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Scarsdale, New York, 10583, United States
January 22, 2019

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** ******* ****

Attn: Human Resources Director –

Re: S.V.P. – “Construction” Architect & Project Management Executive, Design/Field Quality, Building Code

& ADA Compliance Officer & Field Inspector, Litigation Prep & Support Consultant/Coordinator

I have been asked by a great many of my friends & professional colleagues, who know me & my qualifications well, to apply for the above referenced position(s); Therefore, I am enclosing my resume for your consideration & review, assured that I will meet the educational, professional & all of the experience requirements for any of the above referenced positions. Note: The interested parties assured me that you “would be very interested & receptive to my resume”, that my combined/extensive experiences & background with personal contacts throughout the professional community in the greater New York area & across the US would be of “great value & an important asset” to the senior management in your Organization, its affiliates & your clients.

As you can see my career development has exposed me to a comprehensive, broad & varied, high-level experience (in the Public/Private & Military sectors), in all phases of sound office/field/professional practice. I have placed a very special emphasis on the sensitive & complex relationships & very important coordination needs of my clients, their contractors & consultants - this requires very good interpersonal relationship skills - which I may easily & effectively apply in any existing or future positions & additional corporate needs.

I have learned, as a US Navy CEC Officer, how to be a team building manager responsible for my staff’s wellbeing & to everyone above me in the corporate structure & to give/take orders, but most importantly I have developed a most invaluable skill/ability, to adapt & assimilate relevant information quickly, assess the required needs of the tasking’s & improvise a short/long term plan/solution, thereby facilitating my successfully implementing my orders and/or taskings. I am a, Registered Architect (36+), OSHA Site Safety & Health Officer, Planner & a Residential/Commercial Construction Manager with Public works, Contract Administrator experience (10+ years of a US NAVY Seabees officer – typically managing 280-1,875 men, assets and equipment). I have been in private practice, as a Principal/Owner, since 1987, a volunteer fireman/EMT/Arson Investigator (33 Yrs.), a N.Y.S.D.O.S. Code Enforcement Officer (since‘96) & an OSHA certified Site Safety & Health Officer since 2009. As a N.Y.C.H.A. Department head (C.S. Title as an “Administrative Architect”) supervising & mentoring a professional staff of 8-12 & effectively managing & outsourcing our consultant & professional contracts & assets in excess of $ 125,000,000/yr. I have been a Professional Consultant, with the NYCT both as a Deputy Design Manager (responsible for Coordinated outside & in-house staffs in the Prep, bidding & award of 18 station's redesign in less than eight months’ time) with CPM and as a NYS Building Code & ADA compliance Officer with MTACC - (Fulton Center retail build-out coordination under a master lease with Westfield). I have also recently consulted with WDP Consulting Engineers, P.C. & The Falcon Group, undertaking all of their NYC Business Management/Development & Litigation Support tasking’s. I have come to know & understand the full meaning of “synergy”, its strong profound ramifications & inherent benefits interfacing with consulting entities & other professionals. I function effectively, as a motivating team leader/manager & communicator, with other Department heads & their staffs, customers & clients, as a strong, result oriented organizer, facilitator, problem solver & consummate consensus builder with not only my contemporaries but also my senior management.

I am really looking forward to meeting with you & your staff to discuss, in depth, the direct application & future development of my extensive training & varied experience, to this & any other/future positions with your fine organization, its clients, customers affiliates & staff(s). I am seeking a S.V.P. Executive compensation package with an industry competitive but “negotiable” W-2 salary ($175 k+), 401k, profit sharing, liberal annual & sick leave, Employee Development Plan (EP) with sponsored continuing education & career advancement opportunities in a pleasant corporate work-place environment & great management ethos.

Emanuel P. Caras, R.A. - A.I.A., A.P.A., C.E.O.

Attachments: 01

EPC: rtc

PS: Thank you so much for taking the time to review my credentials! I am “very interested in this position” and I know I would do very well and contribute to your organization as a welcome and valuable professional and/or management asset and resource person. Please call me today to schedule a follow-up phone and/or personal interview @ 914-***-**** so we can get things started!

Emanuel P Caras AIA, APA, CCO

Fifty – One Carman Road Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583-6328

Office: 914-***-**** ● Cell: 914-***-****


Career Goal: I am seeking a S.V.P. “Construction” Architect and/or Management Executive position in a challenging yet interesting professional venue allowing me to mentor, manage and motivate a new group of very talented & highly motivated in-house and consulting professionals in a synergistic pursuit of addressing & mitigating a common/assigned commission's/project's successful resolution on time and under budget.


Highly motivated, self-starter with 39+ years of comprehensive high-level planning, design/build and administration experience in public, private and military sectors here, Asia and in Europe

Extensive R.E. C/R Development, Investigations/Opportunities & pro-forma analysis for investment purposes

Served 10+ years as a U.S. NAVY - CEC Officer (SEABEES) CONUSA, Asia and in Europe

Experienced in all phases of office/professional practice and contract administration including client/architect/contractor and consultants coordination/management from a project's inception (Planning, pro-forma/programming) right through final punch listing (substantially completion).

Have Forensic Architecture Testing & Analysis experience & consulted with Architects, Insurance Agencies and Prosecuting/Defending Attorneys on claims analysis/litigation, defense brief's preparation & Expert witness

Have served as in-house and/or part time consultant, for arbitration and/or contract dispute resolution(s) in either an office, field and/or court application.

Have utilized my educational, professional and military talents and practical experiences as an expert witness consultant in a court and/or arbitration setting(s) as needed.

Contributing professional member/editor of the N.Y.C. sponsored (Bloomberg/Quinn) 2013 "Building Resiliency Task Force" in coordination w/the local (NYC) U.S. Green Building Council Chapter

Professional Consultant (URS/AECOM) with MTACC and Code Compliance Sections for the build-out of tenant spaces in the newly commissioned Fulton Center Complex. Previously assigned as a full time consultant with CPM/NYCT as a Deputy Design Manager for Station's Design with a working budget of over 1.25 Billion for a 4-7 year duration. Additional assignments: Coordinated in-house & consultant component's disciplines & staff in order to preps and successfully put-out-to bid & award 18 station's rehabs/Small Business Tier 1 and 2 in Brooklyn.

Professional Registration:

Registered Architect NY and NJ – will seek additional states as needed and/or required


OSHA 10 HR Site Safety & Health Certified Officer

NYSDOS Certified Code Compliance Officer

NYSDOS Certified School Inspecting Officer

LEED’S Certification-in Progress

MTA Certification for Track Safety & Access

Professional Work Experience:

April 1987 – current Emanuel P. Caras + Associates, Scarsdale, NY, 10583 Owner/Principal: Architectural/Engineering, Planning, Design/Build, Construction/Project Management, NYSDOS Building Codes, Zoning & Litigation Support Consulting Practice with other consulting professional staffs

Developed/conceptualized and implemented many Design/Build high-end commercial & residential renovation & restoration projects, in the Metropolitan NYC area, including but not limited to; Condo/Coop upgrades on Park Avenue & the upper East side, Brownstone redesigns in the upper West side, a new Greek-Orthodox Church, Medical Office Buildings, various retail store, restaurant designs & construction management renovations - with extensive work for Columbia University Properties-interiors, Data Center/façades restoration, facilities’ upgrading

Set practice's goals, projected workloads, allocated assets & manpower to deliver professional services

Directed, managed & mentored our staff's work load(s) & mentored their personal and professional development

Various high-end residential & commercial land use studies, appraisals, pro-forma & final reports, as a developing partner in the Tri-State Area to prepare/present various mixed-used projects & parcel studies for investors’ participation. I have/am also consulting with Attorneys along with municipalities, as an expert witness and/or codes interpretation and compliance, arson investigations, forensic architecture consultant/construction management, Building Inspection & NYS Building & ADA Code compliance site/project visits.

Served as an arbitrator, mediator/facilitator for conflict resolution (s) in the public & private sectors

Consulted with other architects, engineers and contractors for their NYS and local municipality Building code compliance, zoning and planning board variance(s) and or application (s) needs.


NYCT (April 2014 - Feb 2015) - I consulted as the Deputy Design Manager for CPM. I coordinated the design, bid prep & awarding of the nine (9) subway station redesign for The Culver Line in Brooklyn – designed by & submitted for my review By AECOM (Bob Pinghero, PE-project executive). Also an additional nine (9) stations redesign for The Sea Beach Line in Brooklyn - designed by and I coordinated with HDR (Suzanna Schroeder, R.A. - project executive). NOTE: Both projects (a total of 18 stations) were designed, prepped for bidding & successfully awarded (under three separate bid documents) in less than eight (8) months & expending all of the allocated funds before they were to be recaptured by 01 January 2015. Additional assignments: Consulted with & assisted in the review & administration of, the Small Business Mentoring Program - Tiers 1 & 2 in Brooklyn.

NYCT (Feb 2015- July 2015) Working with the Codes Compliance Section of CPM, I was assigned to MTACC to review, evaluate & certify, the submitted Architectural & MEP drawings for the retail build-out of spaces, under a Master Lease with Westfield @ the Fulton Station Center, for their compliance with the NYSB&F & ADA Code(s), good design, industry & building standard, practices & coordinated all contract documents - for the proposed retail & food service spaces. NOTE: My additional responsibilities included generating a preliminary Code Compliance Variance submissions from & coordination with the consulting A/E Firm (ARUP - Mr. Craig Covil, PE - Principal) - submitted to the NYSDOS CODES DIVISION (Mr. Dan Nichols, PE) for the review, approval & practical implementation in use during the construction process in the field

WDP Consulting Engineers, P.C. (June 2016 – March 2017) Retained/Consulted as the NYC office’s new Business Development Director & Lead Litigation Support Consultant coordinating with the principals & support staff in the Corporate offices located in Manassas, Va. Performed Forensic Testing, Analysis & documentation with the Engineering Staffs & assisted in the generation of various summary reports with all our suggested field corrections (Construction Processes & Details ) to be applied to proposed Roof, Foundation & Exterior Façade Redesign, Restorations, Building & Energy Code Compliance & Whole Building Commissioning.

THE FALCON GROUP (Sept 2017- March 2018): I was Retained as the NYC office’s Director of all Architecture, Forensics, Claims & Litigation efforts, coordinating the efforts of Architects, Engineers, Drone operators & Field staff in the Forensic testing, analysis & documentation of surveyed Facades, Roofs & proposed and/or actual Architectural Details in the preparation of Existing Condition Analytical Reports & Recommendations in our clients litigation & Insurance Claims effort (R.E. Management Firms, Developers/Owners, Condo/Coop Boards Attorneys & Insurance Agencies). We also provided Expert Witness Deposition(s) Analysis & Court Appearance Services.

November 2006 – May 2009 Town of Eastchester, Eastchester, NY 10709

Consultant: Assistant Building Inspector for Architectural, Structural, Framing, Insulation, Plumbing Field Inspections

May 1999 – Jan 2001: Alma Contracting Corp. 33-46 55th Street, Woodside, NY 11377

Consultant: Project/Site manager for the renovation contract of the Spofford Juvenile facility, located in Hunts Point, Bronx, NY, beginning in May 1999 and turning over the facility on December 15, 1999.

Consulted as the primary contractor’s field representative, as the project’s manager/administrator

Managed this 2.4 million dollar DJJ/DDC contract - whose scope of work included but not limited to; interiors, restoration of façades, upgrading of facilities and the coordination of all other trade (contracts).completed on time and under budget

Prepared/managed the daily reports, coordinating the project super(s), the foreman/office support staff, interfacing w/the project’s construction management firm (K.B.F.) to prepare, update and present (on a weekly basis) a project progress report to the staffs of DJJ/DDC and Mayor Giuliani’s office (who took a very special interest in the progress & the final completion of this project).

Compiled, documented/prepared and submitted all change orders for their funding and approval

Projected, scheduled and had implemented all approved change orders, projected and coordinated their timing, staffing/material allocation needs w/all other P.M’s and job supers from the other trades

Conceptualized, submitted and successfully secured a 1.6 million dollar, non-bid, change order.

Consulted with an interior designer, as the Architectural principal, on two (2) Trump Tower apartment upgrades.

Since Dec 1999 I have been consulting (as an in-house Architect, Planner, and Construction project estimator/manager) on various design/build projects (throughout the U.S.A.)

June 1998 – May 1999 Village of Tuckahoe, Tuckahoe, N.Y. 10707

Consultant: Interim Building Inspector/Planner for the Village of Tuckahoe, coordinated site plan and building permit applications and conducted site visits and inspections, until filled permanently in May 1999

November 1978 – April 1987: N.Y.C H.A., 250 Broadway New York, NY 10007

Administrative Architect: A managerial position (since 1983), reporting directly to the Director and Deputy Director of Design

Responsible, as a group leader, for an annual budget of $100-$140 million.

Supervised, mentored/managed and allocated Architects, Engineers, (in house and outsourced consultants) and support staffs’ time in the development, estimating, budgeting, preparation and review of contract documents and their implementation(s) in the field.

Responsible for the renovation/upgrading of existing public housing stock with annual budgets of between $35-$60 million, formulating program requirements, supervising work from preliminary designs and planning, through final contract prep for construction, as well as the consultation, as needed, in the field to resolve any/all field problems with the execution (s) and/or interpretation(s) of our in place and prepared contract documents.

Additional duties included: Research/Development of Materials/Methods of Construction, Specs/Office

Practice Modifications, and Facility Management/Design, coordinated joint review meetings with HUD

& other City Agencies; Supervised employee recruitment and evaluation.

Major Accomplishments: Assisted in the setting up of and the development of the Contract Administration Department by lending my support and experience(s) in the field, training our inspectors in “Construction Methods and Analysis” for the execution and interpretation of our in-place and prepared contract documents.

Attended, on behalf of the NYCHA, Community Board and Tenant organization meetings

Lead product research and cost analysis of new acquisitions and facility planning needs, office layouts, word processing, purchase, evaluation and procurement of C.A.D. programs and the production of any/all drawing/reproducing and office equipment.

August 1977 – November 1978: David Kenneth Spector and Associates, NY, NY

Project Manager: In this office and field coordinating position I:

Consulted as a field representative an project manager/administrator

Prepared contract drawings and specifications for numerous public and private buildings.

Responsible for the supervision of projects from preliminary design through field supervision with a strong emphasis on client contact, preliminary planning and program development, zoning and building department research.

Responsible for various building types which included: Private residences, Brownstone conversion – The Galleria Penthouse, Mr. Stuart Mott’s Penthouse, Spec. Houses in Hawaii, US Open Tennis Center (Flushing Meadow Park) and office/restaurant interiors.

Additional duties included: Slide & graphic presentations (renderings), study and finish models, PR booklets (design, layout/prep) and field visits for record keeping,updating and compliance with contract drawings & specs and punch list prep and completion(s)

December 1976 – August 1977: The Eggers Group, 2 Park Avenue, N.Y., NY 10016

Intermediate Designer:

Responsible for client interviews, preliminary designs, design development and working drawings, the checking/coordination of shop drawings for hospital and office additions and new construction.

Developed and produced renderings and illustrative material for clients – PR booklets, (design and layout).

Additional duties included: Establishment, coordination and the weekly, implementation of the Continuing Education Program (lectures) for the office’s professionals.

June 1976 – December 1976: Marcel Breuer & Assoc., 635 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022

Intermediate Designer: Mt. Tochal Hotel in Tehran.

Consulted as a Project Manager/Administrator, working closely with the design partner(s) and coordinated the outside consultants to set goals and adopting program needs

Directed the Planning, Analysis, Design and Program Development Drawings for the Mt. Tochal Hotel in Tehran for the purposes of projecting costs and generating realistic construction projections.

Conceptualized (a new) program and scope of work, along with a full set of preliminary design drawings (floor plans, sections, elevators and interiors) oversaw and directed the building of a site model for a three hundred-room luxury hotel and delivering it on time for a presentation to client(s).

September 1975–June 1976: IM Pei & Partners, 600 Madison Avenue, N.Y., NY 10022


Consulted/coordinated with two other planners, (both Senior Associates).

Responsible for preparing/conceptualizing planning studies, (R.F.P.’s, plans and models) for the New Brunswick CBD Master Plan which included: In-Town Housing, two (2) major spec office buildings and Johnson & Johnson’s World Headquarters, various street widening, auto access to/throughout the CBD, parks and parking design, hotel facilities and commercial redevelopment.

Coordinated/managed client & consultant’s reports, presentations and design development drawings

Oversaw and coordinated the construction of various presentation models with the “union” model shop staff

Initiated & coordinated the preparation, photography, graphics & copy submittals for the office’s PR booklets.

Additional duties included: Contract drawings/specifications for Raffle’s Bank (Singapore), Interior and Design Development Drawings for National Gallery, the Kennedy Library and Javits Center jobs, Research and Development & the coordination of offices standard details and specification modifications.

May 1975 – September 1975: George Johnikouries & Associated, Naoussa, Greece

Construction Resident Superintendent:

Consulted and coordinated efforts between the Project Architect and Construction Manager(s).

Primarily responsible for design/working drawing’s changes, assisted in the prep/coordination of the construction scheduling/supervision of a $4,860,000 resort bungalow colony (100 duplex units), including a seawater swimming pool and a marina with a 125 seat waterfront restaurant.

Prepared/coordinated the budget and assisted in bringing project in under budget.

Supervised the construction crews, coordinated trades, implemented and projected construction, coordination and occupancy staging charts, scheduled work and material delivery.

This project was completed in thirteen months – although responsible only for the first 5 months; however, my charts/preliminary work facilitated its success.

September 1974 – May 1975: N.Y C. Planning Commission, 2 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10007

Intern: I was afforded the opportunity to experience, first-hand, the workings of this very large and influential City Agency where I:

Consulted, coordinated and improved the interaction between/with two NYC departments and assisting and executing and implementing various Urban Design Projects and Studies.

Assigned, as a liaison between Norman Marcus’ (Legal) office and the Urban Design Group to help in their redesign and rewording of the “Plaza” section of the NYC Zoning Resolution.

Additional duties including: Field visits producing extensive study and presentation drawings, legal research and PR booklets, which were used to explain and illustrate the new “Plaza” section to the general public.

September 1973 – September 1974: Joseph P. Clark, 79 Madison Avenue, N.Y., NY 10016

Junior Designer:

Responsible for executing field survey/simple design development drawings primarily for banks and other commercial projects.

Additional duties included: Running/coordinating the plan room and the reproduction machines, checking, logging-in and filing of all shop drawings and research material.

May 1973 – August 1973: Seton Park Dome, Riverdale, New York, 10463

Construction Supervisor:

Consulted/coordinated with two Licensed Architects.

Supervised/oversaw a crew of between eight and twenty-five volunteers, to erect, fiberglass, rough/finish interiors, and paint a Geodesic dome to be used as a local community center.

Responsibilities included: Scheduling/cataloguing the various materials and their delivery dates, researching/designing the overall site preparation, landscaping, coordinating all volunteer craftsmen, adults and teenagers and the solicitation/distribution of all financial support in the form of sponsorships, gifts and donations.


Funded by the New York State Foundation for the Arts (1981), I developed a “Built Environment Workshop Program” for public school students as an “Architect in Residence”, with the hope of developing a comprehensive workbook & seminar program to be implemented by any public or private school and/or college, wishing to acquaint their students, in a very entertaining visual, highly educational, systematic process, with the scope, functions, vocabulary of the Architectural profession. I also taught, a group of 5th & 6th grade N.Y.C.B.O.E. students (1981/2) & a 5th grade class (1993) in the Scarsdale Elementary school, a series of “Learning to look at Architecture” yearlong hands-on seminar workshops. NOTE: Both venues ended with a final construction project on the school grounds (a new playground with structures)

Wrote Architectural advice (How to build additions and code questions) as well as an Historical perspective byline (Now and Then pieces) for monthly newspapers (Scarsdale and Greenwich).

Community Service:

Founding President and organizer (1982-86) of the C.C.N.Y. School of Architecture’s Alumni Association, and later a member of the Board of Directors (1986-92)

Direct Commission Officer, Navy (1986-1996) -CEC (SEABEES) with appointments/assignments both domestically (all over the USA) and Internationally (Europe/Far East).

Volunteer Fireman/Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), attached to Scarsdale Fire Co. # One (1985 to present). Served as Line officer, Trustee and consultant with various executive positions

Chairman of S.N.A.P. (Scarsdale Neighborhood Association Presidents) - a former Chairman, and a member of The Scarsdale Committee for Historic Preservation (Six years),

President/Board member of the Arthur Manor Association.

A member of the Scarsdale Downtown Development Committee,

Past President (8 years) & now Board of Directors member of The Scarsdale Chamber of Commerce,

Board of Directors-the Scarsdale Historical Society, The Scarsdale Youth Center & B.S.A Troop 60, a past member of the Non-Partisan Nomination and the Procedures committee (s), along with various other community based volunteer organizations.

Past Corresponding and Recording Secretary & Church Parish Council Member @ the New Rochelle Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Past Vice president and present Board of Directors of A.H.E.P.A. (American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association)

Professional Affiliations:






New York Society Of Architects - Past Member and Board of directors

Hellenic Congress of Design Professionals (H.C.D.P.) – Founding/Charter Member/Board of Directors

The National Trust for Historic Preservation,

N.Y.S.B.O.C. (N.Y.S. Building Officials Council),


American Legion Post #52 (Scarsdale)

Society of Retired Military Engineers

The Navy League

Related Consulting Experience:

1996/present- Consultant – Technical reports, legal brief (s) preparation and expert witness for personal injury, arson investigation cases (CNA, etc.) material, construction & contract, resolution & arbitration(s)

1987/present - Consultant/Field Representative performing various Construction Management and/or inspection duties (i.e. progress, Technical/Service payment(s) and reports) for various, Insurance Companies, Developers, Contractors, Architects & Municipalities.


1987-96 - U.S.N.R. Training programs (Navy/Marine and Army military bases)

1976 - Masters Urban Design & Planning C.C.N.Y./Hunter College

1975 - Bachelor of Architecture City College of New York

1974 - B.S. Architectural Technology, Law, Business & Social Sciences

1969 - B.T.H.S., Brooklyn Technical High School

1965 - G.A.I., Greek-American Institute of the Bronx

Related Training:

2014 - M.T.A. required, Track utility and site safety training

2009 - O.S.H.A. Site safety and Health Officers certification course

1991/present - N.Y.S.D.O.S. sponsored “NYS Code Enforcement Officer” in-service seminars, updates and annual required (C.U.) continuing education courses

1986/97 - U.S.N.R - OCS, Company Commander, Ops/Training, Environmental Compliance, Military Justice, Sea/Air lift, Disaster Preparedness & management, War Gaming, Public Affairs Officer, etc.

1979/87 - N.Y.C. Sponsored “In Service” management training

1987 - C.S.I. Practices of Specification Writing

1987 - R.P.I. Construction Cost Estimating and Bidding

1985/present - Westchester County Fire Academy sponsored Firematics/Practical, In-service training & instructional classes, Hazmat, Cause & Origin Investigation, Leadership Training & firematics protocols. Various FEMA sponsored updating & information Training Courses with required all certification, annual updates.

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