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Artist -2D 3D

Surrey, British Columbia, V3R 0X6, Canada
January 11, 2019

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Ryan Donaldson

Head of Mobile at BroadbandTV


Shawn Woods

Founder Creative Director Alpha Dog Games


Michael Timothy Doyle

Vice President of Production (Fox Entertainment)


A diversified, Senior Artist with 26 years of experience. A highly passionate individual with a strong desire to create high quality art. Has the proven ability to consistently exceed expectations. Performs well under pressure, self–directed. A good team player with a positive attitude, great sense of humour and most importantly - Integrity. EDUCATION

Kwantlen University-College

Diploma in Graphic and Visual Design

Foundation of Applied Design/ Fine Arts

Fraser Valley University College

Fine Arts with a Focus on Illustration

Artcode Interactive Inc. (2014- 2017)

Principal Artist

Art Direction, Mentoring for Artists

3D- Vehicle Design, Models, Textures

Concept Art -Ork Character Design- Helmet & Armour Sets. New Project Pitch Art

Branding- Speed Freeks Logo, App/Marketing Art

Speed Freeks, Vehicle Combat Runner IOS

Lion’s Eye Studio (2011- 2014, 2017- Current)

Freelance Graphic Design, Photography,

Murals, Illustration & Fine Art

Relic Entertainment (2004-2011)

Sr. Vehicle /Weapons Artist

Warhammer’s Space Marine - Xbox 360 -PS3

Multiple Prototype Games

Dawn of War 2 (PC)

Company of Heroes “Opposing Fronts” (PC)

Company of Heroes (PC)

Electronic Arts Canada (1996-2003)

Sr. Vehicle /Weapons Artist -James Bond, Nightfire (PS2, Xbox, NGC)

Sr. Vehicle Artist -James Bond, Agent Under Fire (PS2, Xbox) Sr. Vehicle Artist - Need For Speed 5, Porsche Unleashed Vehicle Artist - Need For Speed 4, High Stakes (PS1) Vehicle Artist - Need For Speed 3, Hot Pursuit (PS1) NBA Live ‘98 (PC, PS1)

Need For Speed 2 (PC, PS1)

NBA Live ’97 (PC, PS1)

Mehfil Magazine 1994-1996

Print Media Graphic Artist:

Illustration, Graphic Design, Ad Creation, Ad Copy Writing. Mentoring & Art Direction of Contract Illustrators Professional References

Digital Portfolio





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