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Manager, Engineering Project Management

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
September 19, 2018

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Manager, Product Design Project Management

Apple Inc., China (July 2013 – Present)

Created the processes & systems to drive day-to-day engineering activities, on-site at OEM & component vendors.

Identified needs & provided our vendors with the resources necessary to execute projects successfully.

Built relationships & maintained communications among Apple project teams in the U.S., China, Switzerland & Apple vendors world-wide.

Reported to Apple’s executive management at Cupertino, California.

iPad Pro 9.7, 10.5 & 12.9-inch – Smart Keyboards

Took the Smart Keyboard program from concept review into mass production.

Managed cross-functional product development among numerous design teams.

Executed all SMT builds for MLBs and flexes, line-bring-up & station qualifications for final product assembly, hardware test & pack-out.

Implemented the Smart-Connector transfer of both data & power over several platforms.

Created a precision debossed custom-woven fabric coated with a water-resistant finish with laser ablation in key areas to remove 10~12um of coating (allowing for maximized key-feel and click-ratio).

iPhone 8, 8+ & iPhone X – Silicone & Leather Cases and Folios

Supervised numerous programs to produce precision molded inner shells: 0.7mm PC wall-stock (+Arnitel); flatness tolerances of 50µm; multi-pole embedded magnets in fillers; CNC machined buttons with profile tolerances of 60µm and color-matched anno finishes.

Achieved the world’s smallest PEM for button-to-filler attachment on case for 122~129 Kg/PEM pull-force to survive 1m drop testing.

Watch Series 1, 2 & 3 – Leather Loop, Classic Buckle & Modern Buckle

High-precision CNC machining of metal components (SUS 316L) with 40µm tolerancing on complex profiles. (Note: only 5.1% of the outer ring surfaces are flat.)

24 discreet magnets with 40 unique magnetic poles for a smooth, consistent button unlatch experience.

Precision compression molded fillers at 240µm thickness with 80µm die-cut profiles on a 21 offset face angle.

Vectran reinforced structure for bands to outlast rigid reliability testing (heat soak, slide tests, on/off cycling, rock tumble), chemical testing & torsion testing without stretching more than 1mm.

Qualified over 770 CNC cells to meet production targets.

Senior Manager, Front End Innovation

Hayco Group, Hong Kong (July 2012 – July 2013)

Hands-on program management, from project discovery, through evaluation, into development and provisional specification release creating a fully-charted design release on consumer hand-held products.

Managed the integrated innovation design staff both Chinese nationals and international expatriates.

Managed the rapid prototype facility containing SLS, FEM, Object, 3D Printing and Silicone Casting equipment.

Trained local staff on North American design standards & efficiencies, with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Mould-Flow Analysis, and early incorporation of Industrial Design with proper visual design language.

Responsible for incorporating test engineering early in the development stage, utilizing in-circuit test, circuit card functional test & module functional test stations for accurate design & PCBA validation.

Tool design & manufacture for our main customers: Brita, Philips, Procter & Gamble and Unilever.

Team Lead, New Product Introduction

SMART Technologies, Calgary AB (Aug. 2008 – July 2012)

Lightraise 60wi Interactive Projector

Introduced the world’s first interactive projector solution with write capability of both pen and finger from first concept to volume production in 13 months.

Laser alignment assemblies: infrared lasers optically aligned to a collimator lens within 6 microns.

Micro-electronics: SMT on PCB & Flex; flip-chip packages; 2 mils wire-bonding and chip modules 2.5 x 2.0 6L.

Managed the final design into manufacturing, ensuring sufficient test coverage stations and process controls (poka-yoke) in place to build a repeatable, quality product.

UX60 Projector System

Introduced the world’s shortest-throw projector system, projecting images only 12” away from an interactive whiteboard from first concept to volume production in 11 months.

Completed design-for-manufacturing capabilities on a part-by-part basis.

Tracked all cross functional critical paths on a daily basis for quality, test, procurement, planning & process engineering.

Managed complex development collaboratively with our internal product development team, into supply-chain design partnering with Texas Instruments, Japanese precision injection molders, and a light-engine projector manufacturer in China.

Managed precise lens tolerances & part-to-print tooling within 10 microns across a 165mm profiles.

SB8055i/SB8070i - Multi-Touch LCD Panels

ID, tech-trial & usability reviews, with product marketing for consumer concept feedback.

Supported all trials on mechanical parts (plastics & metal) and SMT (PCB & CCA) builds at CM’s and ODM’s.

Precision camera assembly optical lens assemblies aligned onto ASIC sensors within 8 microns.

Designed, built & implemented micro-electronic functional test stations for mass production: ICT, Circuit Card Functional Test, Boundary Scan Test, Lens Focus & Calibration & System functional test.

Managed complex design development, collaboratively with our internal product development team into the supply-chain (Texas Instruments, Precision Molders, SMT with Micro-BGA’s with final assembly in Mexico).

International Program Manager

Nadfinlo Plastics Company, Hong Kong (June 2007 – Aug. 2008)

Brought-in 280 North American-sourced RFQs all new contacts: automotive OEMs, consumer & industrial plastics, medical suppliers, and giant US retailers.

Designed (to math data, production schedules & final models) & marketed to the 3 top US retail chains unique consumer products with the most cost-effective production cost structures known in the industry.

3 months spent in China training management on North American standards & efficiencies in tool-builds & parts production (the importance of shaving seconds off cycle times, and how to implement this efficiency starting with tool design).

Designed, implemented & supervised parametric modeling assemblies from rough sketch concepts to rapid prototyping & final 3D surfaced data.

Sourced work & managed projects for companies such as: PlayPower, Rubbermaid, Coleman, and OEM’s sourcing for Daimler-Chrysler, General-Motors & Lexus.

Senior Program Manager, Product Development

Thinking Outside, Detroit MI (June 2001 – June 2007)

Managed 8 Automotive OEM Programs:

Responsible for co-development programs for our main customers: Bhar Inc, Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, KSR International, Magna, Tiercon, Ventra & Visteon.

Global supply chain management: structural foam, compression, plastic injection, blowmoulded & rotational tooling, metal roll-forming & die-stamping. 54% tool-cost reduction achieved through China-sourcing.

Secondary operations: approved designs & managed equipment builds, SMT lines, fixtures & jigs.

Estimated tooling, production & project costs based on conceptual preliminary CAD data.

Detailed job-tracking analyses to document & then maximize production efficiencies.

Responsible for the entire tool-build & production programs, from concept data to final tool-build and production line approvals.

Competed very successfully in high tolerance, part-to-print GD&T moulds.

Became lead supplier to an international OEM automotive supplier, by changing to part-to-print bidding, based on a study of known geometries I initiated.

Obtained ongoing experimental prototypes, ensuring intermediate-term product development work for the specialist group.

ISO 9001:2000 - Management Representative, maintaining the ISO designation.

Formal Education

St. Clair College, Windsor, ON

Manufacturing & Mechanical Technology Diploma

Mechanical Engineering Degree

Automotive Partnership Seminar Series (Release Notes).

Plastics Compression Technology.

Tooling Cost Reduction Feasibility Studies.

Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB

Advanced Mandarin Level III.

University of Calgary, AB

PMP Certification in process. (Completed Level I & Level II.)




Unigraphics NX10, Pro-E, SolidWorks 2012, VISI International & Tool Path.

WHMIS & ISO 9001 Certified.

Microsoft Project & Microsoft Office Suite.

Keynote, Numbers and Pages.

JMP Statistical Software & Data Visualization.

vTech Solution, Inc.

Victoria, British Columbia

Job Posting: Senior Project Manager

September 19, 2018

Dear Sir or Madam:

Presently I manage a team of Engineering Program Managers in Product Design at Apple Inc. During the past 5 years, we’ve successfully taken 23 programs from proof-of-concept into mass production:

iPad Air & iPad Pro Ecosystem covers, cases, sleeves & Smart-Keyboards.

iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone SE accessories, cases & folios.

Apple Watch accessories.

HomePod housing enclosure.

I was Apple’s first in-region (China) Engineering Program Manager for core input devices, growing the team to 8 members. I led cross-functional teams of electrical, software & mechanical engineers. Working under extremely aggressive schedules, we delivered revolutionary, precisely manufactured Apple products.

Before moving to China, I was Team Lead of New Product Introduction at SMART Technologies (Calgary, AB). We successfully launched 4 major projects into new markets, accounting for 38% of sales:

UF55 & UF65 - Entry level short-throw projectors featuring a filter-free design using DLP technology.

UX60 - World’s shortest-throw projector system - a premium product in the market.

SB8055i/8070i - dual-touch interactive LCD panels with gesture capability.

60wi - Short-throw interactive projector system – projecting a 104” diagonal interactive image on any flat wall surface. First to market with both pen and finger touch/gesture capability. (At the time the market only supported active pen.)

Using contract-manufacturers in Mexico, Japan and China, we were able to lower initial project NRE and tooling capital by 46%.

All these programs were brought-in on-time and under-budget. This meant hands-on management from initial concept, approval of all data design files, time-lines & build schedules & detailed job-cost tracking.

If you feel your company could use a person with proven capabilities, I am available at your convenience.

Best Regards,

Jesse R. Oliver.


17 Years’ Program Management Experience:

6 years China

4 years Calgary, AB

7 years Detroit, MI.

Automotive &

non-automotive program tool-builds.



on-time &


Substantial cost savings realized

via international sourcing.

Monte-Carlo Analysis

Autodesk Mold-Flow Insight (MPI)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)



3D Modeling & Design.

Unigraphics NX10

SolidWorks 2012

St. Clair College Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering.

Solid References.

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