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Customer Service Training

Miami, FL
December 27, 2018

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Javier Combe

Current Address:

***** ** ***



Miami, Florida 33196

Mobile: 305-***-****

OBJECTIVE: I am focused on resuming my perishable profession, by getting a job as the first officer of a regional airline as I was when I flew as a pilot for the Peruvian Navy and with the same passion I always had. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS:

• Peruvian Navy (Former Lt. Commander)

Graduation date: December 1981 - Lima, Perú.

• Peruvian Naval Academy (Navy School – Cadet)

February 1977 - December 1981 – Lima, Perú.

• Navy General Staff Course (Peruvian War Fare Superior School) – 1985 – Lima, Perú. Five main Departments (P.I.O.L.A.) of the General Staff of the Peruvian Navy

(Personnel, Intelligence, Operations, Logistics, Anti-Subversion)

• Different positions during my 15 years of service in the Peruvian Navy (Ground and Flight instructor from 1989 to1991 Instructing a total of 4 classes of naval pilots – Mentor T34C-1 Turbo Prop) – San Juan de Marcona, ICA, Perú) – Chief of Maintenance Department EAN 11 for: Fokker F27 Maritime, Beechcraft Super King Air B-200 T / CT, Beechcraft T34C-1 Mentor – Lima, Perú).

• DOT FAA licensed – Commercial Pilot (Miami, USA) – Certificate # 3361546

• TSA Alternate Security Coordinator (ASC) for OCASA Logistics Solutions – Miami Head Office.

• TSA STA EF20E2D02016

• ATP CTP – Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (H7GX2517) – Bedford, TX

• ATP ATM Written (Exam ID 90081520175683515)

• LR-60 Second in Command Type Rating (CAE – Dallas, TX)

• All of the above can be proven with Official Documentation (Certificates, Diplomas, Written Certificates, etc.).












Night Time Night Take-

Off / Landing

AIRPLANES 1,550.4 485.3 1,224.7 1,117.50 715.12 105.1 185 Simulator

Aug-17 SIM (ATP CTP) B737-800 10.0

Mar-18 FTD (Xjt) E-145 LR 24.0

Apr-18 FTD (Xjt) E-145 LR 28.0

Jun-18 SIM Xjt E-145 LR 40.0

Jul-18 SIM Xjt E-145 LR 52.0

Aug-18 SIM CAE LR60 30.0

Total SIM: 184.0


1. Laid Off due to downsizing: OCASA Logistics Solutions (Miami, USA): Biological Department Supervisor: Jun 1996 to October 2016.

• Participated in ISO 9001-2008 Certification for OCASA Miami

• Participate in Internal and External Audits for recurrence in ISO 9001-2008 Certification.

• Yearly updates in SOPs in Cold Chain and Operational Procedures related to GMP and GDP.

• Responsible in handling time sensitive biological shipments requiring careful and precise time management skills to ensure deadlines are met (48 hours Total Transit Time from pick up from sites in LatAm, APAC & Europe into the main nationwide Labs in USA).

• Coordinating with Branches and Affiliates worldwide to set and met the required TTT for these time sensitive shipments and comply with the customer requirements.

• Keeping customers updated in every single shipment regarding Transit Time and notifying them of any delay and corrective actions to be taken.

• Keeping daily, weekly, monthly and annually statistics of volumes and weights and KPI per customer (COVANCE Central Lab, Quest Diagnostics, Clinical Reference Lab, Medical Reference Lab, Eurofins, LabCorp, Quintiles Lab, etc.) for Customers and Management Company.

• Updating contingency plans of the company, branches and affiliates for the case of acts of nature such as hurricanes, bad weather, disaster situations and emergency (Drills and Actual / Live)

• Negotiating rates with carriers, supplier, sellers and vendors.

• Looking for more cost effective routes and Transit Time as well as new routes (Inbound and Outbound).

• Updating and making SOPs.

• Control of fleet units.

• Control of Personnel (average 15 people).

2. Contract not renewed due to a Project went to end: Bolloré Logistics (Miami, USA): Aerospace Customer Service: Nov 26


2016 to Jun 30



3. MESA Airlines: First Officer CRJ900 (Jul 2017-Nov 2017). 4. Alpha Brokers Corp.: Customs Import Clerk (Dec 2017) 5. ExpressJet Airlines: First Officer EMB-145 LR (Jan 2018 – Jul 2018). 6. AeroCare Air Ambulance Service: Second in Command Learjet 60 (Aug 2018-Dec-2018) TRAINING RECEIVED WHILE EMPLOYED:

• Buenos Aires, Argentina – Training as a Super User for the New Operating System

(SAP). 03 – 27 Aug 2007.

• Intensive short course in Preparation, Packing and Labeling of Clinical Trial Materials- OCASA Miami, USA– Feb 2012.

• IATA Live Animals Regulations (Class Room 3 days) OCASA Miami, USA– Oct 2012

• Madrid, Spain (Knowledge of the Spanish Facilities, procedures of Vaccines and Medications Reception, Verification, Quarantine, Change of Status to Available, Inventory, Dispatch in Shippers 2 C - 8 C, Use of Temperature Data Loggers (Single Use – TempTale 4 USB – Sensitech) – Jan 2014 – Feb 2014

• New York, USA: Knowledge of the, Verification, Quarantine, Change of Status to Available, Inventory, Dispatch in a Shipper 2 C - 8 C, Use of Temperature Data Loggers. Shipping Medicines and Vaccines. – Mar 20 2015 – Apr 2015

• ALMAC – Philadelphia, USA: (Cold Chain for vaccines – Novartis). Reception, Verification, Quarantine, Change of Status to Available, Inventory, Dispatch in a Shipper 2 C - 8 C –– Interface between OCASA (SAP) and Almac Operating Systems (oracle) - May 2015 – Jun 2015

• IATA – Dangerous Goods Regulations for Air Transport. – Aug 2015

• Venezuela – Training given to a new Agent - Oct 2015 – Nov 2015

• Global Anti-Corruption – November 2016 (Bolloré Logistics).

• C-Tpat- Security Training and Threat Awareness Transportation Intermediaries – January 2017 (Bolloré Logistics).

• Intro to U.S. Export Controls and AES for Forwarders – March 2017 (Bolloré Logistics).

• Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program – August 2017 (ATP High Power Aviation – Bedford, TX).

• ATP Written (ATM) – Aug 2017 (Site ABS76004)

• Systems CRJ900 (Mesa Airlines, Phoenix, AZ)

• Systems EMB-145 (ExpressJet Airlines, Houston, TX).

• Simulator EMB-145 (ExpressJet Airlines, Houston, TX).

• Second in Command- Type Rating LR60 (CAE, Dallas, TX) SKILLS:

• Trilingual (fluent in English and Spanish, some Italian).

• Fearless, courageous and strong Peruvian Naval Officer background.

• Computer-fluent: Word, Excel, Outlook, Spreadsheets, Access, Power Point.

• Organized and dedicated.

• Never late and always careful.

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