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Software Engineer Developer

Bakersfield, California, United States
August 11, 2018

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Michael Emswiler

**** ***** **

Bakersfield CA **308



To positively impact an organization dedicated to delivering innovative, high quality products, while I follow my true passion of designing, coding, mentoring and delivering innovative solutions from over 28 years of architecture, design and development, quality assurance, documentation, and deployment experience seasoned with team-building, developer mentoring, as well as remote team management and integration experience (and CxO-level management where necessary)


2015 – 2018

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Asset Management Systems, LLC

Bakersfield, California

Single-handedly acting as a one-person IT Department reporting to the CEO of a national after-market automotive accessory manufacturer, I was contracted to develop and extend a number of web applications, touching all aspects of the business, as well as provide traditional IT HelpDesk Support with PC Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades.

Spent a great deal of time generating documentation on current processes and work-flows and how they could be better streamlined or enhanced, as well as establishing an IT Best Practices Guidelines and Handbook, and a Software Developer's Coding Standards and Guidelines custom tailored and updated for Node.js, MongoDB and SQL.

Installed numerous applications for evaluation and testing only to discard most, then embarked upon a custom development phase of standardizing all of the open-source and proprietary applications components and modules across and within all companies and organizations with a single sign in system based on our SecureSwhorl™ Scan-In technology, a SQRL-inspired, secure Laravel-5/PHP implementation and mobile application, which offers a unique and robust multi-identity (anonymous-to-actual) identities with Poly-Profile™ Identity Manager, for iOS, Android and even WinPhone. Swhorl is an enhanced and extended version of SQRL, offering a number of must-have convenience features, such as th universal address change feature of the mobil app – update your address onc s a secure, signed, encrypted, two-factor-authorization system whereby you visit the server and instead of, or in addition to, the traditional login screen, you are presented the Swhorl™ Secure-Scan Server Credentials for your validation: to the naked eye, this appears to be a pair of 3d-rotating “dice” like cubes encoded with colored QR codes, but they are a revolutionary patent-pending technology of compressed, encrypted, animated 4-dimensional barcode technology providing hundreds of times the capacity of the standard QR or barcode. Using your Swhorl Mobile-App,

Single-Man Show: Designed, Developed and Implemented Marketing Campaign Management web-basd Node.js applications for a successful Aftermarket Automotive Accessories Manufacturer, as well as general all around IT Systems Administration from managing Google Mail Company accounts for new users and departed employees to configuring, monitoring and deploying Amazon AWS Cloud Instances with backup, fault-tolerance and redundancy while sticking to a ridiculously small budget for running instances of web, node, mongo and sql instances.

Brought in and managed additional, affordable resources to assist with basic wordpress, woocommerce themes issues, and managed the remote team schedule, priorities, project and task details. Responsible for three corporate entity's internet presences: corporate websites, retail shops, product catalogs, mobile apps as well as paypal accounts, bitcoin accounts and payment systems integrations. Wrote custom PHP and Node.js implemntations of a word-press/woo-commerce add-in for Kibo Integration in PHP to deliver customer shopping cart contents to the Kibo order routing system for manufacturer's to push orders out to local or proximity-based resellers.

07/2009 – 2015

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Asset Management Systems, LLC

Houston, Texas

Actively working on AppMagick : a programming language agnostic, source code generation system based on simplified, high-level XML description processing script and language specific templates for automatically generating bug-free source code in C/C++/C#/Objective-, Java and now PHP, specifically targeting iPhone, Android and WinPhone Mobile platforms, but easily expandable to any language, any platform. In-Progress Enhancements include cross-platform C# Business-Logic shareable from all Front-Ends and auto-generation of PHP back-end (PHP Source, SQL code,,and REST APIs) and front-end (HTML5/JS/CSS) for today's modern browsers.

Designed and developed proprietary, multi-user/multi-role LAN/WAN banking system as a suite of windows applications using PowerBuilder 12.x, including a custom accounting solution for an investment services firm anda nation-wide bank.

Developed custom Ruby on Rails RedMine-based app to suit company needs as an auditable workflow engine for applications, applications development and compliance-oriented auditable revision tracking.

Designed and implemented various websites on LAMP, including a multi-seller store marketplace site similar to Etsy but for specific niche markets as well as a general-purpose, product-based, single-store site with affiliate and reseller programs for a jewelry artistry, production and resale organization, etc.

6/2003 – 07/2009

Chief Technology Officer

SwiftBoo, LLC

Austin, Texas

Designed and implemented various websites on LAMP, including e-commerce Sites, Community Sites, and Corporate Sites, including custom PHP/MySQL applications for tracking Diabetic Calendars, Tracking Marketing Campaigns, Landing Pages, etc.

Implemented SWHORL, an SQRL-based, Two-Factor Authentication System for Secure Login from a mobile client application or desktop client, with PHP and .NET servers, including cross platform C= .NET desktop (Windows, OSX, Linux GTK) and mobile app (iOS, Android, WinPhone.)

Designed and developed proprietary, international Hedge Fund and Fund of Funds accounting system windows applications using Java and internal Applications builder.

6/2003 – 04/2009

Independent Contractor

Schonfeld Tools, LLC

Jericho, NY

Built and managed development team for Windows-based trading platform for day traders predominantly in C++, MFC, and ATL.

Designed and implemented new infrastructure and applications for multi-tier linux-based market data delivery servers and order execution and management servers in C/C++.

Architected and prototyped multiple back-end server infrastructure systems for quote delivery and order processing.

11/2002 - 6/2003

Independent Contractor

SunGard Trading Systems

Jersey City, New Jersey

Assisted in port of Solaris Servers to Linux achieving a PC based solution with significant performance improvements in C++.

Led development team in design and implementation of Windows User Interface and underlying n-Tier architecture in C# and .NET of a very large, scalable Trading Management Platform to replace an existing Motif product. Windows version added to original feature set including features such as Real-Time charting.

4/2001 - 11/2002

Vice President, Development

Instinet, Inc.

Austin, Texas

Responsible for all software development related activities, including product management, software development team management, quality assurance, etc. of newly acquired ProTrader, Inc. including many different complex and real-time quote and order delivery servers in C++ on Windows and Linux, as well as the Windows GUI Trading Platform, Gr8Trade, based on C++ and MFC, for stock traders, including charting and order entry functionality.

Participated in developing the initial version of the Instinet Portal, a new trading platform for existing Instinet clients in C++ and MFC.

Assisted in the integration challenges of the Instinet acquisition, including both resources and technology.

Architected and prototyped multiple back-end server infrastructure systems in Win32 and Linux predominantly in C++.

8/1999 – 4/2001

Chief Technology Officer

Austin, Texas

Developed Business Plan, Recruited Advisors, Senior Management Staff, and worked with Venture Capital companies to obtain funding. Co-authored Marketing, Financial, and Technical Documents, Patents.

Responsible for product management and web development of extensive Website providing customization services, statistics, news, message boards and other community related functionality based on MS Internet Information Server.

Helped negotiate various corporate contracts, including branding deals with organizations such as the USTA and ITA, and individuals such as John McEnroe.

7/1996 - 8/1999

Director of Development

Austin, Texas

Implemented and managed, from concept to reality, a fully functional Windows-based Personal Medical Record application for tracking a wide variety of medical information and history in MFC, ATL, STL, Win32 and C++.

Assisted in development of business plan and materials leading to the organization’s $90 million IPO. managed and trained development staff during high-growth period.

7/1994 - 7/1996

Senior Architect

Integra International, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona

Created and managed new Horizontal Products Division from 0 to 50 developers.

Negotiated multi-million dollar contracts for out-sourcing development from Microsoft. Created “Microsoft South” development team and contributed management, design and code to projects like Exchange Server (COM in C and Assembly) and Outlook (MFC and C

Developed WinBeep, award-wining text pager communication system, paging components for Dell SafeSite in MFC and C++. Developed innovative new solutions and features for various products, on time and within budget.

5/1992 - 7/1994

Senior Software Engineer

Artisoft, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona

Developed LANtastic for Windows, award-winning Network Operating System.

Developed a variety of applications, utilities, hardware drivers and installers in Assembly, C and C++, including modem-sharing and network backup software. Software included both MS-DOS and Windows TSRs, applications, and virtual device drivers for 16- and 32-bit Windows variants.

6/1990 - 5/1992

Software Engineer

MIDAK International, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona

Participated in developing Inventory Management Systems for Fortune 500 companies like Hughes Aircraft, Motorola, and IBM.

Developed applications and utilities in C under MS-DOS, OS/2 and Windows and in custom languages for hand-held bar-code scanning equipment, bar-code printers, part carousels and other custom peripherals.


May 1990

University of Maryland

Heidelberg, Germany

Successfully Completed Bachelor of Science, Information Systems Management (then IFSM, later known as MIS) with a Major in Computer Science in record-breaking time:

Completed the 4-year program in 2 years, 3 months.

Graduated at 17, the university’s youngest graduate.

Grade Point Average: 3.0 with simultaneous double-course load



(Pilot’s License: 1/3 complete)


Bungee-Cord Jumping

(Max Jump To Date: 300 ft.)

Scuba (PADI-Certified)





Worldwide Travel



Study of Origins

Classic Cars

Muscle Cars



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