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Power Plant Engineer

Gilmanton, New Hampshire, United States
August 18, 2018

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Northfield, NH *3276-4604



Generated several million in savings and new business through advanced technology.

Self-managed technology office off site.

Cast urethane Manager/ Rubber Chemist.

Metallurgical and Chemical RD/ engineer. Able to be flexible first principals driven thinking. Vacuum furnace heat treating brazing both commercial and space age alloys. Molten salt bath technology.

Industrial experience, Management, Engineering materials, Quality

MANGEMENT- Positive based building abilities, The ability to lead by example deductive thought as well as enhancing production improvement through materials science new processing technologies.

Engineer/ Manager /Quality/ failure analysis.

Furnace Brazing, Heat-treating, welding, Cryogenics, rubber molding, Urethane/alloy Casting. Machining- metal stamping and forming, wire drawing technology the ability to develop new diamond tooling for high temps

Thermal processing in depth in all areas from vacuum to gas atmosphere technology.

Additional abilities and career accomplishments

Alloy development, Failure Analysis, Elastomer chemistry, for medical, automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear industries.

Micro-structural engineering, aerospace, medical, engineering alloys. Secondary / development utilizing the solutions of various materials extending life and reducing cost.

Additional early life experiences

Machinist, metal finishing, waxing/ gating technology -casting industry, department supervision. Machinist, qc, tool room technology

Quality control – (receiving inspection).

Career- Achievements.

Surface development; senior scientist

Develop new surface oxide conditioning technologies and electro- polishing techniques. Reconstruction engineering of oxide morphology on major alloys systems.

Tribology surface science technology for product life enhancement in both hostile chemical and physical applications.

Microstructural engineering

Engineered high performance alloy structure for, deep drawing Stamping tools, SST, Nickel fasteners, pipe, castings, for oil, salt- water applications. 200% in metal stamping life, corrosion resistance in molding, Wear resistance, in both static and dynamic applications. Anti- Bio-fouling technology anti-bacterial adhesion of various stainless alloys.

Corrosion resistance

Discover new resistance to Salts, sulfides, phosphates, and organic, compounds on stainless and nickel, Titanium alloys.

Wear resistance

Implement a new technology that retards the effects of early fatigue mechanisms by altering internal structural and chemical features. An entire industry is now using it and making hefty profits.

Develop new bearing and lip seal fatigue resistance through re-engineering both the elastomer and metal structure for maximum performance.

Develop and improve tool steel material, for industrial application with high% 100,300%, increases in metal stamping life enhancement. Improve stainless and nickel alloys wear resistance through structural manipulation for cold fusion reactor vessel.

Machining/ technology.

Chemical engineering

Develop and improve surface treating and construction of new passive film regimes. Engineer and develop various chemistries to treating for welding /brazing and post Heat- treated materials space shuttle program .

Metal casting technology

Extensive experience in casting technology, ferrous and non- ferrous alloys. Reducing hydrogen coalesce in aluminum and ferrous casting.

Research and application projects

Discovered new crystal phase transition zones reducing wear in bearing material, axle shaft components, wear sleeves.

Development work /manipulation sub- micro structural dispersions to harden stainless steel alloys. Electromagnetic manipulation of tool steel material in concerts within several technologies.

Diffusion technology, the use of metal interstitial in reshaping extending operational life. Cryogenic technology, Research other forms of energy to alter surface modification.

R/D-process work into interface relations between like and non- compatible materials for dynamic applications, bearings, wear sleeves, insertion components and lubrication and applications for petrol and nuclear industry.

Places of use (pharmaceutical metal, surfaces to power plant applications, fasteners and many other applications where improved performance is required.


Patent - “Reduced Wear Elastomer, Serial No. 60/139,225. Freudenberg NOK

Developed a friction resistant elastomer for axle shaft components; created a new $750,000 product line.

Honorary Doctorate Nominee - by Dr. Jian Lei and Dr. Cardigan, FIBICS Incorporated discovered a new ferrous phase structure.


2008-2018-Turbocam Dover NH, Senior Material Scientist, Ten years, 603-***-****

2007- Omni technologies Brentwood, NH. Brazing metallurgist in aluminum and super alloy’s power plant turbines.

2004-2007 Manager– STS Technologies, supervisor, vacuum- brazing/ Heat Heating Laconia, NH 603-***-****.

2000-2003 SENIOR METALURGIST - Lexington Technologies,

No. Canton, OH


1994-2000 FNGP, Engineer –Metallurgical tooling, Vacuum, Heat treating.

Heat Treating-surface tribology- rubber Chemistry Northfield-Bristol NH Pine street Northfield. 520-1344.

1993-2000 METALLURGIST - Freudenberg NOK, Bristol, NH



Phd in philosophy

BACHELOR/MASTER DIVINITY DEGREE - Theology, International Bible College and Seminary, Noland, MO

DIPLOMAS – Materials Science, both in physical /chemical metallurgy (eight year program), MEI, Metals Park, OH.

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