio

SSRS Report Development w/SQLServerDB (Data Warehouse) data source.

oStudent Profile Demographic Report

oStudent Full-Time/Part Report

oStudent Class Statistical Report

oData Dictionary Report

Open Book Data Definitions Management Application (MS-ACCESS)

Capturing of data definitions of measures and dimensions from the Open Book SQL database using ODBC connection.

Collaboration with Executive Director and Sr. Research Analyst(s) – Capturing of data, CRUD operations, & producing statistical reports using Microsoft Access & Excel


Experience as a user and developed some “wiki” page specs for project communication.

MS-Access Application Development

Responsibilities included Relational Database Design in MS-ACCESS version 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013; utilizing Visual Basic for Access (VBA) and SQL Query Developing for the capture of PeopleSoft Data, creating client/server environment with Centralized Data Tables for Multi-User Access and provide standardize reports and data subsets for institutional reporting and Government Statistical reporting requirements.

In all projects, there was a high degree of team collaboration in design specifications and validation.

Accomplishments include:

Created 27 separate MS-Applications of a period of years to provide Student Profiles of Enrollment, Remedial, Skill Based, and Adult Education courses, Classroom Utilization, Class Size, and Student Program Reporting by College, Ethnicity, and Gender and Full/Part Time Status by Term and Fiscal year to aid research Analysts and Administrative Leaders to meet State and Federal Reporting Institutional Guidelines and requirements achieving and maintaining Academic Accreditation

Tableau – Used data sets to create Tableau Reports and Dashboards

Received Bell Curve Award for Statistical Report of: Student Success Outcomes

Richard Day Research, Evanston, IL Feb 2007- June 2008

Database Developer & Programmer

Responsibilities included Relational Database Design in MS-Access 2003 to capture Survey data for hundreds of Financial, Insurance, Health Care Institutions for Customer use, satisfaction & other areas of survey responses.

Accomplishments include:

12 separate MS-Access applications resulted in major saving in report processing time (From 20 minutes per report to 5 seconds)

data capture with 300% efficiency improvement

user input of parameters and selections – 100% efficiency improvement

Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park/North Chicago, Illinois Oct 1990 – Oct 2000

Database Developer & Programmer

Responsibilities include full-life cycle application development including general and technical specification for internal Division/Dept. Clients at the North Chicago Office Complex (All Divisions, 12,000 workers) with focus on Database Application development in MS-Access (VBA and SQL Query Development) and Spreadsheets Macro programming, utilizing Crystal Reports.

Accomplishments include:

increases in efficiency by 200% or more through Spreadsheet Macro programming in sales AWARD tracking.

300% efficiency increase Abbott Diagnostic Division, Lease Contract Form Generation

Government EPA Hazardous Waste Disposal increased efficiency in reporting with forms automation incorporating complex chemical calculations of waste weights and quantities.

Receive Abbott Delta Award for major contribution to office efficiency in Sales Force Car Lease Program

Increased the efficiency of Truck Fleet Management (shipping) with the conversion of a manual(paper) tracking system to a fully automated application

Provided Spreadsheet Macro programming (Accounting Dept.) for aggregated relational (cube) data capture for Fiscal Year reporting.

Corporate training for users


Master Music Composition/Theory, Northwestern University, 1973

Bachelor Music Education, Boston University, 1972

High School Diploma, New Trier West High School

Awards Received:

Delta Award – Abbott Labs, time-saving application, Salesman Company Car Tracking

Researcher Award – City Colleges of Chicago – Student Success Outcomes

Extracurricular Awards:

Barbershop Harmony Society – International Competitive Championships for Quartet and Chorus

Barbershop Harmony Society – Public Relations Awards

Association of International Champions – President’s Award

Barbershop Harmony Society - Judging Achievement - 20 years

Barbershop Harmony Society – Illinois District Music Man Award

Barbershop Harmony Society – Illinois District Man of the Year

Barbershop Harmony Society – Hall of Fame- Class of 2012

Barbershop Harmony Society – Lifetime Achievement Award - 2014

Professional Memberships:

Songwriter member of A.S.C.A.P. Inc.




T. J. Krecji Production Manager

Placed by: Joe Deien, Recruiting Specialist, Randstad USA T 618-***-****


Peter Allegretti, Mgr. State and Federal Disclosure, Data Analytics 224-***-****

Placed by: Cyndi Ryckman, Ops. Specialist, Randstad USA T 847-***-****


Deb Wein, Systems Manager HRIS–, 773-***-****

Karin Patel, Employee Relations 773-***-****

Sara Piekielny, Systems Mgr. Employee & Labor Relations Delivery Center 773-***-****

Placed by: Patrick Donovan, Oxford Corp. 414-***-****

Kimberly Grootegoed, HR, Oxford Corp., 216-***-****,

Oxford International, 23250 Chagrin Blvd Suite 375, Beachwood, OH 44122

Corporate Direct Line: 216-***-****


Don Strahanoski, AMP Vice President MPF® Policy Senior Manager

Email: 312-***-****

Placed by: Kristopher Sese, VisionPRO 312-***-****

William Bleil, VisionPRO 312-***-****

LaToya Pilgrim, HR VisionPRO, 313-***-****


Sue Fowler, IS Manager

Email: 847-***-****

Andrew Rash, Supply Chain Analyst

Email: 847-***-****

Placed by: Enrique Calderon, formerly of PC Connection,


Kelly Pauley, HR PC Connection, 630-***-****


Shelley A. Mechenich, Manager of Financial Planning

Email: 262-***-****

Keith Fintelmann, Pharmacy Systems Analyst, Aurora Pharmacy Inc./Aurora Health Care

Email: 262-***-****

Chrystal Gliniecki. Report Specialist, Aurora Pharmacy Inc./Aurora Health Care

Email: 262-***-****

Placed by: Kelsey Faber Experis IT 414-***-****

Amy Calhoun, HR Experis IT 414-***-****


Antonio Gutierrez, Ph.D. (retired Vice-Chancellor of Research & Evaluation, City Colleges of Chicago)

President, HESACS Global 312-***-****

Richard (Brendan) Aldrich, Executive Director - Data Warehousing

City Colleges of Chicago District Office - 743

Email: 312-***-****

Christian Collins, Associate District Director - Research & Evaluation

City Colleges of Chicago District Office - 620

Email: Phone: 312-***-****

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