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Health and Wellness

St. Louis, Missouri, United States
August 18, 2018

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Kathy A. Castulik

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St. Louis, Mo. 63114 (email-home) (Email)

Professional Objective


I would like to utilize my knowledge and communication skills to broaden awareness of Disease Management and Wellness by promoting healthy lifestyles through patient health education and training. This will provide personal growth in allowing me the opportunity to provide the organization with outstanding clinical and wellness programs.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation & Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Wellness and Health Promotion/Education at Missouri State University, graduated summer of 1984.

Allied Medical College – Medical Assistant Diploma 2003

Career Path Certificate Level 3 Diabetes Educator


University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) Health Services: August 2002 to present

Health Educator & Director for Wellness Resource Center

Director of Health Education & Corporate Health (Employee Wellness) for Students, Faculty and Staff Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for University.

Developed and Implemented Health Education, Corporate Health, Diabetes Programs for students and employee base of 25,000 people.

Developed and implemented Diabetes Program for University

Developed and implemented Disaster Preparedness & Bio Defense Team

Medical Assistant for clinic, front desk, kept up exam rooms, EMR’s, labs, immunizations, phlebotomy, ordering of supplies and worked trauma

Taught CPR Classes – BLS, Heartsaver, Family and Friends, AED and First aid

Oversaw Wellness Resource Center for health education for 15,000 students.

Provided Patient Education on:

Diabetes, All Immunizations

Glucose Testing Worked Trauma/Emergencies with NP

A1C Testing HIV Testing and Counseling

Ketone Testing Taught CPR Classes for Nursing Dept.

Support Groups STD Counseling and Testing Per NP

Medication Education Men’s and Women’s Health all areas

Nutrition Assessments All Labs

Corporate and Patient Health Fairs HRA’s

PowerPoint presentations Skin Cancer Education

Asthma Education & Peek Flow Testing Sleep Awareness

Taught Self-Management Education on how to draw up insulin and where on

the body to give injections. Taught food exchanges, provided menu planning, foot

care, sick days and when and how often to check glucose. Included education on

signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia and more for Diabetic


Presented at Central College Health Association on Wellness & Six Dimensions

Taught CPR classes & AED for all Coaches, Campus Police, Faculty and Staff

Provided Heart Health and Diabetes Assessments on high-risk patients

Diagnosed Eating Disorders through Nutrition Assessment

Sleep Awareness Education

Provided H1N1 Presentation and Immunizations for all campus students, Faculty and staff.

Taught Bloodborne pathogens Exposure Control and PPE

SSM Health and Wellness St. Joseph Hospital of Kirkwood: January 1998 to Jan. 2002

Director of Community Health for SSM St. Joseph Hospital of Kirkwood.

Provided the following:

Developed and implemented Diabetes Education for Patients

Corporate Wellness

Employee Wellness

Senior and Pediatric Health Care

Community Health

Special Events

Over Massage Therapy Department

Men’s and Women’s Health,

Provided SSM Physicians with Health Assessments, Diabetes & Nutrition

Assessments per Physician request for patients.

Set up and organized all Blood Drives

Community Screenings, Total Joint Education and more.

Director of following Coalitions:

Breast Health

Drug and Alcohol


SSM Community Flu shots

Reynolds & Carter County Health Center: March 1995 to Jan. 1998

Health Educator III Reynolds County Department of Health.

Provided the following programs:

Grant Writing Health Assessments

Community Health Education Pt. Education/Health Promotion

Corporate Wellness, Worksite Safety

Trainer Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan,

Universal Precautions, Emergency Preparedness and HIV/AIDS.

Leadership for Community Planning Strategies on Disease Prevention

JEFFERSON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL: November 1989 to March 1995

Title: Wellness Director & Diabetes Educator

Provided the following programs:

Developed and implemented programs that met the Six Dimensions of Wellness and worked with Physicians providing Patient Assessments on Diabetes, Nutrition and overall Health.


American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)

St. Louis Association of Diabetes Educators (S.L.A.D.E.)

Central College Health Association (CCHA)

Missouri Hospital Association (MHA)

National Healthcare Association (NHA)

Alliance Blue Cross Blue Shield

ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine

American Heart Association – Stroke Coalition

Task Force Committee with the Arthritis Foundation

Mo. Dept. of Health Physical Fitness & Wellness Association of Greater St. Louis

American Cancer Society - Community Education on Cancer Prevention

Assist - Tobacco Education for Community, Worksites and Schools

National Wellness Association

National Wellness Institute

Wellness Counsel Association of Greater St. Louis

Arthritis Foundation committee member in patient and community health

Wellness Councils of America

National Wellness Conference in Minnesota 2014 & 2015

Disaster Preparedness Team Red Cross

FEMA Emergency Management Institute


Diabetes and Core Concepts: (8 sessions and 22 CEU’s)

Diabetes Facilitating Behavior Change: (4 modules and 6 CEU’s)

DSME Reimbursement Essentials (TBA)

Career Path Certificate Level 3 Diabetes Educator (96 CEU’s)

Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor for OSHA

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Nutrition for Professionals (CEU’s)

Certified Diabetes Health Care Provider (AADE)

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)

Certified EKG Technician (CET)

Certified Healthcare Instructor (CHI)

Medical Assistant (MA)

Health Educator III

Health Representative III

Public Health Manager III

American Heart Association BLS CPR Instructor

American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR Instructor

American Heart Association Family & Friends CPR Instructor

American Heart Association First Aid Instructor

American Heart Association Heartsaver First Aid CPR & AED Instructor

Diabetes Type 1 vs. Type 2 (CEU’s)

HIV Tester and Counselor Metro Aids

Diabesity – The 21st Century Pandemic (CEU’s)

Prediabetes & Diabetes (CEU’s)

Diabetes & Macrovascular Disease Management (CEU’s)

Diabetes, Obesity & Heart Disease (CEU’s)

Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic – (CEU’s)

Lipid Modification for Cardiovascular Disease in High-Risk Patients (CEU’s)

Statin Therapy for Diabetic Patients – (CEU’s)

Resistance Training Improves Glucose Disposal in Type 2 Diabetes (CEU’s)

Management of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Risk Factors–Institute of Medical Education

Lifestyle Interventions Help Prevent Diabetes (CEU’s)

Nutrition Education /Assessments (CEU’s)

ACS Guidelines for Nutrition (CEU’s)

Phlebotomy Training (CEU’s)

American Red Cross HIV/AIDS Instructor for African American

American Red Cross Introduction to Disaster Services Instructor

American Red Cross Sport Safety Training

Arthritis Foundation P.A.C.E. Trainer

Arthritis Foundation P.A.C.E. Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Fibromyalgia Self Help Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Self-Help Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Leader Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Bone Up On Arthritis Self-Care Program Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Joint Efforts Instructor

Arthritis Foundation Impact with Arthritis Instructor

American Lung Association E.A.S.E. Instructor

American Lung Association Freedom From Smoking Instructor

American Lung Association (SCRIPT) Smoking Cessation & Reduction in Pregnancy Treatment

Health Educator Level III

AFAA - Prenatal and Postpartum Instructor

OSHA-Blood Born Pathogen Trainer/Instructor for the YMCA OF GREATER ST. Louis

Steps For Life – Health wise Medical Self-care Instructor -United Healthcare

Steps For Life - Sneak Attack Early Detection Instructor -United Healthcare

FEMA – Emergency Management Institute Introduction to Command System

Blood Pressure Education Specialist/Instructor -SSM Health Care

Back Education Specialist/Instructor -SSM Health Care

Bloodborne Pathogens Tuberculosis & Fundamental Infection Control

Achilles Express Ultrasonometer Operator (Bone Density)

Guidelines for Coronary Heart Disease (CEU’s)

Complications of HIV Disease (CEU’s)

Diagnosis & Treatment of Asthma (CEU’s)

Blood Pressure Management (CEU’s)

American Academy of Allergy (CEU’s)

Treatment of Asthma (CEU’s)

Sugar, Salt and Fat (CEU’s)

Career Path Certificate Level 3 Diabetes Educator 96 CEU’s

1. Diabetes Education: The Art and Science of Disease Management

2. Diabetes Self-Management Education Process

3. Theoretical and Behavioral Approaches to the Self-Management of Health

4. Diabetes Education Program Management

5. Pathophysiology of the Metabolic Disorder

6. Type 1 throughout the Life Span

7. Hyperglycemia

8. Pregnancy with Diabetes

9. Reducing Risks

10. Chronic Complications

11. Macrovascular Disease in Persons with Diabetes

12. Diabetic Eye Disease

13. Diabetic Kidney Disease

14. Diabetic Neuropathies

15. Healthy Eating

16. Being Active

17. Problem Solving

18. Healthy Coping

19. Medical Nutrition Therapy

20. Exercise Prescriptions

21. Taking Medications

22. Monitoring

23. Pharmacologic Therapies for Glucose Management

34. Pharmacologic Therapies for Treating Dyslipidemia & Hypertension in Persons with Diabetes

35. Biologically Based Practices: A Focus on Dietary Supplements for Diabetes

36. Intensifying Therapy

37. Behavior Change and Motivational Interviewing

38. Motivational Interviewing: An Approach to Behavior Change

39. Diabetes Medications: Oral Agents

40. Diabetes Medications: The Injectables

41. Evidence Review

42. Mindful Medications

43. Best Injection Techniques

44. Reimbursement Changes in 2012

45. Technology to Go: Electronic Information Systems and Diabetes Care

46. Valuable Strategies for Vulnerable Populations: Providing Diabetes Education Service to People

with Health Disparities

47. Using a Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach for Early Care

48. Behavior Change and Goal Setting

49. Diabetes and Depression

50. New 2012 Guidelines for DSMT (NSDSME) Literacy/Numeracy

51. How to Incorporate Community Health Workers

52. Diabetes and Feet: What to Look For and When

53. Laboratory Review: Essential Tests For Understanding DM

54. Diabetes and Kidney Disease: Can We Identify it Sooner?

55. Diabetes and The Eye: Don’t let it Cloud Your Vision

56. Diabetes and The Mouth: Can It Predict Your Future

57. Diabetes and Neuropathy

58. Diabetes and Skin Care

59. Cultural Issues For Diabetes Educators

60. Mindful Medications: Staying Current With Diabetes Management

61. Enhancing T2 Therapy Adherence: Improving Interaction

62. Cardiovascular Disease: Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes

63. Innovation and Accreditation: Implementing Quality Standards

64. DKA: Strategies for In-Patient and Outpatient Care

65. Type 2 in Children

66. Challenging Case Studies: Puberty, Teenagers and Diabetes

67. Don’t Discount the Elderly: Diabetes and Older Adults

68. Kids and Diabetes: An Assessment of Needs and Resources

69. GDM: Review of the 2011 Guidelines

70. GDM: Successful Pregnancies

71. Diabetes Goes to Work: Helping Your Patients Fight Discrimination

72. Perioperative Patient

73. Insulin Therapy Patient Education and Individual Treatment

74. Woman and Diabetes: Overview of Female Hormones and Diabetes

75. Woman and Diabetes: Pregnancy Part 1

76. Woman and Diabetes: Menopause Part 2

77. The Real Way to Use CGM In Your Practice for Your Practice and Your Patients

78. CGM: Helping Your Patients Live Life in Real Time

79. CGM: Pattern Management and Data Interpretation

80. Glucose Management in End-Stage Renal Disease

81. Diabetes and Cardiac Rehab: The Role of The Diabetes Educator

82. Challenging Case Studies: Puberty, Teenagers and Diabetes

83. Beyond A1C: A New Tool for Glycemic Control

84. Cardiovascular Risk: Diabetes and The New Cardiovascular Guidelines

85. Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes: Medications and Eating To Improve Health

86. Diabetic Ketoacidosis: Management

87. National Standards for DSME

88. Technical Review of Outcomes Measurement of DSME

89. Type 2 In Children

90. Standards for Outcomes Measurement of DSME

91. AADE Guidelines for the Practice of Diabetes Self-Management Education and Training


92. AADE Self-Care Behavior Framework

93. Eating Healthy Position Paper

94. Diabetes and Physical Activity

95. Competencies for Diabetes Educators: A Companion Document to the Guidelines for the

Practice of Diabetes Education

96. CGM: Multiple Daily Injections

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