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Data scientist

West Henrietta, NY
October 04, 2018

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Crittenden Way, Rochester, New York, 14623

Ph: 585-***-****




Languages: R, Python (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas,

Scikit Learn), SQL, C++, PL-SQL, MongoDB,

XML, Hadoop, Java

Visualizations: ggplot2, MatplotLib, Seaborn,

Statistics and Machine Learning: Linear

Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree,

Random Forest, SVM, Boosting, Time Series

Analysis, Neural Networks, Tensor Flow

Analytical Tools: Weka, Tableau, Pentaho,

SAS, Sisense

Other: Linux, AWS, RedShift, Django, ETL


Master of Science, Software Engineering

(Focus: Data Science and Analytics)

Rochester Institute of Tech, Rochester

GPA: 4

Expected Graduation: December’18

Courses: Database design and Implementation, R

and Big Data Analytics, Data Warehousing,

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science

Jaypee Institute of IT, India

GPA: 3.8

Graduation: June’16


• Actively writing blogs on “medium” using

predictive analysis and visualization


• Attended the Grace Hopper Conference –


• Received a scholarship grant of $800 from NSF

in 2016


Graduate Research Assistant - Rochester Institute of Technology Jan’18 – Present

• Implementing IBM Watson to build a method recommendation system using Python, Web crawler (BeautifulSoup) and Neo4j Data Scientist Intern – Cause + Effect – Rochester, NY May’18 – Aug’18

• Developed SQL queries and Python scripts to automate ETL of data

• Designed data model using snowflake schema and BI dashboards using Sisense to monitor trends, track KPIs and present critical insights to stakeholders

• Implemented CRM from start to end for a customer using Zoho

• Used “Mention” REST API to fetch data from social media

• Designed predictive models using logistic regression in R to foresee attrition of customers, donors helping to create profitable strategies Data Scientist Intern – Research Assistant - RIT, Rochester, NY May’17 – April’18

• Built an application for a Tier 1 company using decision trees from “Churn Analysis” to provide information to the customers

• Wrote Python (pandas and scikit) and R (caret, rplot) code and generated reports using Tableau

• Detected patterns in a company’s data set of order logs using machine learning algorithms (Naïve Bayes, Decision Trees, Neural Networks) to find steps in process that can be improvised

• Worked with AWS ec2 instance and AWS Machine learning modules Linux Application Developer Intern - edgespace, Rochester, NY Sep’17-Dec’17

• Used machine learning algorithms to translate non-English text to English by creating a 3600 view in TensorFlow

Software Engineer Intern - 21st Century Inc, Owings Mill, Maryland Jun’17 – Aug’17

• Used Convolutional Neural Networks to do Multi feed Detection of parcels for USPS in TensorFlow (Python and C++)

Graduate Research Assistant – Rochester Institute of Technology Aug’16 – May’17

• Implemented Multi Objective Test case generation and analyzed the motivation behind refactoring (Java)


Data Warehouse Project (Python, SAS, Pentaho, MySQL, Tableau) Dec’17 – Present

• Implemented an end-to-end ETL process for reading data from a file using SAS, Pentaho and MySQL

Ted Talk Search Engine (Java, MongoDB, NodeJS)

Oct’17 - Nov’17

• Ted Talk dataset from Kaggle was used to get information

• NodeJS was used to route the data from twitter to store it in MongoDB Asthma Prediction System (Python)

Jan’16 – April’16

• Did sentiment analysis to find periods of year where asthma is more prevalent and used Machine learning techniques for segregation of data as relevant and irrelevant

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