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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
August 11, 2018

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Postal Address:

****, ******* ******


K4A 4E2

Home: 613-***-****

Work: 613-***-****


Master of Arts Courses, in Economics 1990 – 1992

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario

Certificate in Financial Management (15 Credits) 1989

École des Hautes Études Commerciales, Montreal, Quebec

Bachelor of Sciences, in Economic Sciences 1984 - 1988

Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec

College Education Diploma, in Sciences 1982 - 1984

Cégep André-Laurendeau, LaSalle, Quebec

Reliability and Security: Secret

Language Proficiency: EBE

Additional Training (Courses, Conferences/training events):

Project Management Body of Knowledge Seminar Certificate

Essentials of Managing in the Public Service (G110), Effective Decision Making (T904)

Transfer Payment Policy and Service Delivery Process (F415), Management Development I Certificate,

Modern Comptrollership: Managing for Results (HRDC formal training),

Cognos (Impromptu and Power play) certificates,

Member of the Balance Scorecard Collaborative (Drs Kaplan & Norton), PPX, TBS

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office 2007, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Schedule+

Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat, Lotus 1-2-3.

Management Reporting System (MRS, Cognos 8), PeopleSoft, Salary Management Information System (SMIS), Abacus and SAS (PC & CMS), SPSS, Impromptu/Powerplay, DMDP

Competencies (Professional Summary):

Managed People (Employees, Services contracts & Students), Services, Programs and Projects and Financial budgeting, planning and reporting.

Provided strategic advice, guidance and recommendations to Senior managers on Performance (Indicators) information HR, Assets,…) & management strategies, policies, procedures and performance target via briefing notes, reports, planning documents or other official documentation and managing projects.

Advised, analyzed and recommended on financial planning, budgeting, reporting and financial coding.

Contributed to the continuous improvement of business and support processes.

Maintained collaborative relations with internal clients and external clients to support operational objectives.

Areas of experiences:

Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Information Management, Asset Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Transfers Payment (Contribution), Memorandum to Cabinet (Acts & Regulation), TBS Submissions and many National Change & Transformation Management Initiatives.

Performance Management (PM):

Leaded, planned, directed & coordinated the consulation & development for the ITS Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) & administered, developed, analyzed & created ITS Performance Indicators

Directed, Implemented, maintained worked & consulted with diverse (Stakeholders) and facilitated the development of Performance Management documents including performance reporting aligned with TBS Policy on Investment Planning - Assets and Acquired Services.

Dennis Kearns

Information Management:

Full Life-Cycle Development & Implementation for Business Intelligence (BI), Asset Management, Data Warehousing, and Corporate Performance Management System.

Led and participate in the analysis phase by gathering and managing user needs and requirements

Aligned organization’s data (people & processes) needs into their decision-making processes to achieve overall strategic and tactical objectives.

Demonstrated capacity to set priorities and monitor projects and initiatives, ensuring follow-through.

Managed, led, investigated & research (data, information, knowledge) and data sources that are used in decision-making process by employees and analysed the current architecture, engineered BI and reporting solution for ITS Requirements.

Provided guidance on designing and implementing functional and performance of BI solution.

Administered & Constructed the BI Survey, the data requirements & their Decision-Making Graph

Interviewed key stakeholders and summarised key survey results and build ITS information (data) Options

Planned, organised and conducted Database training sessions to all regional offices.

Requirement documents

Database developed

ITS Business Intelligence (BI)

Asset Management System (Maximo)

TBMS Reporting Tool (Cognos)

APG Information Systems (Contributions)

HRSDC Investigation Information System

Financial Management (Strategic plan, business plan, operational plan) Provided financial advice, recommendations, directives and developed financial plans, reports, budgets, forecasts and expenditure analysis to seniors’ managers.

Prepared and presented of recommendations and strategic advice to management.

Prepared and analyzed financial reports & monitored and evaluated the integrity of financial information from a variety of systems.

Risk Management

Managed, leaded risk management strategic processes (Establish, identify & analysis risks & select/implement treatments) developed, scheduled, implemented and consulted with key stakeholders in the finalization of the CCG (ITS) Corporate (Program) Risk Profile to increase ITS capacity, understanding, accommodate and capitalize on new challenges and opportunities. Prepared the risk management sessions for ITS employees.

Planned, conceptualised & facilitated the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risk on an ongoing basis.

Contibutions (Transfer payment):

Identified, analyzed and evaluated a variety of data and information concerning APG's critical success factors, key result areas, activities, operations and initiatives, applies accepted analytical and quantitative methodologies to assess their efficiency and effectiveness and makes related recommendations to support the administeration and management of DFO Contributions programs with terms and conditions.

Accomplishments (Realisations):

Performance Management (PM):

Development of ITS Performance Indicators Report.

Provided a wide range of analysis, advice, guidance, expertise, services, policy interpretation and policy implementation related to performance story & financial internal controls and common business processes.

Validated and Reconciled all performance results and providing coordination into all official documents submitted to TBS (Report on Plans and Priorities, Department Performance Report, Management Accountability Framework (MAF)), and contributed to the Business Plan, Mid-Year & Year End Report, Integrated Investment Plan, Results-based Management, Management Resources and Results Structure (MRRS), program activity architecture (PAA).

Information Management:

Improved computerize reporting models to facilitate decision-making process by aligning with priorities, plans, actual expenditures and performance results with the planning and reporting tool (Financial, Performance and HR information). Developed related training material and documentation.

Anticipated, understand and responded appropriately to client needs.

TBMS Reporting Tool (Cognos)

Conceived, re-modeled, designed, implemented of the (new management tools) project and offers training session and the administrator of this system.

Managed demand for enhancement requests, review business requirements and build business cases.

Dennis Kearns

APG Information Systems (Contributions)

Contributed to the development, implementation and monitoring of the APG’s strategic frameworks, objectives and priorities, with respect to the assigned portfolio.

Managed and maintained the new APG Information Systems (Contributions).

HRSDC Investigation Information System

Lead & defined the conceptualization and development of the Investigation Information System (IIS) and the development of performance information requirements.

Developed Business Intelligence Implementation Plan (IP) (Short term, Medium term and Long term).

Communicated BI & IP with ITS employees, stakeholders (partners/clients) (senior management Presentation).

Leaded the development of the New Database System reference documents:

- Guidance manuals (Policy, procedures/guidelines and technical explanations).

Risk Management:

Drafted the CCG (ITS) Corporate (Program) Risk Profile.

Prepared risk management sessions for employees.

Contributions (Transfer payment):

Data requirement strategy reference document.

Memorandum to Cabinet and TBS Submission

Canadian Coast Guard headquarters reorganisation initiative which replaces the Technical Operational Services with the creation of the Integrated Technical Services branch. This initiative facilitated CCG asset management to simplify the operating requirements to the delivery of technical services in the regional and headquarter.

Implementation of the New Investigation Authorities under Bill C-2 amendments of the CPP and OAS Acts.

Identify, collect, review, and analyse socio-economic data for the regulatory impact analysis statements (RIAS) of the Drinking Water Materials Safety Act (C-76).

Professional Experiences:





Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), (Ottawa, Ontario)

Integrated Technical Services (ITS),

Senior officer (AS-06)

Performance & continuous improvement


Technical Business

Technical Business is responsible to develop and manage the ITS strategic plan, business plan and performance measurement system and the life cycle materiel management of all CCG assets.

Corporate (Program) Risk Profile


ITS Business Intelligence (BI)

2010- 2011

Asset Management System (Maximo)

2009- 2010

CCG Engineer Professional Development Program Project


Aboriginal Policy & Governance, Fisheries and Aquaculture Management Sector (Ottawa, Ontario)

Senior Information Officer (EC-06)


Canadian Coast Guard (CCG),

Integrated Technical Services (ITS),

Technical Business (Ottawa, Ontario)

A/ Manager, Performance Management & Senior officer (AS 06/AS-07)


TBMS Reporting Tool (Cognos)

2003- 2007


Income Security Programs (ISP), FIRM (Vanier, Ontario)

Senior Information System Officer (AS-05)


FIRM provides forecasting and performance information on ISP operations and services.

HRDC, ISP, PIQS (Vanier, Ontario)

Project Officer (AS-05)


PIQS identifies and assesses risk for the integrity of the Programs and manages fraud investigation


Elections Operations, Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (Ottawa, Ontario)

Operations Officer


Operations prepares for and conducts all electoral events and electoral management


Health Protection Branch, Bureau of Chemical Hazards Tunney's Pasture, (Ottawa, Ontario)


1995 - 1996

HPB investigates, monitors & assesses health risks in work, home & natural environments


Reading: newspapers & specialized magazines, Movies, music, renovation, landscaping

Cycling, tennis, golf, badminton, work-out.


Government Affairs (international, federal, provincial, municipal)

Project management (PMBOK), performance measurement (Balanced Scorecard)

Economic evaluation methods (cost-benefits, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, risk-benefit)

Risk analysis (risk assessment, risk characterization, risk management, comparative risk)

Standardization and certification (Quality control: PAS 55, ISO 9000-14000-31000, SCC, CSA, BNQ)

References available upon request

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