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Oakville, Ontario, Canada
September 10, 2018

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Andrew Perovic


Bachelor of Science - University of Novi Sad, Serbia (former Yugoslavia) 1988

Faculty of Technical Sciences, Electronics, and Telecommunications Department

Technical skills:

Development methodologies:

Agile, Scrum

Operating systems:


Programming languages:

Java (JDBC, Servlets, Stored Procedures ), C, Pro*C, SQL, PL/SQL, (Stored Procedures, Database Triggers), XML, XSLT

Big data:

Hadoop, HDFS, HBASE, Hive, Talend for Big Data


ORACLE, Netezza, SQL Server, My SQL, Informix, Access

RDBMS and data warehouse ETL tools:

Informatica, Ab Initio, Talend, Business Objects, Oracle Suite (Oracle Forms, Reports, Graphics), Crystal Reports

Web application development tools:

JDeveloper, Cold Fusion, HTML, XML, XMLSpy

Case tools:

SQL Navigator, TOAD, SQL Station, DB Architect, E/R Studio, Oracle Designer, Silverrun, PowerDesigner, SQLab Vision, Erwin

Change control and configuration management:


GUI & load testing tools:

Win Runner, Load Runner


Ministry of Education – Toronto Oct 17 to Present

Informatica Expert

Creating ETL procedure for extracting and mapping Informatica XML mapping metadata in order to generate source to target mapping rules for existing mappings.

Working on migration of ETL procedures from DB2 to Oracle for SIMS project. Platform was Informatica 9.6.1, Oracle 12.1, on Solaris servers. Migrating and unit testing of mappings, mapplets, workflows and parameter files.

Developing XML parser in Informatica Power Center in order to parse hierarchical XML source files and map it to the target Oracle tables. Artificial target table keys were generated.

Creating Source to Target mapping document documenting transformation rules from existing mappings.

Installation and configuration of Master Data Management in order to produce detail documentation of source to target mapping.

Installation and configuration of Master Data Management in order to produce detail documentation of source to target mapping.

Senior Consultant with experience in Transactional (OLTP), Master Data Management (MDM), Data Lakes, and Business Intelligence systems (using Kimball Star Schema methods), and microservices using Canonical Data Models.

ECB (European central bank) – Frankfurt am Main, Germany Mar 17 to Sep 17

Informatica Expert

Working on Risk Assessment and Reporting project (RAR) which represents the overall process flow of risk assessment and reporting from its inception (the acquisition of data) to its end (dissemination of the reports). Source and target database was Oracle on Solaris platform.

Developing parsers and data transformation components in Informatica Developer 10.1 in order to parse multiple PDF files from the source, transformed it and write to the target tables.

Gathered and cleansed data collected from a number of sources using Informatica 10.1 Power Center, developing mappings and workflows.

Transformed the data and calculated different risk statistics/results.

Developed scripts for automated import and deployment of Informatica workflows into integration environment. Migrating code from Informatica 9.6 to 10.1.

Using Informatica Master Data Management in order to produce graphs and matrix of source to target mapping.

Using Informatica Master Data Management in order to produce graphs and matrix of source to target mapping.

Provided oversight and direction to Data Quality and MDM initiatives

Next Pathway - Toronto Nov 16 To Mar 17

Talend Etl Expert

As part of Retail Credit Risk Reporting program (RCRR) built a Certified Data Store (CDS) on Scotiabank’s Enterprise Data Lake (EDL).

Acquired and ingested source data into EDL (Hadoop and HDFS platform) to support RCRR interim reporting requirements.

Developed Talend Big Data Edition data transformations, data validation, standardization, and data integration in EDL (Hive platform).

Developed data warehouse related functionalities (e.g. surrogate key generation, change data capture, slowly changing dimensions).

Provisioned data for RCRR consuming applications (CRP, GLRAS, and CPP).

CIBC – Toronto Aug 15 to Oct 16

Senior Informatica Etl / Netezza Developer

As a member of the core ETL team developing ETL procedures in Informatica Power Center in order to implement Bi-Temporal processing for RDA (Risk Data Aggregation) project.

Sources were outputs from risk engines stored in Netezza for various feeds, which were imported in Netezza staging tables.

ETL procedures are implementing appropriate lookups to convert codes and alternative keys into surrogate keys and applying appropriate Bi-Temporal updates to RCRM Netezza database.

Data is then available for consumption by Composite and Cognos.

Writing and tuning Netezza stored procedures to implement load to dimension and fact tables. Developed generic stored procedure using dynamic SQL for loading hundreds of dimensional tables.

Implementing full cycles of Agile Sprints, planning sessions, daily stand-up meetings using Microsoft TFS and Visual Studio for source control.

Alberta blue cross – Edmonton, Alberta Jul 12 to Jul 15

Senior Etl developer

Developing Informatica mappings for loading complex object structures in XML format. Developing XML parser in Informatica Power Center in order to parse hierarchical XML source files and map it to the target Oracle tables.

Using Oracle analytical functions for fine-tuning SQL procedures for faster execution, replacing function calls with analytical functions.

Developing and maintaining Rule Management System, metadata application and database used for defining business rules for Enrolment Application.

Developing complex Oracle PL/SQL packages working with object types for Enrolment System batch application. Creating design documents based on use cases that capture business requirements. Using Hudson/Jenkins environment for change control, build and deployment of new modules. Platform was Oracle 11g, and Solaris. Using Test Driven methodology for development and testing with JUnit framework.

Worked with top management from TDS, senior IT management from clients and license holders, including executive sponsors, chief architects, and product management group, to determine define TM application functionality, tool selection, database design, data movement strategies, Master Data Management strategy and implementation.

B.O.S.S. Group (par time work from home, overlap with Alberta project) Jun 12 to Feb 15

Senior Etl Developer

Developing ETL procedures using Talend Open Studio in order to capture and transform users data entered in XML format and populate TimePlay Data Warehouse used for statistical reports. Designing database schema in MySQL used for storing statistical data.

Developing transfer procedures using shell script and SFTP for transferring telemetry xml files from source sites to the processing server.

CIBC - Toronto, Ontario Feb 12 to Jun 12

Senior Informatica Etl Developer

Developing mappings, maplets, workflows and other components in Informatica Power Center 9.1 for Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) project.

Designing ETL procedures in order to implement Change Request requirements. Developing Autosys scripts and shell scripts in order to automate ETL jobs.

Platform was Oracle 11g, SQL Server 8 and AIX. Developing data mappings using Power Exchange to transfer mainframe files to Oracle tables.

Performing SQL tuning of the PL/SQL packages.

Writing and tuning Oracle stored procedures to implement ETL processing to dimension and fact tables.

CGI - Halifax, Nova Scotia Oct 11 to Feb 12

Senior Informatica Etl Developer

Working with Cognos developers and analyst in order to prepare ETL jobs for loading data for reporting. Fine tuning long running SQL statements and PL/SQL packages.

Developing mappings and workflows in Informatica Power Center 9.1 and PL/SQL packages for Pharmacy Claims Platform Change project for Tufts Health client.

Using Informatica versioning option and CVS for PL/SQL change control Using Tidal for scheduling ETL jobs. Database was Oracle 11g.

Cancer Care Ontario - Toronto, Ontario Jul 11 to Oct 11

Senior Informatica Etl Developer

Developing mappings and workflows in Informatica Power Center in order to synchronize dimension tables in different databases.

Developing Informatica ETL procedures (mappings, workflows) for Resolink 3 and Case Resolution project. Developing korn shell scripts in AIX server in order to automate and customize Informatica ETL procedures.

Developing PL/SQL packages for Case Merge/Unmerge procedures for Resolink 3 project.

Unit test developed procedures. Performance tuning of PL/SQL procedures using bulk options and collections on Oracle 11g.

Citibank -Toronto, Ontario Oct 10 to Jul 11

Senior Etl Developer (Ab Initio, Talend)

Migrating ETL procedures from Ab Initio to Talend Enterprise Management ETL for Prime Finance Data Warehouse. Designing procedures for partitioning large fact tables in Oracle 11g and MS SQL Server RDBMS. Developing procedures for Capacity management for analytics Data Warehouse.

Defining and extending Enterprise Meta Environment (EME) for Prime Finance Ab Initio environment.

Developing reports based on usage of the Oracle analytical functions (OLAP) for end users using Crystal Reports 2008. Using Oracle Discoverer for Data Mining of the Data warehouse Staging tables in order to consolidate customer’s data coming from different sources.

Developing ETL procedures in Talend in order to extract data from large fact Sybase tables and create mappings from Sybase and SQL Server source tables. Customize Talend Java source code to improve performance of ETL procedures. Developing ETL procedures using Ab Initio and PL/SQL packages in order to load and transform data from OLTP Oracle data source to OLAP Oracle Data Warehouse staging tables.

London Life - London, Ontario Oct 10 Mar 10

Senior Oracle Pl/Sql Developer

Analyzing, designing, developing, testing and documenting Business Methods programs from detailed and high level specifications, assisting in troubleshooting PL/SQL procedures for Online Withdrawal Application. Environment was Oracle database 10g on AIX server and Windows XP and Toad 10 on the client side.

Developing ETL procedures in Talend Open Studio in order to implement data transfer between XML files (source) and Oracle tables (target).

Developing C and Pro*C programs in order to implement sftp data transfer between mainframe files and Oracle tables.

Utilize IBM Rational Clear Case for problem tracking and PVCS for version control and configuration management.

Semantion - Toronto, Ontario Oct 08 to Mar 10

Senior Oracle/Etl Developer

Designing and developing Oracle 10g database schema that supports automated load of XML documents into database. Developing XML document extract and import procedures using Castor open source framework and Java libraries.

Developing ETL procedures and mappings using Talend Open Studio for loading data from source tables, performing Data Conversion and transformation using staging area and extracting transformed data into target tables.

Developing AIX Korn Shell scripts in order to automate and schedule ETL process and integrate it with operating system environment.

Tuning Load and Query procedures using best industry standards in order to achieve best performance.

Lixto Software GmbH - Vienna, Austria Jul 08 to Oct 08

Oracle Developer

Developing, testing, tuning and implementing Informatica Power Center procedures for LTyr project in order to transfer data from source tables to target staging area. Using Oracle OEM for database administration, creating and maintaining partitions, roles and database objects.

Designing and implementing OLTP database containing 250 tables, using Erwin.

Participating in Data Model Design for staging area database and target Data Warehouse database. Environment was SuSe Linux platform, Oracle 11g RDBMS, tools used was SQL Developer, Erwin and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Developing PL/SQL packages using Oracle built in PL/SQL XML procedures in order to accept data from front end application, parse and validate data in XML format and load it into target tables.

Semantion - Toronto, Ontario Jun 07 to Jun 08

Senior Oracle Database Developer

Designing and creating Oracle database for Semantion Registry and Repository, a J2EE component-based registry that implements OASIS/ebXML Registry standard. Planning and conducting performance and stress testing of execution business processes using Semantion Registry.

Environment was Oracle RDBMS 11g on Windows XP and Linux platform.

Testing tools used was WinRunner 8 and LoadRunner 8.

Developing ETL procedures and mappings using Talend Open Studio for loading external XML files into target Oracle database.

Developing custom reports in SQL* Plus, PL/SQL and Crystal Reports according to various needs from customers.

Developing UNIX Shell scripts and Ant scripts in order to automate compilation, building and deployment process.

Rogers - Brampton, Ontario Jun 06 to Jun 07

Senior Etl Developer - Business Inteligence Systems

•Designing, developing, testing and deploying Informatica mappings and workflows for BIS Data Warehouse for E911 project.

•Project consisted of data load from various sources (mainframe, flat files, and remote databases), ftp transfer and load to Oracle tables, data transformation and comparison, preparation for corporate reports.

•Developing UNIX Korn Shell scripts in order to automate ETL procedures.

•Preparing and loading data into Cognos tables and cubes, used for reporting.

•Conversion of existing Pro*C and Pro*Cobol programs to PL/SQL packages for ETL processing. Acting as a Team Leader responsible for analysis, design, programming, implementation, testing and maintenance of E410 project.

•Creating ETL workflows, mappings and transformations using Informatica Power Center.

CIBC - Toronto, Ontario Aug 05 to Jun 06

Etl Developer - Treasury Business Risk Management

•Planning, developing and executing test procedures for Wholesale Credit Risk Warehouse application for PL/SQL ETL procedures. Platform is Oracle 10g RDBMS, Solaris, Windows 2000.

•Performance tuning and testing PL/SQL ETL procedures for various data feeds.

•Changing existing ETL procedures in order to meet their Basel II and capital management requirements.

Sprint Canada - Toronto, Ontario Feb 05 to Aug 05

Oracle Developer/Dba - It Design & Development

•Migrating database, data and applications from DB2 to Oracle 10g database, developing Oracle DDL scripts in order to mimic DB2 database structure in Oracle, design and development of PL/SQL packages for data load and synchronization between DB2 and Oracle database for aDSL project.

•Desing and development of PL/SQL backend procedures for Order Entry application.

•Writing Korn shell scripts on HP UNIX box in order to automate load, FTP and transfer procedures.

•Developing korn shell scripts for database backup and restore procedures, developing shell scripts for database schema installation and migration.

•Performing database backup and restore, monitor and troubleshoot Oracle database. Tuning database objects and PL/SQL procedures for best performance.

*** Further experience provided upon request***

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