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Mechanical Engineer Design

Gainesville, Florida, United States
September 28, 2018

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**** ** **** **** *********** FL-32608(WILLING TO RELOCATE) +1-352-***-**** LinkedIn SUMMARY

Enthusiastic and hardworking Mechanical Engineer with a versatile skill set for diverse applications. Passionate about working for a better future through sustainable product design, testing and FE analysis. Confident with working in teams and leading it. Can work efficiently in a high energy environment and under pressure. Strong project management, troubleshooting and communication skills. EDUCATION

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering - (GPA – 3.96/4.0) Aug’16 - May’18 University of Florida - Gainesville, FL, USA

Achievements: Member of Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. Received the ‘Achievement Award Scholarship’ worth $4500/sem. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering - (First Class with Distinction) July’11 - May’15 Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) - Mumbai, India SKILLS & COURSEWORK

Relevant Coursework: FEA, Additive Manufacturing, Design Optimization, Design of Machine Elements, Mechanics of Materials, Adv. Structural Composites, Failure in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing Management, Mechanics of Materials, Heat Transfer. Technical skills: Product Design DFM V&V Project Management Rapid Prototyping GD&T FMEA RCA Data Analysis CAE Software package: ABAQUS, ANSYS, AutoCAD, Autodesk, Creo, HyperWorks, Insight, Ls-Dyna, Matlab, MS Office, SolidWorks, Slic3r. EXPERIENCE

The Tech Toybox (Start-up)– Gainesville, FL, USA Jul’18 - Present Product Design Intern

• Communicating with clients on multiple projects to interactively develop specifications for intended proof-of-concept prototypes.

• Developing product design concepts considering design control procedures, design for manufacturing principles (DFM) and performing FEA using CAD/CAE tools (Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360, SolidWorks, ABAQUS).

• Creating prototypes using tools including CNC machining, laser cutting, milling, drilling, lathe & 3D printing (MakerBot Replicator).

• Performed root cause analysis to identify reasons for improper functioning of the 3D printers and responsible for its maintenance.

• Executing V&V and QA protocols at every stage of the product development cycle to ensure products satisfy customer standards. University of Florida – Gainesville, FL, USA Jul’17 - May’18 Voluntary Research Assistant: New Product Design, 3D Planning and Clinical Application of Patient Specific Medical Devices

• Designed and manufactured medical implants and fixtures to improve accuracy & efficiency of Orthopedic surgical procedures.

• Conceptualized & developed the prototypes using 3-matic, Mimics, SolidWorks and verified functionality via virtual simulation.

• Utilized FDM 3D printing (Stratasys Fortus 450mc) using medical grade materials ABS, PC-ISO and Ultem that meet FDA standards.

• Consulted directly with surgeons to troubleshoot failure, tolerance and performance challenges for the 3D printed devices.

• Validated the devices by collecting data from field testing in cadaver labs and on 3D bone models, to improve designs iteratively.

• Successfully developed the workflow, met deadlines achieved repeatability in results and reduced surgery time by almost 85%. Shroff & Associates Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (SAEPL) – Mumbai, India Jan’16 - Jul’16 Mechanical Engineering Intern

• Designed Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks for large scale pharmaceutical plants in accordance with ASME, API, ISO Codes.

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams & vendors to evaluate customer needs and create design and material specifications.

• Created standardized spreadsheets for product design calculations and CAD models/drawings consistent with GD&T principles.

• Gained hands-on metal cutting, grinding and welding experience on the machine shop floor during rec. solvent unit fabrication.

• Performed design validation using destructive and non-destructive testing protocols to identify potential failure modes.

• Assisted with root cause analysis and for agrochemical unit weldment failure and initiated DFMEA study to mitigate risk.

• Managed PLM documentation, design review & release, BoM and client feedback reports to streamline product development. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. – Mumbai, India Jun’14 - Jul’14 Mechanical Design Intern – Heavy Engineering Department

• Designed and performed stress analysis for Heat Exchanger components and subsystems for two projects using TEMA Codes.

• Conducted design review and provided modifications to tubesheet, blanks, partition plates & tube layout to improve productivity.

• Prepared project reports and presentations on product design evaluation to facilitate interactions with clients and vendors. RESEARCH PROJECTS

Multi-cell Structure for Vehicle Crashworthiness Simulation using Explicit Nonlinear Finite Element Code Jan’18 - May’18

• Designed low-fidelity hexagonal multi-cell tube structures, based on the ability to maximize the energy absorption on impact.

• Tested each structure for multiple loading cases and checked for controlled progressive collapse to obtain optimum.

• Successfully incorporated the structure in the crash-box of a high-fidelity full car model achieving 25% more crash efficiency.

• Executed DOE, CAE, & 3D CAD on tools like HyperMesh, Ls-Dyna, MS Excel, Matlab (correlation analysis, optimization), and Creo. Human Gait Analysis using Force plates, EMG and Motion Capture (VICON) Equipment Data Aug’17 - Oct’17

• Researched and developed a method for kinetic & kinematic joint analysis of lower extremities using experimental test data.

• Calibrated lab equipment & conducted experiments, obtaining data for various actions from abnormal gait patterns to sprinting.

• Analyzed & correlated experimental data by developing algorithms to accurately calculate hip, knee and ankle joint kinematics.

• Validated the joint angles and moments by performing inverse dynamics on OpenSim, achieving 95% correlation. Tool Design and Nonlinear Finite Element Simulation of Die-Stamping Manufacturing Process Mar’17 - May’17

• Developed an accurate numerical simulation technology to analyze sheet metal forming process using ABAQUS.

• Implemented technical aspects such as elastoplasticity, frictional contact, implicit time integration, and spring-back estimation.

• Investigated the effect of blank holder force on simulation results for 3D solid (C3D8R) & shell (S4R) elements.

• Validated stress, deformation, spring-back results and thickness variation achieving 90% correlation with experimental test data. Design of Frame/Truss Structures using Topology and Sizing Optimization Feb’17 - May’17

• Developed an algorithm to determine the optimum topology (shape) of the structure by minimizing compliance for given BCs.

• Implemented sizing optimization using CalFEM model, ABAQUS and MATLAB routines satisfying DFM/DFA considerations.

• Successfully tested the code on practical applications to achieve significant weight reduction (ranging from 35-58%). Optimization of Engine Gasket Model and obtaining its Hyperelastic Material Properties Jan’17 - Mar’17

• Designed and simulated the gasket cross section using ABAQUS and analyzed its closure to reduce the gaps causing oil leakage.

• Analyzed stress-strain test data for hyperelastic materials and implemented nonlinear regression analysis by fitting test data to Mooney Rivlin and Ogden models to obtain the material parameters.

• Performed nonlinear FE and convergence analysis achieving a gap reduction of 85% and obtaining uniform contact pressure. Project Trainee at Bhabha Atomic Research Center – Mumbai, India Jan’15 - Dec’15

• Researched Heliostat Gear Drive relevant to Solar Thermal Technology Development and recommended harmonic and cone drive.

• Reengineered the heliostat assembly (truss structure, gear housing and shaft) and performed static and fatigue analysis both theoretically and on ANSYS.

• Achieved 38% weight reduction and significant cost saving while maintaining optimum performance and reliability.

• Designed experiments to test and validate Opto-thermal properties of selective coatings (Pyromark and Silicone Carbide) for application on the receiver.


• Graduate Teaching Assistant (2 courses) - Finite Element Analysis & Statistical Data Measurement and Analysis Jan’18-May’18

• Organizing K-12 outreach events as GatorTrax Committee Member at Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. Aug’17 - May’18

• Sponsorship Manager at Technovanza, ’14 in-charge of arranging funds and the strategic allocation of budget. May’13 - Feb’14

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