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Manager Analyst

Bronx, NY
December 31, 2018

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Eric Stein

**** **** *** ******

Brooklyn, NY *1223

Tel. 718-***-****



** ***** ** ** ********** as Sr. Programmer Analyst/Team Leader/System’s Analyst working for GHI/Emblem Health plus 6 Years of IT experience as a Consultant/Developer. Worked in Development, Maintenance, Testing, Support of IBM Mainframe Systems applicaions for Manufacturing, Medical Insurance and Financial Banking/Brockerage, Inventory control, and Shipping companies.

Experienced in all phases of Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) in both Agile and Waterfall models – Requirements Gathering, Functional gap analysis, Construction, Unit Testing, and Support to various Testing techniques - Integration, Quality Assurance (QA) Test, User Acceptance (UAT) Test, Regression Test, and Production support.

Functional responsibilities: Requirements gathering, functional gap analysis, application design, writing training guides, training end users, and production support.

Technical (Technical lead, Analyst, Developer) activities: Interfacing with users, identifying functional and technical gaps, estimating work, designing custom solutions, and programming, leading developers, scheduling, producing documentation, and providing production support.

Business Analyst responsibilities: Communicate with business to discuss requirements, write business requirement, write technical response, define IT solutions, coordinate development effort with team, Provide test data and test case to support testing, Communicate project stakeholders, support to deploy and deliver the final product to the business.

Performed multiple roles during my career including Senior Programmer/Analyst/ Consultant. Specialized in COBOL, CICS, VSAM, DB2, IMS, SQL, JCL and MVS. Hands on experience working on tools like Expeditor, Intertest,Endeavor, Change Man, File-Aid,Platinum, FTP, NDM, HTML, SPUFI, QMF, ISPF/TSO etc.

Excellent Team player, having interest towards exploring, learning and using new Tools & Software quickly and competently as required.


Operating Systems

Z/OS/VS (IBM Mainframe),TSO/ISPF, OS/390, MVS/ESA, Windows

Programming Languages


Version Control Tools

Endeavor, Changeman, Librarian

File Management and DB Tools

Fileaid, SPUFI,QMF,BMC, Platinum, CA Culprit

Debugging Tools

Xpeditor, Intertest

Other Tools and utilities





Bank of America – Merrill Lynch May’2017 – Present

Contractor/Application Programmer V


●Worked as a part of the GMOT Transaction Management Group, Conformations, Settlement, SEG and MLPA Stock Record and Clearing.

●Development of Sheltered Harbour data repository and disaster recovery system. Sheltered Harbour represents a way to store client’s financial data coming from all major financial institutions like City, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch in a safe repository preventing the single institution from collapse in case of the disaster, such as cyber-attack or financial crash. As a part of a Agile team, provided technical expertise and analysis and creating extracts to pass data from several Mainframe systems such MICS(Merrill Inventory Control System) for Failing Obligations, as GTR (Global Trades Repository) for Clearing and Pending Dividends. Developed a process which included new programs and Job streams to extract and pass data from Databases to SH Servers using HASH, ZIP and Encryption techniques. The Project was completed ahead of time and successfully implemented.

●Developed an automation process for ML Pro Database for Archiving and Dummying DB2 tables (a stream of yearly jobs). Project was successfully completed and scheduled to be implemented in 3 steps. First 2 steps are implemented in the end of 2017 and the last step slated to be implemented in January of 2018.

●Took part of GBR Fractions project for MLPA and SEG systems.

Environment: Z/OS, MVS, COBOL 5, CICS, DB2,IMS, JCL, VSAM, TSO, Endevor, IBM File Manager, IBM Testing Tool.

Re-badged as CAI consultant for Client: Emblem Health May’2014 – Jan’2017

Contractor/System’s Analyst Mainframe Developer


Support, development, maintenance and enhancement of PPO Medical Claims system. Responsible for updating and supporting Provider contracting pricing Maintenance PPMs as well as applying new logic based to accommodate new Business requirements and applying new rules for Healthcare reform laws.

Provided periodical system wide Rate updates and maintained Provider Network pricing.

Involved in all aspects of Maintenance Projects by following the software development life cycle starting from Planning, Requirement analysis, Design, Development, Integration and Test, Deployment and Evaluation.

Independently analysed and resolved large, complex, high-risk production problems.

Conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and provide alternative designs for permanent resolution of the problems.

Provided QA and BA teams with comprehensive data scope spreadsheet reports with detailed analysis.

Responsible for planning, work allocation and on time delivery of deliverables.

Providing IT Solutions for the business requirements.

Provide 24x7 batch/online support within the agreed SLA’s

Environment: Z/OS, MVS, COBOL, EasyTrieve Plus, CICS, IMS DB, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, Endevor, File manager, Joblog, SAR, ABENDAID, Expeditor.

GHI/Emblem Health Inc. Nov’1997 – May’2014

Sr. Programmer Analyst/Team Leader/System’s Analyst Permanent Employee position


Participate in the maintenance and enhancement to PPO Medical Claims systems.

Participated in many various vital Emblem Health company projects throughout PPO system, to name a few:

1 . PT/OT Modality adding additional Batch processing Jobs, Procs and Control Cards for new files and updating Mass adjustment and Network Access processing for these files.

2.Network Reconfiguration. Adding pricing logic and rates for a new CBP2 network.

3. Autism Mandate. Expanding TOP conversion table grid and updating file structure and conversion logic for the Rates/Provider contracting files.

4. Multiple modifiers phase I and II online and batch part allowing second modifier to be switched applying new pricing rules.

5. TIN/Provider Contracting files to create online processing to allowing BTS to set new contracting rules for Provider pricing logic without opening new request for IT services.

6. Created rate file load automated processing for Qualcare, RJ Health, HIAA/Fair Health, RBRVS/Medicare rates and maintaining the integrity by adding ad hoc processes to apply most recent business rules.

7. Created automation processing for uploading new rates into multiple Fee Schedule Files from PC text files and feeding back the rate load spreadsheet reports back to the server.

8. Created online CICS maintenance for more than 30 Rate files and tables.

9. Maintained rate and contract file data integrity and handled all requests for mass updates.

10. Produced Rates/History/Contact file download process for Siebel, Data Warehouse and ARU systems for MCS, Hospital and Dental systems.

Conduct Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and provide alternative designs for permanent resolution of the problems.

Provided QA and BA teams with comprehensive data scope spreadsheet reports with detailed analysis.

Demonstrated ability to work independently an taking charge of the complex tasks an demonstrated being a leader during all aspects of the project; from the inception thru the implementation and later supporting it.

Providing IT Solutions for the mew business requirements.

Provide 24x7 batch/online support within the agreed SLA’s

Environment: Z/OS, MVS, COBOL, EasyTrieve Plus, CICS, IMS DB, DB2, JCL, VSAM, TSO, ISPF, Endevor, File manager, Joblog, SAR, ABENDAID, Expeditor.

Merck Medco, Montvale NJ May’1997 – Nov’1997

Sr. Programmer Analyst/Permanent Employee position


●Developed new and modified existing COBOL programs, PROC’s, IMS DB/DC, JCL’s

●Participate in enhancements and maintenance of the NRX system.

●Conduct programming and analysis for the development and implementation of NRX Data mining subsystem. The subsystem was responsible for tracing prescription preferences for particular subscriber or provider within the Medco. Based on Business analysis, a promotional letters can be generated offering discounts for similar Merck products to a subscriber and provider.

●Run add hoc queries and reports.

●Write programs to do a database updates upon user requests requiring 1-2 days turnaround time.

●Supporting Jobs for NDM daily data transfers from NJ to Las Vegas site.

●Provide application and user support and perform troubleshooting.

Environment: MVS/ESA, TSO, COBOL, CICS, DB2, VSAM, COBOL, VSAM, JCL, Xpediter, File-Aid, SPUFI, Endeavor, QMF.

Major Consulting Company Client: UPS Paramus NJ June’1996– May’1997

Mainframe Developer


●Performed testing, coding, analysis, design and development for PLD (Package Level Delivery) System.

●Created On-line inquiry/maintenance for Transmission History Log Database. The Transmissions were displayed from the log data by a particular shipper number or within a particular time frame or both.

●Tested and supported new IMS upgrades for Splitter/Propagator Batch cycle runs running on demand 24/7.

●Maintained/enhanced daily reports of daily data transmissions and file transfers between various platforms.

●Maintained, ran and modified NDM, Sort and other JCL Job streams to assist users with testing and implementing updates to PLD system

●Run add-hoc queries and reports and database updates upon user requests.

●Participated in users meetings.

Supported back-end CICS as well as overnight Batch process. Involved in the investigation of various production


MBA of South Ural State University, Russia.

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