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Architectural/Engineering & PMCM Professional Experience

Austin, Texas, United States
120,000 to 160,000
August 22, 2018

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Mr. Jeff Cowan

**** *********** *****

Austin, Texas 78747


Cover Letter

The attached resume is outlined with professional experience as follows:

- Job Description

- Highlights of Qualifications

- Fields of Experience / Additional Experience

- Project Summary

- Education / Continuing Education

The resume layout contains many project types and project experience, as well as

multiple projects worked on simultaneously throughout the years. The project’s

contacts encompass hundreds of clients, consultants, PMCMs and general contractors

in all capacities from pre-design to close out and post construction analyses. The

types of multifaceted project consultation dictated the type of resume submitted and

allowed for a compressed description of over forty (40) years experience into two

pages. A brief list of professional references/projects includes some of the prime

clients and consultants involved in many of the major projects described in the


I am looking forward for the opportunity to interview with your company for a

Sr. Project - Construction Management and/or Management positions. Prefer District

and/or Regional Management positions (Multiple Projects) according to projected work

loads. My vast experience would be an asset for any company in need of a well

rounded office/field professional. Thank you for your time and consideration to this


Note: References, consultants, firms and additional project details are available upon request.


Jeff Cowan

Mr. Jeff Cowan

9409 Edmundsbury Drive

Austin, Texas 78747



I.Job Descriptions:

-Architecture & Engineering Consultation

-Prime, Professional Team Building

-Construction Management & Project Management

-Administrative & Office Management

II. Highlights of Qualifications:

-Twenty-six years of working with Clients / Consultants on projects (1992-2018)

-Thirty-three years of Construction Management / Project Management (1985-2018)

-Thirty-five years of Architecture / Engineering experience (1983-2018)

-Forty-one years of Construction experience with hands on office / field work (1977-2018)

-The Clients / Consulting & Construction firms I have owned & been associated with, have

specialized in a wide variety of projects: Commercial, Education Facilities, Residential, Highways/ Roads & Bridges, Landscaping & Water Features

-Coordinate a large variety of projects as aforementioned; resulting in a combination of Architecture, Engineering & Construction experience; allowing for hands on Administrative & Management Skills / Office & Field Experience (Compiling Prime Professionals as required for all projects)

III.Fields of Experience: Additional Project Experience:

-Feasibility Study - Renovation

-Site Analyses - Historical Preservation / Restoration

-Survey Review - Abatement Monitoring / Air Monitoring

-Presentation for Project Awards (Firms) - Office / CADD Management

-RFQ for Owner & Selection Process - Presentations to Client / Owners

(Prime - Presentation – Multiple Firms) - Presentations to State & City Officials

-Project Awards to Consultants & Teams - Zone Changes through City / Development

-Client / Owner Meetings for the Following: - Variances through City / Development

- Project Requirements - Code Compliance – Local, State & Universal

- Budget & Cost Analyses - Resolve Field Issues

- Programming - Coordinate with all Professional Consultants

- Schematics - Utilize Contingencies for C.O. Applications

- Design Development - Generate Interpersonal Relationships

- Construction Documents between Owners / Consultants to produce

- Specifications Projects within Budget & On Time

- Construction Documents Review - Life Cycle Project Management

- Document Review for Consultants - Pre-Design to Post Construction Analyses

- Value Engineering - Project & Office Administration

- Review Budget & Place Alternates - HUB requirements

- Final Submittal for Construction - Field / Office Documentation / RFI’s

- RFQ for General Professionals/Contractors - Punch Out / Post Construction Analyses

- Pre-Bid Conference / Site Visit - Several Hundred Hydrology Water Features

- Bid Openings for Construction from high end commercial as well as residential

- General Contractor Award water features which are in files on a completely

- Review Schedule of Values separate resume and fully documented photos

- Review Submittals / Change Orders and client bases many of which were also

- Project / Construction Management Architectural clients and large ranch/lake

- Construction Quality Control (QC) projects

IV.Project Summary: (Projects in chronological order overlapping from date projects began)

-University of Texas Main Campus - Austin Texas: Buildings, Power Plants & Tunnel Systems, ADA Flatwork, Swim Center Pools and Deployable Bulkheads, Commencement Ceremony Staging - Audio/Visual - Seating Stand, Main Building Belfry Tower, L & P’s (32+) – (2000-2001 & 2007-2015)

-Texas State Main Campus - San Marcos Texas: Buildings & Pedestrian Overpass (6+) (2008-2009)

-University of Texas Pickle Research Center: Buildings & Power plant (6+) - (2000-2001 & 2008-2009)

-City of Austin Buildings & Structures: Airport Parking Garage, Convention Center, Drainage Tunnels,

Shoal Creek / Lamar Drainage Shaft, Fire Station, Williamson Creek Drainage Aprons & Clean Water

Program (Inverted Siphons) (7) - (2000-2001 & 2007-2008)

-Churches & Private Christian Schools (3) - (1999-2006)

-City of Johnson City: Fire Station (1) - (1996-1997)

-State Buildings: Regan State Office Building & TX-DOT Facilities (6+) - (1995-1996 &1999 & 2007-2009)

-TX-DOT Structures: State Office Buildings, Maintenance Facility, Road Side Park / Camp Ground,

Highways, Toll Facilities, Roads & Bridges (9+) - (1995-1996 & 1997 & 2007-2009)

-City of Kerrville Buildings: Police Station, Bank, Restaurant & Offices (6+) - (1994-1997)

-HEB Grocery Stores: State Wide in Texas (12+) - (1994-1996)

-City of Pflugerville Buildings: Day Care, Elementary School, Office Bldg., Salon, Recreation

Center & Large Park / Swim Center Project (6+) - (1992-1993 & 2001)

-High Schools, Junior High Schools, Elementary Schools, Day Care / Nursery Schools (24+) -

(1991-1993 & 1996 & 1999-2014)

-Large Custom Residential (94+) - (1989-2013)

-Water Features, Pools and Tubs (200+) – (1982-2014)

-Large Multi-Family Projects (6+) - (1982 & 1996-1997)

-Commercial, Residential, Highways & Roads, Landscaping & Water Features (100s) - (1977-2015)

-Management / Aspects for all above noted projects as required

-*(Additional Project Addendums Added to Bring Existing Resume/Project Summary to Date)


-Texas Tech University - Lubbock Texas - Bachelor of Architecture, Masters Thesis in Architecture & Minor in Structural Engineering – Minor in Civil Engineering (1984-1990)

-Texas Tech University - Lubbock Texas - Additional Studies in Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Surveying, Psychology & Foreign Language – (1981-1990)

VI.Continuing Education & Professional Affiliations:

-NCARB - National Council of Architectural Registration Board - Certification Classes - Associate Member (Currently working NCARB testing for National Certification)

-AIA - American Institute of Architects - Associate Member

-AIBD - American Institute of Building Designers - Associate Member

-HUB – Historically Underutilized Businesses

-COA - City of Austin - Green Building Classes

-CABO - City of Austin - Code Training Classes

-NSPI - National Swimming Pool Institute - Training Classes

-TDLR - Classes for State of Texas

-ADA - Classes for National Requirements

-OSHA Standards & Requirements

-National, State and Local Codes (Code practices vary per geographical locations and building type and shall be reviewed and addressed on a Building by Building basis a well as annual updates which occur for life, welfare and safety issues.) ( Including Structural, Plumbing, MEP, Energy, Electrical-Fire –Fuel Codes) (UBC, IBC, CABO, ETC. as well as the uniform codes noted above.) ( I am familiar w/ many of these code qualifications including Accessibility, Egress & Ingress Code requirements.) ( I by no means believe to know all codes although have utilized and am familiar w/ many specifics of code requirements and attempt to update my knowledge of these codes as they refer to buildings I am involved in facilitating.) (I fully review codes w/ various professionals which are directly related to the facility where the codes govern their professions and jurisdictions.)

Mr. Jeff Cowan

9409 Edmundsbury Drive

Austin, Texas 7874


Resume Addendum

I.Projects designed, inspected and/or built in 2005-2018 to present and ongoing projects in progress or annually recurring through 2018: Addendum to Resume more details upon request for specific schools.

-Schools in which I was Architectural, Engineering and/or Built PMCM myself (Project Management/ Construction Management)

Pecos Texas K-12

Crane K-12

Big Lake K-12

Sanderson K-12

Odessa K-12

Midland K-12

Pecos Swim Center

Klondike Gymnasium/Storm Safe Locker Rooms– Constructed

(Grimes & Ass.)

Lubbock Based Architectural & Engineering Firm (General

Contractor & Constructor) (Grimes & Ass.)

Legacy Oaks K-12 (Prime, Architect & General Contractor)

Austin K-12 (x3)

San Marcos K-12

Projects w/ Texas State (dozens)

Terry County Courthouse – Built out of Lubbock Texas (Same firm

as Design Build Firm for Klondike Gymnasium)

Projects still in progress @ University of Texas Austin (24+-) to (

(dozens over past18 years)(Full and complete campus

Engineering inspection and observation for all underground tunnels

Connection all U.T. buildings to power all power plants ongoing)

U.T swim Center Bulkheads (Jamail Swim Center ongoing)

Permian Basin High School remodels and additions sub-structural

Steel inspections ongoing)

II.Additional projects which are in progress or have been completed in 2016 through 2018

U.T. ERC Make Safe – survey, construction & Inspections (exterior)

U.T. Tunnels Survey Whole Main Campus (Annually 2005 – 2018)

U.T. Building A-11 & A-18 Pickle Research Campus

City of Austin Capital Metro Pre-Design Meeting

City of Austin AISD Survey for LBJ and Paredes

U.T. Stages and all Stands for Commencement Inspections (Annually)

U.T. Longhorn Run Tower Inspections (Annually)

U.T. Goldsmith Hall Survey

U.T. Jester Railings and Retaining Wall Inspections (Annually)

City of Austin Speedway House and Bridges

U.T. Ladders and Platforms (Annually)

U.T. Turtle Pond Survey

U.T. Texas Swim Center Inspection (Annually)

U.T. ERC Stadium Inspections (Interior & Exterior Make Safe)

U.T. Stengl Hall Biology Cabins Pre-pour and Framing Inspections

City of Round Rock – Crestview Church – Shop DWG Review

City of Austin Baranoff Elementary – Inspection, DWG’s & Pre-Design

U.T. SBS Inspection (Women’s Softball Field)

UT. Dishfaulk Field Inspection (Mens Baseball)

U.T. MMS Field Inspection (Track and Field)

U.T. DKR (Texas Memorial Stadium – 12+- Phases - Annually)

U.T. Commencement (Annually)

Suerte Restaurant

U.T. UTC Building / Pedestrian Bridge Repairs

Granada Apartments

U.T. San Antonio Garage

Luedecke/Baker &Wagner Res. - Reinforcing, Structural Steel & Piling Locations (Waters Edge – Tortuga Trail) – All Shops Review

City of Austin Parking Garages 2nd St. & 5th St.

Blk 188 – Commercial High rise – Austin Proper

University of Texas 32 Bridges Structural Observations (6 Underway – Bridge #’s 6,32,12,8,10 & 28)

U.T. University Ave. Road Curb & Walk Repairs (Prelim - Utility Survey)

City of Austin – Onion Creek Metro Park Development

-These are some of the projects 12+- years which are in progress and did not get detailed on my Resume several are ongoing and are able to be prepared to hand off if required per change in employment status.

Note: The Remainder of 2016 - 2018 Projects are Ongoing – Typical.

Thank you for your time and consideration to the Cover Letter. Resume, References and Resume Addendum to bring more specific facility experience to the forefront. I have many more detailed projects I could elaborate on, although most resume reviewers do not want a thesis for preliminary review.


Mr. Jeff Cowan

Mr. Jeff Cowan

9409 Edmundsbury Drive

Austin, Texas 78747

# 512-***-****


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