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Assistant Food Service

Oregon, Wisconsin, United States
September 26, 2018

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Greg G. Graf

*** **** ***.

Oregon, WI *****



• Loyal and dedicated to the employing organization

• Teachable when situations, procedures and processes are unclear

• Competent and able to work independently or with a group without supervision

• Possesses valuable customer relation/interaction skills

• Adaptable to a constant policy/procedural changing environment


Massage Therapist – Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa, May 2018 - Present

• Performs, on average, 5-13, 60-120-minute singles or couples massages per week, customizing

each to the specific needs/requests of the clients

• Able to provide Hot/Cold Stone massages as asked for by patrons, and correctly cleans and san-

itizes stones for future use

• Completes Sugar Foot Scrubs as requested by clients

• Restocks 7 massage rooms with required linens

• Loads washer/dryer when soiled linen requires cleaning/drying, and folds linens when dry

Massage Therapist – Blow Dry Style Salon, July 2017 - Present

• Performs, on average, 16-34, 60-90-minute singles or couples massages per week, customizing

each to the specific needs/requests of the clients

• Completes Sugar Foot Scrubs as requested by clients

• Applies contrast therapy as desired by patrons

• Properly implements hydrotherapy as asked for by customers

• Able to perform pregnancy massage utilizing personal postural-enhancing equipment

• Conducts chair massage as requested

• Loads washer/dryer when soiled/clean linen needs cleaning/drying

Driver – Consolidated Food Service, May 2017 – July 2017

• Safely delivers food products to 6 different senior centers and two different locations for the

county jail, daily logging a minimum of 50 accident-free miles

• Adequately passed all background checks for access to jail

• Assists in restocking and replenishing procedures

• Properly prepares controlled portion supplements to meals

• Cleans and sanitizes pans and insulated containers according to Federal guidelines

Assembler – Stoughton Trailers, January 2017 – April 2017

• Prepares and installs Oriented Strand Board (OSB), G-Bond Composite Aluminum Board,

plain or prepared plywood, and wooden, galvanized steel or composite rubber scuffs according

Greg G. Graf

647 Dunn Ave.

Oregon, WI 53575


to customer demands and engineering requirements using various pneumatic and electrical

power tools, adhering them with the required fastener

• Prepares unit shims and end caps as required

• Assists other assemblers as needed and directed

• Utilizes prepared templates to cut or drill boards according to engineering specifications

• Maintains area cleanliness

Cook - Giving Tree Early Learning Academy, August 2016 – January 2017

• Prepared Breakfast, Lunch and an Afternoon Snack for an average of 100 children according to

USDA standards

• Ensures that all eating utensils, kitchen tools and surfaces are properly cleaned and sanitized

• As needed, serves as baker for certain items, meticulously following all recipes

WG-2 Food Service Worker – William S. Middleton VA Hospital, April 2015 – August 2016

• Assisted in properly and accurately assembled and delivered, as prescribed by medical and nu-

tritional professionals, well over 10,000 meals to veterans and their families

• On a daily basis inventoried and restocked required nourishment levels for 13 patient wards

• Excellent interpersonal interaction skills in dealing with obstinate/unruly patients and inform-

ing family members of their potential meal benefits

• Assisted in rotating and restocking bi-weekly frozen, dry goods, vegetable and cold food sup-

plies, properly disposing of recycling materials and regular waste

Kit Packaging Technician Promega Corporation, August 2014 – February 2015

• Responsible for the proper, accurate and complete assembly and verification of over 200,000

chemical component and accessory kits that are utilized in research and laboratory use ranging

from $600 - $10,000 that have been distributed globally

Meat Clerk Econo Foods, September 2013 – May 2014

• Responsible for ensuring all tools, utensils and facilities used in the production of meat prod-

ucts are cleaned and sanitized according to Federal and industry standards

• Assisted in maintaining availability and accountability of meat products for public consumption • Properly wrapped all meat products following prescribed standards for public/private purchase

Military Musician U.S. Army, August 1983 – July 1996, March 1997 – November 2013 Honorable Discharge/Retirement

• Completed over 30 years of combined service between Active Duty and National Guard

• Created an easy retrieval system as a musical librarian for over 8,000 pieces of music and re-

lated materials, and integrated another large music library into the system in a short amount of

time, with a total worth of over $750,000

Greg G. Graf

647 Dunn Ave.

Oregon, WI 53575


• Maintained security and accountability of over $400,000 worth of military equipment

• First line supervisor for a total of 25 personnel

• Human Resource Assistant responsible for the maintenance of company, personal and financial records for three companies and over 120 military personnel, and job placement of over 75 personnel

• Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Supervisor for training a 40-soldier company, and responsible for sizing, ordering, assembling and maintaining all Individual Chemical Equipment

• Security Supervisor for a 50-soldier unit ensuring all security clearances were up to date and maintained

• Safety Supervisor ensuring all that all transportation and operations for over 50 missions were conducted with zero incidents of damage or loss of equipment

• Chaplain’s Assistant responsible for maintenance and cleanliness inside the chapel, and ensuring a continuous fresh appearance outside of the grounds

• Responsible for maintaining, ordering, signing for and restocking expendable chapel supplies

• Maintenance and accountability of all chapel equipment, field equipment, tools, religious articles and clothing for the three major denominations

• Responsible for properly securing, ensuring precise counting, confirming accurate recording, conducting safe transportation and depositing of all chapel offering funds

• In charge of maintaining, and level one repair, of the chapel vehicle, ordering and replacing parts, and safe operations of the vehicle in a variety of treacherous terrain

• Responsible for answering phone calls, scheduling the Chaplains’ appointments, and receiving and directing visitors

• Responsible supervisor for ensuring that all fire extinguishers located in the company areas were maintained, charged, and that the attached tags were annotated properly


• Military semi-truck and bus driver, logging over 45,000 miles of accident-free driving over a combined time of 14 years

• Successful mail distributor/processor for The Wisconsin Military Department of Military Affairs responsible for the reception, safeguarding and proper distribution of incoming correspondence/packages; Accountable for weighing, properly labeling and distributing outgoing correspondence/packages

• Mail Clerk for the Department of Workforce Development confirming all required forms and documents were properly enclosed, in order, for recipients, sealed the envelopes, and that the addresses were visible in the envelope window; Assisted in the correct assembling of documents

for hundreds of program folders; Properly shredded thousands of expired confidential documents in accordance with regulations

Greg G. Graf

647 Dunn Ave.

Oregon, WI 53575


• Mail processor for the City of Baltimore, Maryland ensuring addresses for all correspondence were visible; Properly trayed all correspondence and correctly loaded those trays into designated carts for transportation and residential distribution

• Environmental engineer for the Chesapeake Spice Processing plant ensuring all equipment was properly cleaned, sanitized and prepared for use; Operated a forklift to move materials and products for processing

• Refuse manager for Maryland Bay Contracting, ensuring maximum capacity was properly achieved and container was completely filled; also performed duties as materials distributor, ensuring all contracts at various locations had available all the materials needed to complete the job; and performed duties as receptionist, operating a telephone switchboard to answer, screen or forward calls to provide information or take messages, and performed general office duties such as modifying/improving/implementing a new, contemporary filing system

Assistant Band Instrument Repair Technician responsible for cleaning and performing minor repairs to all the University of Wisconsin – Madison brass marching band instruments

• Urinalysis Supervisor for a 50-soldier unit ensuring that proper monthly/weekly collection occurred, secured sealing for the both the containers and the box, accurate information was on the containers, correct shipping practices were used, and that the required paperwork was all in order according to regulations and guidelines

• Member of the 4-soldier security detail responsible for a year of 24-hour, 7 days a week monitoring of the State of Wisconsin’s Adjutant Generals secret email account recording and reporting all emergencies that might occur

• Member of two different State Veterans Burial Teams responsible for respectfully honoring the life and service of deceased veterans, and the reverential presentation of our Nations’ Flag to the family members, and the performance of Taps, for over 300 funerals

• Assigned with the responsibility of locating $100,000 worth misplaced military equipment with the appropriate hand receipts and their holders, and reconciling those hand receipts

• Assisted with maintenance and proper filing for three years of military retired records, and the scanning of thousands of military documents when the Wisconsin Army National Guard changed from paper to digital media, and the proper shredding of thousands of retired military documents

• Industrial laundry worker responsible for the proper and regulated sorting, laundering and ironing of hospital, public schools and private establishment linens; I have worked with up to a 400-pound washer, water removers, dryers and up to 50’/minuet mangles; cleaned, sanitized and lined plastic hospital transport containers; safely operated a tie machine and a towel folding machine; driver for transporting clean hospital laundry and retrieval of soiled laundry

• In a field training environment, was a leading member of the security detail entrusted with constructing and securing the security center for the senior leadership of the Division, and part of the supervisory leadership of the 24/7 security patrols

• While deployed to Operation Desert Storm, was a member of the 30-soldier POW Transport and Security Team, using vehicular and air transport, safely and securely relocating over well over 300 members of the opposing force and civilians for processing

Greg G. Graf

647 Dunn Ave.

Oregon, WI 53575



Diploma, Band Instrument Repair Program, May 2014, Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical, 308 Pioneer Rd., Red Wing, MN 55066 651-***-****

Bachelor of Science Degree, Liberal Studies, January 2012 Excelsior College 7 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5159 518-***-****

Diploma, Massage Therapist, September 2006 Lakeside School of Massage Therapy, 6121 Odana Rd., Madison, WI 53719 or 1726 N. 1st Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212 414-***-****

Diploma, Primary – 1988, Intermediate – 1994 and Senior – 2004 Leadership Level Schools

United States Army, 1420 Gator Boulevard, Virginia Beach, VA 23459-2617

Diploma, Wisconsin Voice of Christian Youth Central, 3434 W. Kilbourne Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53208-3313 414-***-****

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