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Engineer Manager

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
August 13, 2018

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RiadMounirImam +***********OR+201*********


Out of 45yearswork experience; I have over 30 years of professional experience working on USAID/US Government (USG) funded projects in various capacities. I have served the USG and USAID projects as a SeniorEngineering & Construction Advisor, Engineering Director,Procurement Director, Senior Procurement Advisor, Grants Manager, Project Manager, Proposals Evaluation Committee Member, Senior Contracting Advisor and Cost Analyst.Over the years, I attended courses, trainings, seminars and workshops in Contracts/Procurement Administrations, Projects and implementation Management. I also became very familiar with FIDIC construction contracts and applications as well as dispute resolution, settlements, litigations, claims and counter claims assessment.

I hold a B.S. in Civil Engineering;I’m a Certified Egyptian Consultant Engineer and member in the American Society for Civil Engineers since 1988. My name has been included in the International Roster of Experts for providing technical services to the United Nations Center for Human Settlements (HABITAT) in more than one field and worked also in World Bank Projects.


- Projects Management -Dispute Resolution-Project Appraisals and Monitoring

- Procurement &Acquisition -Project Evaluation-Contracting/sub-Contracting Administration


Contracts Department Manager December,2014-To October, 2017

New Giza of Egypt,6October City in Egypt

I joinedNew Giza company as the Contracts Manager for their outstanding Real Estate project. It is the largest Real Estate project ever in Egypt which includes a University, High School, Hospital, Sporting and Golf Clubs, Luxury Villas and Buildings as well as a shopping mall.

I supervise the contracting team and prepare and monitor all types of relevant construction,Design and Service Contracts.

Business Development Manager, Gulf Region November,2013-May 15,2014

Hamza Associates of Egypt, based in Oman

This assignment was conducted successfully in general but was ended as Hamza Office failed to get me work permit in Oman for Age Reasons (Governmental). During this 5 months period I managed to establish good contacts and submit the great experience of Hamza Associates to Government, Ministries and Private sector in Oman and UAE.

Procurement/Contract Management Specialist March,15,2013-January08,2014

WORLD BANKProject for Kuwait Government (GoK)Implemented byWisetek Providers,Inc. of USA

For this short term assignment, I acted as the Project Expert/Lead for the IT Procurement & Contract Management areas of this project. My responsibility included the development of four detailed reports to be used by the Kuwait Government (GoK)or itsCentral Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) in IT Procurement&Contract Management Administration in Kuwait.The submitted reports were:

1) Provide knowledge and guidance on IT Procurement & Contract Management Best Practices, Processes, andProcedures.

2) Provide knowledge and guidance on IT Outsourcing Vendor Management Best Practices

3) Provide customized Procurement Processes and Procedures for the GoK.

4) Provide customizedContractManagement Processes and Procedures for the GoK.

5) Also designed and prepared the power point workshop material and presented, facilitated, coordinated the prepared topics in Kuwaitduring the 1st week of January 2014 at the HQ of (CAIT).

Senior Procurement Advisor,MSI of D.C November,15,2008- January 31,2011

IRAQUSAID/Tatweerproject(Developing National Capacity in Public Administration in Iraq)

The USAID funded Tatweer project in Iraq was designed to develop the national capacity in Public Administration for the employees of the Iraqi Governance in both Ministries and public Offices.

I joined the MSI team in providing the technical assistance, training, mentoring and workshops introducing international standards and best practice in Procurement and Contracts. I provided training, which included the means of conducting transparent and competitive procurement; I explained the types of contacts and when to use each of them, presented the complete procurement steps from advertising, preparing bid documents, bid evaluating till award.

Furthermore, I addressed the negotiation procedures, award and contract execution. I developed training manuals for both competency and advanced procurement for different levels of Iraqi government employees. I taught them all aspects of contracts administration until closeout.

Besides training the General Government Employees of different ministries in procurement; I was mainly responsible of providing the expertise to the high rank employees of the Ministries of Oil and Electricity (Energy Sector). I participated in providing them with the best techniques, practices and international standards for reaching the correct and proper cost estimation for infrastructure projects as well as service contracts. Also, provided with the team, comprehensive training regarding the(Integrated Supply Chain Management) ISCM for the Energy Ministries.

Senior Contracts & Procurement Specialist, ARD, Inc. October,11,2006-July,31,2008Afghanistan Local Governance and Community Development project, North-West (LGCD)

The $80 million Local Governance and Community Development (LGCD) project funded by USAID; was designed to support the Government of Afghanistan andcitizens to develop the institutions and practices which will create stable environment for long-term political and economic development.

As the Senior Contracts/Procurement specialist, I handled the administration of all sub contracts to NGOs or private contractors who are partnering with ARD in the project implementation. Also I was in charge of the procurement of the project goods and services as well as construction work through the relevant Purchas orders, RFPs and IFBs. I also made sure that Quality Assurance standards for the project are adhered to and the procurement is done in a transparent competitive way; all according to USAID rules and regulations. I also worked closely and coordinated with the financial section in order to complement the sub contracts and procurement matters. My assignment ended 07/31/2008.

Infrastructure Assessment Specialist, USAID/Lebanon August,23,2006-September,30,2006


As a well-known Construction and Engineering Expert to the USAID Office of the Middle East Programs (operating from Cairo), I was contracted to participate in conducting an urgent assessment of the infrastructure reconstruction potential USAID involvement in Lebanon after the 2006 summer war.

Although it was very short assignment (30 long working days) directly for USAID/Lebanon, it was a busy task; during which I did the following:

Conducted meetings with various GOL ministries, Engineering and construction firms to verify the country capabilities to undertake selected construction projects.

I conducteda quick study for labor market, material and equipment.

I visited all damaged infrastructure bridges all over Lebanon, and assessed the extent of theirdamage and suggested remedies to restoration and came up with rough estimate costs in order to select a politically sound reconstruction project. As a result of my recommendations, the Mdairej Bridge (partially damaged near the Syrian border) which was one of the highest and longest in the Middle East;was selected for financing its reconstruction by the USG.I actively participated in the preparation of the documents between GOL and the USG represented by USAID/Lebanon for the implementation of the recommended Mdairej Bridge reconstruction activity.

I also assisted in the preparation of the SOW for the intervention of the USCOE (UScorp. of engineers) who was going to manage the redesign and reconstruction.

I inspected the status of some secondary roads in the south and visited schools in the underserved areas of the north to estimate the needs for renovation and rehabilitation.

Engineering and Procurement Director, ACDI/VOCA November,24,2005-July,14,2006

Iraq Community Action Program, ICAP III

The USAID funded ACDI/VOCA program in Iraq was covering the Northern Iraqi governorates with twomain offices in Erbil and Kirkuk. I joined as the Procurement Directorduring the final phase of the project, responsible for making sure that transparent competitive bidding and disposal procedures are implemented according to USAID rules and regulations. I lead the local procurement team (six persons) in continuing the bidding process for the remaining parts of the program, while insuring a competitive transparent process. I Developed and executed contracts and agreements with sub grantees and sub-contractors.

The original project Engineering Director resigned in early January, and then I have been assigned his responsibilities overmine, which was no problem. I became responsible for an extra team of 12 engineers other than the responsibility of monitoring and reporting on all engineering contracts and community ongoing infrastructure and environmental activities.

Acting Program Manager, CHF of USA June, 08, 2005-August, 31, 2005Schools and clinics Construction and Refurbishment program SCCRPfor Afghanistan

As this program was coming to an end in 9/30/2005, I have been assigned a short term leading role in the project. It was a short term assignment, andI was tasked with all program management duties in order to expedite the successful completion of the USAID funded program under a cooperative agreement to CHF. As a senior consultant, my duties varied between leading, coordinating activates as well as supervising all technical staff led by the Chief Technical Engineer and the Chief Inspector Engineer. MoreI recommended remedial actions at some sites and evaluated and approved change orders for subcontractors; or I rejected the unsupported change orders.

Grants Manager, Creative Associates Inc. of DCSeptember2003-February, 15, 2005

Revitalization of Iraqi Schools and Stabilization of Education (RISE) Baghdad, Iraq

I developed a national grant’s plan; this included the selection criteria, process, evaluation and oversight of a USAID funded grants program. I supervised three regional Grants Managers (expatriates), and many local staffs. Provided oversight for the distribution of over six-million dollars of School Grants, used for rehabilitation of school buildings, this exceeded 600 grants in Iraq’s 18 governorates. I managed and checked all related subcontracting, to assure compliance with USAID rules and regulations. I managed to assure the complete compliance, of all grants to USAID grants management policies and procedures. I monitored the progress and reporting requirements and issued the relevant change orders, when applicable.

Upon the successful completion of the Baghdad assignment and for the period 05/16/2004 to 02/15/2005; I have been given by the firm CAII, a part time business development task in Egypt and the Middle East. CAII funded this task themselves; and results were satisfactory and helped them in taking good market decisions.

Consultant, Part Time December2002-August 2003

Egyptian Swiss Development Fund (ESDF) Idfo,Egypt

I monitored a grant to an active NGO to implement a waste-water project financed by the SWISS FUND. I reported the progress to the donor, and I assisted and provided training to the NGO needed.

Consultant, Part Time May 2002-April 2003

Egypt Information, communication and Technology project by General Dynamics

PROVIDED assistance in the administration of small and medium sized IT grants. This included coordination between GD, USAID, Government of Egypt Agencies involved in the project and the NGOs. The project was funded by USAID.

Engineering & Construction Assignments, USAID, CAIRO (22 years) 1980-2002

The Principle Egyptian Engineering& Construction Advisor to USAID/Egypt1986-May 2002*

Engineer General 1985

Civil Engineer 1980-1985

Cairo, Egypt

I served as the principal Egyptian Advisor to the USAID/Egypt mission on all matters related to the Engineering and construction industry in Egypt. For Host Country infrastructure projects; Iassistedsome Egyptian ministries in preparing invitation for bids (IFB’s), requests for technical proposals (RFTP’s), and developing the associated budgets. I also, participated in the evaluation of bids and technical proposals, and in establishing guidelines and criteria for such evaluation, together with preparing and recommending the consultant/contractor's selection.

I monitored and evaluated the performance of consultants and contractors implementing USAID studies, Technical Assistance (TA) programs and construction projects in Egypt, also approved payments of vouchers for work performed by them. I participated in reviewing engineering plans, schedules, drawings, specifications, budgets, terms and conditions of contracts, prequalification process, bid evaluations and technical selection of professional consultants and/or construction contractors. Conducted frequent field inspection visits to project sites. I participated in assessing the ongoing construction progress,estimated completion percentages and approved appropriate progress payments. I held meetings, with High level Egyptian Government representatives and U.S consultants and contractors to reduce conflict and differences if any. Also, prepared reports on the status of respective projects, including recommendations for any follow-up actions required to correct problems.

During the years, I acted as AID project managerwith full responsibilities as the U.S. Government representative for several projects. I was designated as Acting Engineering Office Director in the absence of the U.S Office Director. I managed a grant to the American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES). The grant included different tasks such as TA, training and procurement of commodities.

I participated and played major role in all in-house deliberations on arbitration/litigation and settlement of contractor’s claims and disputes with the Egyptian government implementing agencies. Provided consultation to the USAID Mission, as a resident expert, on FIDIC contract conditions and helped with the advice; in order that correct USAID Mission opinion may be formulated relative to claims and arbitration proceedings.

I acted, as a Senior Liaison Officer between USAID, and the Government of Egypt (GOE) high-ranking officials, private-sector companies, national engineering societies, NGOs as well as other donors and development agencies in Egypt, for the various activities of the USAID Mission.

I advised the Government of Egypt (GOE) and recipient ministries on all project implementation matters; this included not only engineering and construction matters, but also areas related to compliance with USAID policy and handbooks, international rules and regulations, particularly procurement and contracting, with the observance of local applicable GOE laws.

I was involved in the contracting process in USAID, under the guidance of the contracting officer. IPrepared SOW, evaluated and negotiated proposals, prepared relevant recommendations, negotiation and award memorandums. Also drafted and requested waivers when required; supported by complete familiarity with the federal and AID rules and regulations associated with federal funds.

I Provided Full range of engineering and construction support services; for USAID Health and Education Offices in their New Construction, Renovation and Rehabilitation activities for schools, hospitals and clinics. This also included budget and time estimates for implementation planning.

In 1999, acted as an active team member of the committee of the land acquisition and building the New USAID Office. I participated in the process, from the appraisal of different locations, purchasing of the land to the construction contract award. Same tasks were done before in the building of the USAID/Embassy warehouse facility, where I followed up the construction to completion. It was completed ahead of schedule and within the original budget allowances. During the two mentioned property activities, I worked closely with the USAID Sr. Legal Advisor and the responsible contracting officer, in the issues of title acquisition, notary public and assisted in obtaining all required building and utilities permits.

I also acted as the USAID representative; responsible for the successful completion of the long standing; Federation of Egyptian Industries Office Building which is a USAID land mark on the Nile.

Over the years, I was repeatedly praised and awarded by the USG for the associated sustained, superior performance, which resulted in 2003 the granting of a specially awarded green card status.

The Regional Engineering Advisor 9/2000 until 12/2001*

Arab Bank, Cairo, Egypt

[This assignment was during an official LEAVEWITHOUT PAY (lwop) in the specified period from USAID where I returned to USAID in December 2001 until May2002 when I started to prepare myself for the green card status]

In the Bank, I assumed the responsibility as the in-house Regional Engineering Advisor; in all matters related to the purchasing of buildings and/or the construction/renovation of all rented or owned branches or premises.

I provided technical opinion and prepared for the future projects of the bank. I Followed up on the ongoing projects and prepared the relevant technical reports to the higher management.

Consultant, Middle East Consulting Office November1978-August 1980

Cairo, Egypt

From November 1978 until August 1980, self-employed in a private company M.E.C.O (partner) and working as a construction consultant; providingengineering services to private sector clients. Services included construction supervision, checking drawings, contracts and providing arbitration opinions. I also, was involved in obtaining building permits and checking construction requests against the Egyptian civil code as well as preparing progress and evaluation reports. (One of the clients was the American Embassy in Cairo)

Supervisor Engineer, Pan Arab Consulting Office December 1977-April 1978

Jubail, Saudi Arabia

I supervised the construction of the 5 * JUBAIL International Hotel in JUBAIL, Saudi Arabia.I served asthe Resident Engineer for this project and was tasked with periodic monitoring, follow-up and construction supervision to assure compliance with the building standards.

Area Civil and SR. Civil Engineer, Eastern BECHTEL CorpAugust1974-November 1977

Kuwait and Abu Dhabi

A) In Kuwait as SR. Civil Engineer: June 1976-November 1977, served as a member of Bechtel's team providing construction management for Kuwait Oil Co. Gas Project. I withthe construction management team supervised and managed the Construction of an expatriate’s camp (125 Houses + 6 Bachelor units) and three other camps to accommodate 2800 workers in 3 different locations. I coordinated between the client and the Gas Facilities Construction Contractors (Kellogg of U.S., I.H.I of Japan, Dailem of Korea).

(B) Abu Dhabi as Area Civil Field Engineer, in DAS ISLAND Liquefied Natural Gas Plant: Between August 1974 and May 1976, charged with civil works in one of the three constructions site areas of the plant. Responsible for planning and follow up, cost and quality control, and site supervision of all civil works executed directly by Bechtel. I also administered and supervised five subcontractors (e.g., Tarmac, Cementation, C.C.C., Spray Glass International of U.K., and I.H.I. of Japan).

Site Engineer, Jabal Dhanna-Silaa Road, May 1973- July 1974

Gulf Syndicate Contractors

Abu Dhabi, Qatar

May 1973-July 1974, served as a Site Engineer for the Road Contractor executing section IV of Abu Dhabi - Qatar Highway. I was in charge of earthwork, asphalt plant and laboratory operations, including design mixes, quality control using international standards. Also administered, sub-contractors work on site.


*Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Cairo University (Rate of graduation is V. Good).

Graduation Project was Highways & Airports Engineering (Distinction) in 1972.

* I’m Member, in the American Society for Civil Engineers, ASCE since 1988.

DOB 04/1948.

* Very fluent in English and Arabic. And I HAVE VERY strong translation capability.

I am a US Citizen since April 2009, (born in Egypt April 1948) .

I'M (SINGLE) AND My E-Mails addresses are:

Telephone Number: +2-012******** Egypt

+1-703-***-**** U.S.A.

Skype: riad. mounir. imam

Picture in 01/2016

I am ready to work or travel almost anywhere in the world. I am covered by Medicare health insurance in the U.S.

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