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Oracle Manager

Bowie, MD
September 14, 2018

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Oracle Database Administrator 479-***-****


State Farm Insurance Company - Bloomington, IL

July 2015 – July 2018

Oracle Database Administrator

Troubleshooting ORACLE RAC issues using ORACLE cluster ware and Database logs.

Applied the Clusterware (GI), Database (RDBMS) Patches i.e PSU patches and one-off patches (for Bug resolution) using opatch.

Upgraded the RAC and standalone databases from 10g ( and to 11g (, and and 11g to 12c. as part of performance improvement by utilizing the new features. Also upgraded 11g ( Databases to 12c (

Creation, Configuration and Setting up of RMAN Catalog databases and registering target Databases with the Catalog.

Supported databases running on Peoplesoft FIN application.

Installed Goldengate version 11 and version 12 with latest patches applied on DBFS filesystem and ACFS filesystem, also working testing new OGG 12.2 new features available.

Implemented Goldengate integrated replicat and co-ordinated replicat(available from OGG 12c) to improve the performance of data replication to targets

Troubleshoot and maintain ORACLE Data guard environment where TBs of log shipping and apply happen every day.

Troubleshoot Database Performance issues using OEM, AWR, ASH, TKPROF 10046 traces etc.

Developed custom scripts and implemented standard procedures to troubleshoot Live Production issues by leveraging ORACLE ASH and AWR Data.

Monitor Production Databases using various internal tools and custom scripts.

Optimal Database parameter, Capacity Design for Heavy loaded High End OLTP systems.

Database Capacity Management (Working with Storage teams for ASM Disks) using automated scripts/processes and Reports.

Experience managing Tablespaces, Data Files, Archive Logs, Redo Logs, and Standby Redo Logs and Logical Database Objects.

Performing tuning of application using CBO, SqlTrace, Tkprof, Explain Plan, Statspack, AWR and ASH/ADDM.

Proficient in writing UNIX Shell scripts to automate business process and daily backups.

Involved in capacity and resource planning.

Exposure to new 12c Features, Container and Pluggable Database, FAR-SYNC Instance, Cascade Redo Transport Destination, Allowed usage of SYNC and NOAFFIRM to extend Data Guard Range, Moving online Data file, etc.

Sanitize behavior of SCAN.

Perform failover failback testing.

Follow up on SRs for different issues (SCAN behavior, Node eviction, Failover etc. )

Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (opatch) patches on all the databases.

Refreshing Dev and Test instances with data from Production on a regular basis.

Developed PL/SQL packages, DML, DDL, Oracle tables, Stored Procedures, functions, cursors, triggers and UNIX shell scripts.

Resolving issues related to Network Congestion, Memory (SGA and PGA), CPU & IO and other oracle related issues.

Migration of database from one server to another server.

Responsible for setup and implementation of 2 Node RAC on Linux in 10g and 11g R2.

Responsible for configuring datagaurd physical and standby database setup for high availability and handling synchronization issues between primary and standby.

Implemented ASM on RAC and stand-alone databases. Managing disks and disk groups with ASM.

Done migration of non ASM database to ASM database.

Scheduling and maintaining level 0 and level 1 RMAN (Recovery Manager) backups.

Managing, Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the databases on a periodic basis using AWR, ADDM reports and providing recommendations.

Handling and debugging of high priority and sudden database service interruption issues like service interruption due to ORA-600 errors in the dump and database hung due to ORA 7445 errors and restoring the service to normal and providing efficient root cause analysis.

Upgraded standalone and RAC databases from to 12c on QA database for proof-of-concept

Monitoring free space in tablespaces, space requirements of tables, indexes. Performing database.

Proficient in writing UNIX Shell scripts to automate business process and daily backup.

Experience with testing and pre-production and production of Oracle 10gR2 with 2 node RAC on Red Hat Linux with ASM

Vast Experience with RMAN to implement Backup/Recovery strategies and clear understanding of the data structures and architecture provided by Oracle for Recovery in all kinds of Disasters.

Capacity Planning for OLTP environment- Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the existing and new databases.

Proactive performance monitoring by implementing UNIX scripts and automated jobs (Grid) for alerts.

Refreshing databases and Migration of databases from various environments for Testing, Development work.

Developed database system build sheets, code review check lists, code promotion process documents, outage reporting documents.

Sizing the SGA, db buffers, shared SQL area, log buffer based on the requirements.

Johnson Controls - Milwaukee, WI

April 2012 – June 2015

Oracle Production Support Database Administrator

Successfully installed and configured Oracle, Oracle databases on AIX platforms.

Monitored different databases and application servers using Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 10g Grid Control.

Loading data from flat files to database using SQL*Loader, External Tables.

Supported databases running on Peoplesoft HR application

Automated the processes like moving files, managing alert log, efficient backup by developing UNIX scripts.

Involved in the installation, configuration and extended support to Oracle 11g, 10g two Node RAC (Real Application Cluster) with ASM file system on AIX platform.

Involved in converting a single instance database to Oracle 11g, 10g RAC databases.

Installed ASM environment and migrated databases from NON-ASM to ASM.

Used TOAD for database management.

Performed SQL and PL/SQL tuning, oracle contention and monitored production database using automatic workload repository (AWR), automatic database diagnostic monitor (ADDM) and Active Session History (ASH).

Worked closely with the Oracle developers for the better performance in Applications in writing the Packages, Triggers and Indexes on the tables.

Database refreshes using expdp, impdp, RMAN Duplicate and cloning.

Experienced in cloning the databases using HOT and COLD backups.

Used RMAN Duplicate and HOT/COLD backups to migrate the data from to

Made optimal use of Oracle Support in resolving the SRs.

24 X 7 Production & Development database support and administration.

Extensively used AWR, ADDM and explain plan for periodic performance tuning.

Implementing Datapump, conventional export/import utility of Oracle 11g, 10g for re-organizing Databases/Schemas/Tables to improve the performance.

Used import/export utilities for cloning/migration of small sized databases and Datapump import/export to move data between 9i and 10g/11g environments.

Implemented proactive monitoring using Tuning Pack, Diagnostics Pack, and STATSPACK, SQL Trace & TKPROF, EXPLAIN PLAN.

Database monitoring/maintenance, replication process and performance tuning are done using OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager).

Experience in implementation of enterprise databases on enterprise Storage Solutions using Storage area Networks (SAN) and Network attached storage (NAS).

Documented the Standard Processes for peers to follow.

Applying upgrade patch, maintenance and interim (opatch) patches on all the databases.

Implemented Flashback technology of the Oracle 11g, 10g along with Recyclebin for a faster recovery of the databases and database objects.

Performed full & incremental backup (cumulative and differential) using RMAN and implemented recovery strategies.

Refreshed/cloned databases using RMAN utility.

Performed Database upgrade from Oracle 9i ( to Oracle 10g ( and to Oracle 11g ( RAC database.

Successful in applying RDBMS patches, security patches for improving the security and functionality of the databases.

Achieved optimized performance for the databases by rebuilding indexes, on tables and indexes.

Professional Skills

Over 5 years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator having hands and experience in database installation, administration, configuration, production support, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, space management, database security, cloning, migration, shell scripting and documentation.

Over 3years of experience as a sql server 2012 database administrator, creating databases, backup and recovery, and monitoring of system health and performance, to ensure high levels of performance, availability, and security.

Experienced in working on Exadata and Oracle Scan.

Highly Experienced in Hot/Cold Backup and Recovery and Cloning of databases using RMAN.

Highly experienced with capacity planning and release deployment

Have strong experience with capacity planning and release deployment

Strong SQL writing experience (joins, unions, sub-queries,packages,functions)

Supported database running on Peoplesoft HR and FIN

Worked on Data transferring with export/import utilities and Data pump.

Highly experienced in performance monitoring/tuning/troubleshooting.

Oracle Database performance-tuning services with EXPLAIN PLAN, TKPROF, STATSPACK, SQL TRACE. Applying patches under UNIX platform.

Planned and implemented high availability solutions such as Real Application Cluster (RAC) in Oracle 11gR2 Grid and 10g on ASM and OCSF2 file systems.

Highly experienced in Oracle 11g, 10g Automatic Storage Management (ASM) required to fulfill the storage needs.

Oracle GoldenGate experience with Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Oracle GoldenGate 11g/12c replication setup across heterogeneous database servers and ensure data synchronization.

Experience in Performance tuning of Oracle GoldenGate Processes to achieve zero lag times.

Hands on experience on using of macros, conflict resolution, filtering and transformation, exception handlers and Security.

Installed, configured and maintained Physical, Logical, Active standby databases supported by Data guard on Oracle 11g, 10g RAC servers for the purpose of disaster recovery procedures.

Configured Manager, Replicate and Extract processes and implemented unidirectional, bidirectional replication using Oracle 11g Golden Gate on RHEL 5 platform.

UNIX shell scripts for hot backups, SQL*Loader, export and import of database.

Proficient with Database Cloning, Migration, and Patching of Oracle Databases.

Installed Oracle 11g with ASM and OCFS2 File systems.

Extensive Experience with RMAN Backups, Hot Backups and Logical Backups.

Extensively implemented Datapump, conventional Export/Import (Oracle 11g, 10g) for migration and logical backup of database.

Strong skills in applying security patches (Patch set, Critical Patch Updates (CPU) / Patch Set Updates (PSU), One-off Patch) using “runInstaller” and perl based utility “opatch”.

Highly experienced in implementing Oracle's Transportable Tablespace (TTS) feature using Datapump Export/Import (Oracle 11g, 10g) allowing users to quickly move a user Tablespace across Oracle databases.

Expertise in implementing data refreshes (at database, schema & table level) using RMAN utility and Datapump, conventional Export/Import of Oracle 11g, 10g.

Implemented Hot/Cold physical backups (Incremental and full), cloning, duplicating of databases using RMAN with VERITAS Net Backup & IBM TSM.

Experienced in using 10g features like 10g RMAN, Data pump Flash-Back Recovery and ASM.

Knowledge of Database Recovery Techniques and implementation of those recovery techniques to ensure business continuity.

Expertise in maintaining Database Security using auditing.

Experience in Data Migrations.

Experience in doing upgrades including maintenance & monitoring implementation.

Extensive knowledge in UNIX platforms includes HP, SOLARIS, AIX, and LINUX.

Knowledge in configuring ASM (Automatic Storage Management)

UNIX Systems Administration - Database and application integration efforts. Heavy UNIX shell scripting, CRON jobs.

Strong communication skills - verbal and written in English and French, Strong documentation skills.

Strong leadership skills with attention to detail


Mukete Counsulting USA SAP BI Training

Mukete consulting USA SAP FICO Training

the Project Management Institute CAPM

University of Buea Bsc.Accounting

Technical Skills

Front-End Tools:

MS Excel, MS Word, MS Visio, MS Project


Oracle 11g, Oracle 10g, Oracle 12c

Oracle Database tools:


Operating Systems:

Solaris 10/9/8, Sun Sparc, RHEL 5.X/4.X, OEL, HP UX 11i, Windows 2000/2003 server

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