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Personal Care Manager

Trenton, NJ
June 21, 2018

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William F. Coyer Sr.

** ********* *****

Lawrenceville, New Jersey 08648


Tel 609-***-****

Current founder and developer of Medtech TLC Inc. Mr. Coyer has more than 40 years of domestic and international experience developing, sourcing and merchandising.

Establishing. MyPaintagram Inc. 2013-2015


Mr. Coyer Company Willcore LLC was in the development of a software with NYU

C.A.T. (Center for Advance Technology) Dr. Kenneth Perlin and Dr. Aaron P. Hertzmann. NYU Obtained a USA and Canadian patent called Method and system for generating an image having a hand-painted appearance. This unique software was developed that would create a painted work of art as if a professional artist had painted it. This software was ongoing development for speed and actuality for over Eight (8) years. The finished software now will create a painting in less than a minute from a photo that a professional artist can follow and paint over the canvas, and paint with acrylic or fine oil paint, brushstroke by brushstroke for a hand painted work of art, in a very short time.

2008-2004 Mr. Coyer served as president & CEO and owner of Medtech Inc. This corporation was the USA distributor for a TENS product called SolTens. Medtech received (FDA Approval) to sell this product in the USA. It was sold through doctors and it required a prescription from the doctors to the patients. Medtech sold over 300,000 units in the USA in 4 years. In its 5 year the company was sold.

2005-2000 Mr. Coyer served as President & CEO of America Direct Inc... a pioneer company utilizing direct response television (infomercial) to introduce its proprietary product and prime the market for retail distribution worldwide. Mr. Coyer was the inventor of the hair care product JetAire, which was a very successful infomercial product worldwide and sold over 4 million units.

2000-1985 Mr. Coyer was president and CEO of Innovative Designers Products Inc. This Company manufactured personal care products, that were marketed worldwide under the logo of actress/model Ms. Brook Shields

1985-1974 Mr. Coyer was President and CEO of Eltrinc Inc. This corporation maintained offices in Hong Kong (Main) Taipei, Tokyo, Soul. Eltrinic represented several Fareast manufactures in the personal care industry, selling products to the retail market in the USA and Canada. Eltrinic Inc. owned a Hong Kong Ltd company called Meiji International Ltd. This company developed and patented a unique smoke alarm, USA and world patents were obtained. This smoke Alarm was called LiteAlife, it was a smoke alarm with 2 lights that hung on a door and was removable, when it was activated it would sound an alarm and both lights would come on so the person could take the unit and see their way out to safety. This alarm was sold worldwide.

1973-1968 Mr. Coyer was Vice President and National sales Manager for a New York company Equality Products. This company was an importer of personal care products that were sold to the retail market in the USA and Canada

1967-1963 Mr. Coyer was a Buyer for a department store located in Rochester NY McCurdys Inc.

1962-1959 Mr. Coyer attended Business School, Rochester Business School located in Rochester NY. Mr. Coyer received a degree in business administration and Marketing.

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