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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
August 19, 2018

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Abhiram T

Tools and Integrations - L*

Phone: +91-822*******


One of the youngest Level-2 Engineer in the organization who is passionate over work and problem solving, who also has good knowledge on most of Infrastructure Monitoring and network security tools & their respective API's, I know what you are thinking now? One can't do anything only with tool knowledge. Yes, I agree. I'm working in the Monitoring Unit, and also have pretty Development skills, So you can add some domain knowledge also into the recipe. If you ask me for a proof, In short of time, I earned and have complete control over Data-center's monitoring Infrastructure, tools and its integrations. EDUCATION

Vellore Institute of Technology



Monitoring Engineer

2011 - 2016

June 2016 - Present

Responsible and working as Lead for Implementing and providing complete support for Monitoring tools and its Automation for large scale enterprise customers of Data center which has 1000+ Clients and serves on a 24x7 basis, that will drive to improve the performance and reliability of Organization.


Ensure the configuration and accuracy of monitoring for existing infrastructure (physical servers, virtual machines, network and hardware).

Plan, coordinate and implement the product upgrades, patches and maintenance activities for the monitoring tools Perform customization, configurations and develop scripts / interfaces as applicable to enhance monitoring capabilities.

Working with members of infrastructure and development teams to gather requirements and design solutions to meet monitoring needs of new and existing products and services Developing key business reports and metrics based on monitoring data. Working with automation teams on Tools API's to deliver monitoring as part of our standard builds. Have good experience and work as Lead for Application/Infra/Network Monitoring. Cloud4C

Intern, Python Developer

January 2016 - May 2016 (5 months)

Worked as a Python / Django Developer developing a Demo tool "FLOW ANALYTICS" which basically runs analytics on network flow data (sort by: Source Port, Destination Port source IP, destination IP, Top talkers etc and view it on dashboard accordingly. SKILLS

Solid Knowledge on complete Features, API integrations and administration on Application/Infra/Network monitoring tools such as Zabbix, Nagios, Observium, Nmap, New Relic, AppDynamics, Stor2rrd, ELK stack. Better understanding of Enterprise monitoring tools and have an engineering back which allows to propose and enhance monitoring solutions.

Basic understanding of all infrastructure components, including storage, networking, security, and their role in an enterprise architecture.

Good at API integrations with external alerting and Consolidated dashboards. Skilled at Mobile App development, Linux, Windows, Oracle/ SQLServer / MySql and Mongodb. Better Programming Knowledge on languages like HTML,PHP,Shell, Python and Django Framework. Data Analytical skills, efficiently diagnosing issues and implementing or proposing solutions. Excellent verbal and written communication, including presentation expertise. Ability to manage conflicting priorities, customer expectations and escalations. Good time management skills, including planning, organizing, and providing status on a variety of tasks, assignments, projects, and reports.

Effective team building and motivational skills.



Tool which helps to understand the IP traffic flows through a network by performing data analytics on the Network flow data in cloud infrastructure. It also provides a dashboard for monitoring the top used ports, protocols etc. and data can be analyzed by performing historical search among the entire data. Technology used: Python,Django,Html,SILK,MongoDB. Integration of Cloud infrastructure data with Customer portal Integrating Performance and Availability data of cloud Infrastructure(Vm's Hypervisors,Clusters,Datastores, Network devices) collected though ZABBIX tool to customer portal for better visibility for customer's which helps them to analyze their trends and take business decisions accordingly.

Technology used: Zabbix, zabbix API, Html, PHP, MySQL Zabbix Alerts

Every tool comes with its own dashboard, but this consolidated alert dashboard helps the engineers and concern COE teams to view all Instance wise (tool deployed in multiple business locations) issues or alerts on the single dashboards which reduce the time to act and MEAN TIME TO REPAIR the same.

Technologies used: Zabbix-API, HTML frames, MySQL. Governance portal - Monitoring

This portal has efficient features which helps Internal teams to troubleshoot the issues happening in the monitoring tools, their polling information of assets, Fetching Inventor reports for management and Client Infrastructure, Issues with monitoring agents in servers etc which helps to maintain 100% availability of Monitoring services for customers. Technologies used: Python,Django,Html,Sqlite3.

Observium Alerts

Single dashboard which consolidates all the alerts that are being triggered in all other observium instances that are deployed in country wise Infrastructure.

Technologies used: Python,Django,Html,MySQL,Javascript, SQL. Data Board

This is an Infrastructure inventory portal which contains Classified data based on country wise VMWARE Environments of the Data-center. It was an initiative by organization to maintain total high and low level Infrastructure of company. Technologies used: VMWARE-API, PHP, MySQL, REDIS, Javascript. BLOOD IN NEED

It is an android app which creates a platform for easy and efficient communication between the Organization who seeks for blood and blood donors. People all around search for blood in many emergency cases. Only authorized users and organization can access the app and it’s entirely based on GPS location (Global Positioning System). Technologies used: Java, php, xml, Eclipse, PhMyAdmin. Monitoring Architecture and Build

Apart from Development of portals and Writing scripts, I am responsible for Designing monitoring architecture for complete clients and Management Infrastructure and network. So complete study and research on Infrastructure, application and network monitoring tools makes me to implement and configure the tools accordingly. Agentless Monitoring for VMWARE

Integrated VMWARE Environments data to ZABBIX tool with which agentless monitoring for VM, HYPERVIOSRS, DATASTORES, CLUSTERS etc. can be done. Basically this module contains an auto-discovery functions which updates the data in zabbix whenever there is change made in infrastructure level. It polls all the performance metrics and MOR’s of the Instances accordingly. Technologies used: Python, Mongodb, VMWARE API, ZABBIX-API,Zabbix, shell scripting.



Cyber security with Cloud Computing


September 2017

Malcolm Shore outlines the major cloud security risks, some of which have resulted in service disruptions at companies like Azure, Dropbox, Google, and Amazon, and shows how to plan for and minimize risk when it comes to your own cloud deployments. Here introduced concepts such as software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service, and the differences between public and private clouds, Also showed how to use SABSA, a popular security requirements mapping approach, to figure out the business requirements for a successful and secure cloud deployment of your own.

BIGDATA -Analytics

October 2014

This course shows you big data analytics at work. It provides real-life scenarios or demonstrations than can help you understand the value of big data analytics. It includes a collection of videos from several IBM solutions that support the IBM Smarter Planet agenda. PHP and MYSQL training Sep 2015

IIT Bombay

Completion of “PHP and MySQL” ONLINE Training (IIT BOMBAY). Try Python may 2016


English (Professional working proficiency), Hindi (Professional working proficiency), Telugu (Full professional proficiency), Tamil (Full professional proficiency)

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