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Supplly chain manager - Planning manager

Maadi, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
August 16, 2018

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Address: Zahra’ El Maadi Cairo, Egypt

Education: Bachelors of Engineering

Executive Management Diploma

Mobile no.: 012********, 012********


Experience: 22 Year

At Egyptian Saudi Co.

Talented professional with more than 20 years of results-focused experience involving supply chain management, planning, procurement, logistics, dispatching, transportation and commodity management. Cross function team building, communications, interpersonal skills, interact well with stakeholders, Keen ability to see the big picture while staying breasting of business details and tight deadlines, increase revenue and enhance profit.

• End-to-End Supply Chains • Forecasting & Trend analysis • Troubleshooting

• Materials Management

• Logistics &Transportation


• Procedures Development

• Vendor & Contract


• Purchase Ordering • Change Management

• Inventory Management • Data & Root Cause Analysis • Team Building Plant Manager - Supply Chain Manager - Production & Materials Planning Manager - Purchasing Manager


inside - outside Egypt

To be part of the success team of a famous company and add value to it. To share culture & experience with team members

Temporary Employee / Full Time Employee

Birth Date: 11 June 1971 (Age: 46)


Gender: Male

Nationality: Egypt

Residence Country: Cairo, Egypt

Visa Status: Citizen

Name in Arabic: مصطفى ن جيب

Marital Status: Married

Number of Dependents: 6

Driving License Issued From: Egypt; Saudi Arabia; Algeria March 2017 - Present

@ Egyptian Saudi Co.

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Company Industry: FMCG

Job Role: Management

- Participate in the annual business planning process to formulate the overall yearly objectives

- Set and approve the yearly objectives and performance measures & ensuring alignment with the organization’s objectives.

- Present periodic reports regarding performance against set standards and recommends the necessary actions.

- Review and approve the Supply Chain policies and procedures and monitor their ongoing implementation.

- Oversee the material planning process to ensure the accurate calculation of material requirements according to bill of material, inventory turnover levels, sales orders and forecast, production schedule and machine production capacity.

- Direct the qualification, selection and evaluation of suppliers in accordance to the set criteria to ensure meeting the required level of quality and cost.

- Monitor the execution and renewal of procurement contracts with suppliers. Ensure the timely execution of purchasing plans and provide the necessary directions to facilitate the purchasing processes

- Lead and direct the optimization of storage processes in the warehouse, and recommends the necessary procedures to increase the warehouses efficiency. Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of inventory data and undertake the necessary actions to correct variances (if any).

- Maintain effective organization of logistical activities to ensure delivering all purchased items to warehouses in a timely manner, and oversee the execution of distribution schedule ensuring that all sales orders are delivered promptly.

- Ensure seamless and consistent customs clearance procedures without any obstacles according to local laws and systems.

- Lead the operations planning process and works collaboratively with the Sales and Production teams to enhance forecasting accuracy and ensure alignment between demand and fulfillment levels.

- Initiate training and development needs for team resulting from performance assessment results, and technical training needs serving their functions.

- Conduct performance appraisal sessions for his direct report in due time. Review and approve the performance appraisals conducted by first liners for their subordinates, ensuring a timely, efficient and objective Performance Management process. February 2016 – February 2017


@Egyptian Saudi Co.

Cairo, Egypt



- Managing the technical and managerial planning processes for the Water Plant through providing the supervision of work's programs and plans preparation and research and development of production processes to achieve high productivity and low costs

- Following-up on the Factory's sales and marketing operations in coordination with the Sales and Marketing Department,

- Following-up on market's transaction and requirements and product demand and ensuring correctness of sales' forecasts and plans and its compatibility with the Factory's production plans in order to ensure the clients' orders fulfillment and avoid accumulation of product stocks in the warehouses

- Setting the principles of production planning and achieving balance between the production volume and the expected demand of the product according to the sales' reports and depending on the forecasting method by utilizing the historical and actual information in the future's forecasts

- Monitoring the stock level at the warehouses, ensuring the continuous availability of the minimum stock level of the production's requirements and spare parts and following-up on the execution of the required purchasing operations in coordination with the Purchasing Department to ensure the continuous availability of raw materials and spare parts at the determined time and within the required quantities and specifications in order to fulfill the Sales Forecast

- Monitoring the production's schedules and planning's results and comparing them to the actual ones to determine the method of setting the futuristic plans of the factory

- Monitoring the production's records of the factory to identify the production's requirements of additional staff to achieve the required production capacity and coordinating with the Strategic Human Resources Department to provide the Factory with the required numbers and qualifications of human resources

- Overseeing the maintenance reports to perceive the degree of adequacy and the number of utilized machines in the operating process for the purpose of maintenance planning and following up on the implementation of preventive and corrective maintenance plans at the factory

- Ensuring fulfillment of the Factory's requirements of new and innovative designs to fulfill the clients' requirements and needs

- Analyzing the problems facing the factory related to technical or production, marketing, and inventory control issues and taking the required actions to solve them and raising recommendations to the top management.

- Evaluating the performance of the current processes regarding the costs, human resources and any other resources, collecting their related information, analyzing the existing operations for setting plans to reduce the number of these operations and achieve the better performance methods

@Egyptian Saudi Co.

Cairo, Egypt



- Establish effective material scheduling strategy and processes in order to ensure material supply meets production requirements with minimum stock levels, whilst optimizing costs.

- Take ownership of material planning issues that arise, including over or under delivery and take any follow up actions especially in the event of material shortages that affect production. MUSTAFA NAGUIB 4 / 8

- Assess volume requirements against planning assumptions.

- Manage inventory risk and ensure that contingency plans are in place

- Seek and recommend solutions to overcome issues arising in order to meet production requirements and address operational risks.

- Design, develop and implement flexible solutions to aid business efficiency, drive process improvements and add value.

- Support continuous improvement initiatives.

- Ensure that professional and consistent materials planning processes are applied across the business.

- Launching Material Requirements Planning system (MRP) and generate purchase requisitions.

- Investigate and implement system enhancement initiatives.

- Ensure the integrity of Bill of Materials (BOM) and inventory accuracy at all times and manage and control inventory levels and movements.

- Take overall responsibility for obsolete parts process and ensure business is left with minimum liability and minimal waste.

- Report on achievement of targets and identify any corrective action.

@ Condor Electronics SPA


Home appliances (LED TV – AC – Refrigerators – Washing Machine – Solar panels – GSM – Laptop)


- Establish the supply chain division SPA Condor; its vision is to “Provide added value to all areas of the supply chain within the Condor company activities” by creating competitive advantages for all Condor products through cost, quality and diversity of products and Readiness, which will give the highest level of appreciation to customers.

- Enhancing Customer Service via establishing strong planning system which considers all the surrounding parameters like sales forecast, inventories, BOM, operations standard time..etc

- Expanding Sales Revenue via establishing strong shipping network to Reduce Order to Delivery Cycle Time to customer.

- Reducing Inventory level of finished goods and raw material

- Reducing Transportation Cost

- Reducing Warehouse Cost

- Expanding Width / Depth of Distribution

@ El -Sewedy Electrometer Egypt

Cairo, Egypt, 2nd Industrial zone, 6th of October city Manufacturing and Production


- Monitoring the entire planning process, including procurement, manufacturing, inventory control, distribution and logistics.

- Generate the departmental objectives and cascade to key personnel and line managers.

- Examine the processes and take steps for improvement and cost reduction.

- Maintain good relationships with vendors and ensure that the flow of materials remain unhampered.

- Review delivery plans timetables

- Reduce raw materials and finished goods stock level

- Tracking the movement of goods through depots


- Monitor the ordering and packaging process ready for dispatch

- Monitoring performance and making sure targets are met

- Generate the needed staff recruitment and training plans.

@ Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication, Steel Structures Factory Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Sulay



- Setting the detailed production plans to fulfill sales requirements.

- Ensure the availability of raw materials to achieve the production schedule.

- Setting & Revision of the annual budget.

- Revision of Sales forecast on monthly basis and revise 'Master Production Plan' accordingly

- Monitoring the production process / productivity and resolve problems if any

- Preparation / Revision of periodic reports related to Production & Material Planning.

- Approve all Production documents prior to release to Fabrication

- Approve raw materials purchase requisitions

- Ensure implantation of QMS

- Generate department objectives and KPI’s

@Egyptian Telephone Co.

Cairo, Egypt, Maasra, Cairo

Industrial, Tele-communication


- Automate the planning process by using Oracle MRP

- Establish departmental objectives and KPI’s

- Monitoring the execution of Master Plans

- Implement QMS to satisfy ISO requirements

- Reduce obsolete & slow moving inventories

- Generate the recruitment and training plans

- Prepare the annual budget after the receiving the annual sales forecast

@ IDEAL, Olympic Group

Cairo, Egypt, Nasr City



- Monitoring the existing materials stock to satisfy the monthly plan.

- Issue & follow up the required PR’s for the requested materials that will satisfy the plan.

- Make sure that the documentation cycle is completed.

- Develop storekeepers skills by conducting the proper training MUSTAFA NAGUIB 6 / 8

@ International Electrical Products IEP, Bahgat Group Egypt, 6th of October City



- Prepare the monthly production plan based on the master production plan.

- Prepare the materials requirements that will satisfy the plan using the fourth shift application.

- Issue & follow up the required PR’s that will satisfy the plan.

- Being one of the steering committee team when implementing new project designed by R&D.

- Issue required WO’s that will satisfy the plan to the production lines.

@ Gecko Prakla ( Schluberger )

Cairo, Egypt, Maadi Industrial Management

- Monitoring all data transmitted from the station units to the RT. (Recording Truck)

- Guide the maintenance labors to solve any problems occur to the production line instantly.

- Collect the data transmitted from the production line on hard copies (graphs) & logic files (on tapes) then send them to the party chief.

- Make any electronic services required for the equipment in the recording truck & production lines.

- Decrease inventory level by 45M EGP (33%) over one year.

- Reduced obsolete items by 40% in 18 months.

- Decrease customer delivery time by 57%.

- Participation in implementing Oracle & SAP applications.

- Participation to achieve ISO 9001, 18001 and 14001.

- Developed and implemented supply chain procedure & systems from the ground up.

@ Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Electronics & Communication Cairo, Egypt

July 1994


BSC. in “Communications & Electronic Engineering “ Cairo University.

Faculty of Engineering General


- Project Name : Digital Control System that controls the temperature in a thermal system

- Grade of Project: Distinct

- Supervised by: Dr. Amin Nasser “Professor of Industrial Engineering “ MUSTAFA NAGUIB 7 / 8

SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, Fourth Shift

Excel – Word – Access – Power Point


Google chrome, explorer, Opera browser

Primavera, MS Projects

Financial Analysis, budgeting, costing

Level: (Mother Tongue) Experience: More than 30 years Level: (Mother Tongue) Experience: More than 25 years Senior purchasing manager

Egyptian Telephone Co.


Project Manager

El Sewedy Electrometer Egypt


Engineering Manager

El Sewedy Electrometer Egypt


Warehouse Manager

Egyptian Saudi Co.




Membership/Role: member

Member since: 2008


Membership/Role: member

Member since: 1994

Training Institute American University in Cairo

Training Institute: American university in Cairo

Training Institute: American University in Cairo



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