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Social Media Marketing

San Jose, California, United States
August 20, 2018

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Retouched images and photographs in accordance to the instructions provided

Created vector based graphic design themes for marketing and collateral materials Established internal content management processes and workflows for digital campaigns Worked with diverse team members, including digital media strategists and brand directors Developed and created written and visual assets and infographics Collaborated with post production team to ensure consistent on time deliveries to all internal and syndicated distributors For a one-month contract project responsible for overseeing all aspects of content production, working with a team of content specialists and providing creative input while driving them to finish quality content. Screen Design and Retouch Artist

An American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and online services. APPLE INC., SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA FEBRUARY 2018 TO MARCH 2018 Dramatically reduced average art cost up to 80% by aggressively utilizing cost effective outside resources and repurposing existing designs

Utilize creative lighting, camera techniques and artistic vision to realize advertising campaign ideas Employ photo retouching techniques in order to manipulate skin, product and layout Manage estimates, budgets and media spend

Supervise graphic designers, an art director and support personnel Write and edit copy for all the artistic services and product lines Drive all aspects of creative experience ensuring delivery of creativity at high quality level, and design all material in Adobe Creative Suite used across all social media, website and merchandise platforms including, advertisements, product pictures, model photography, and all creative requirements. Coordinate and execute in-studio and on-location photo shoots. Creative Director - Retouch Artist - Photographer

A California based dance and ethnology company that teaches the ethnic dances of Central Asia and the Middle East with a full theatrical experience of choreography and technique, and performs internationally. FARIMA DANCE, SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA JUNE 2016 TO CURRENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Reduced average campaign design cost up to 60% by utilizing cost effective resources and repurposing existing designs Recruited designers and copywriters, and built an award-winning creative team, growing from 2 to 20 within 4 weeks Optimized the process of campaign design that led the creative team work 50% faster and more efficient. - I have expert level knowledge of digital photography techniques, photo editing, color enhancement, contrast correction and digital asset management, Adobe Software Suite, Mac Operating Systems, MS Office and Outlook; and am proficient in supervising creative departments, managing budgets and creating brand strategies. I am a seasoned and multilingual creative director, retouch artist and advertising photographer with a unique blend of design, image creation and digital manipulation skills and 17 years of international experience. I have designed, maintained, led and coordinated all advertising campaigns for 22 corporate clients within the past decade; executed major rebranding activities across all channels leading up to 25% brand growth within the first two months. I have developed initial pitch offerings that resulted in gaining multi-year contracts worth upwards of $8 million over the course of my career. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS




4688 Albany Drive D212 San Jose, CA 95129 +1-408-***-**** ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY, ISTANBUL, TURKEY, 1996




Shot ad campaign photos for corporate clients and periodicals Generated unique concepts with limited direction for varied client needs Marketed and advertised services to attract clients Collaborated with a team of graphic designers and visual effects professionals towards the final image Responsible for taking photographs that particularly capture the needs and communicate the ideas of certain clients basically doing business in the fashion industry.

Advertising Photographer and Retouch Artist

A Representative agency handling marketing and sales for Photographers and cinematographers in order to get them focus only on their profession.

BRUECKNER&FISCHER ARTIST REPRESENTATION, MUNICH, GERMANY SEPTEMBER 2005 TO APRIL 2009 Created both local and global ad campaign visual concepts and content Managed a team that developed an award winning line of credit card design Have been responsible for implementation of promotional materials and digital marketing campaigns Oversaw the work of other designers

Developed detailed budgets and timelines in collaboration with the creative director Responsible for the overall visual aspects of each advertising and media campaign, and coordinating the work of other artistic and design staff, such as graphic designers. Art Director

An advertising agency owned and operated by Credit Europe Bank - Ukraine, that is in charge of handling all advertising campaigns and collateral for the bank.

CREDIT EUROPE BANK IN-HOUSE ADVERTISING AGENCY, KIEV, UKRAINE MAY 2007 TO OCTOBER 2009 Led a team of stills and motion image rendering and creation professionals Turned story ideas into profitable advertising campaigns Have been responsible for all aspects of photo and film production Established the creative department from the ground up Shot videos and photographs in controlled lab, field and remote environments Produced and edited commercial films

Managed budgets, schedules, and production resources As the founder of the company, responsible for coordination of all departments and every aspect of the production of each campaign executed.

Creative Producer

A still and motion picture production company that has its own film and photography studio facilities, and offers comprehensive media and corporate communication solutions to a wide range of brands, with its creative and marketing teams.

VAROL OZKANER PRODUCTION, ISTANBUL, TURKEY JULY 2001 TO SEPTEMBER 2017 Created comprehensive advertising campaigns for various B2B and B2C clients Developed custom creative strategies for product launches Worked closely with account management to improve target marketing tactics Developed, maintained and updated all corporate communications Built a dynamic team of creative professionals that was able to switch between clients without a drop in service levels Responsible for managing a busy creative department of 12 personnel in copywriting, photography, videography, design and encoding. Another key function of the role is to generate revenue through creating efficient brand strategies for clients. Creative Director

A start-up marketing consultancy and full-service creative agency offering integrated marketing and media solutions to brands doing business in Turkey and East Europe, and providing a third-party perspective on the selling of the client's goods or services.


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