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Mechanical Engineer Power Plant

Maple, Ontario, L6A 1W9, Canada
June 12, 2018

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**** *** **** *****, ***. *,

Pikesville, MD 21208-3212

Home phone: 410-***-****


****-**** ********* *&S Institute of Fire Protection: Advanced Studies. Kiev, Ukraine

Certificate on: Senior Scientist on Fire Protection in Industry – Major 102.

The novel impulse fire extinguishing devices for the upgrading the existing fire

suppression systems in industry, power engineering, transport and military objects.

1970-1974 Kiev National Polytechnic University (KPI). Kiev, Ukraine

Postgraduate Course on: Automation, Control and Drive Systems for Machinery –

Major 171. Ph.D. in: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automatics.

1960-1966 Odessa Polytechnic University - Faculty of "Machine-Building Tools

and Techniques". M.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Major 24. Odessa, Ukraine.

Work experience:

2015 – Present: Work at home as a volunteer in patent pending upon a few of my inventions in Machinery

automatics and in Mechatronics. Pikesville, MD, USA.

2000 2015. CTRL Systems, Inc. Westminster, MD, USA

Senior Scientist of R&D Department; MEMS Project Leader.

Technical Propositions and Specifications, R&D, Prototyping, Publications and Patent pending on:

• Innovative Microfluidic Modular Assemblies (MiFluMA), which enable to operate micro/meso/macro scaled

Hydraulic or Pneumatic drives by signals of different physical, chemical or biological origin.

• The patent granted and pending on the methodology and technique for estimation of the leakage

parameters in hydraulic or pneumatic systems on the basis of the acquired parameters of ultrasonic vibrations.

1994-2000 Kiev Institute: "ENERGOPROJECT". Kiev, Ukraine

Head expert and Project Leader for projecting Nuclear and Fossil fuel Power Plants:

Methodology for: "F ire Hazard Analysis of NPP" (IAEA publication, Vienna, 1988).

A Fire Hazard Analysis for nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine (Kiev, 1999).

Basic Project of Automatic Alarm and Fire Suppression System for Rivne and

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plants of Ukraine (International program TACIS with Bechtel from USA).

Program - Safety and Fire Risk estimation for Unit #5 of Zaporizhzhya NPP of Ukraine ‘

(International program "Lisbon Initiative" with the United States of America ahead Battelle).

1980-1994 Ukrainian R&S Institute of Fire Protection Kiev, Ukraine

Senior Scientific Worker; and Head Scientific Worker.

Methodological and design fundamentals, prototyping, experimental fire tests and patent pending for:

• The novel hybrid automatic fire extinguishing systems for the gas and oil industry: Dry chemical + sprayed

water or Dry chemical + fire suppressing gas.

*The pneumatic-to-hydraulic liquid level control devices for fire-safety filling of tank wagons at refinery plants

and Nuclear Power Plants.

1972-1980 Kiev Polytechnic University. Kiev, Ukraine

Senior Engineer and Senior Scientific Worker at the chair "Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automatics"

Theoretical and experimental elaborations, prototyping, taking out the patents and marketing for:

• Hydraulic and pneumatic devices for the machinery automation: Servo drives, torque sensors, etc.

• Fluidic devices, in particular the unique Jet Pneumatic- Hydraulic Amplifier (JPHA) to be used as the

direct junction of pneumatic or electronic-pneumatic processor with the powerful hydraulic motors

of various machines and mechanisms.

* Powerful hydraulic drives for the trenchers and a few types of engineering vehicles.

1969-1972 Automatics Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky Kiev, Ukraine

Mechanical Engineer-designer

Designing and practicing the automatic and semiautomatic devices for plant processes, at least:

• The multi-seat jigs and fixtures for enhancing the output of tool’s manufacturing.

• The mechanical scaling pantographs for shaping the grinding wheels.

* The stepping hydraulic boring head for the horizontal boring machines.

1966-1969 Kiev R&D Institute of Chemical Machine-Building Plants Kiev, Ukraine

Mechanical Engineer-designer

Designing the none-standard electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic equipment for the automatic

processing conveyers at the plants of Chemical Engineering.

1965-1965 Plant for Manufacture of Horizontal Boring Machine Tools Lusavan, Armenia

A Mechanical Designer (Degree thesis probationer)

The implementation of Designing the innovative automatic system on the hydraulically operated pre-selective gear shifting for the boring spindle gearboxes.

Extracurricular Activities:

1966-1969 R&S Institute of the Information of the Ukrainian State Planning Committee Kiev, Ukraine

1973-1975 Scientific Editor and translator (From or into English) of the technical

documentation regarding the Hydraulics and Pneumatics in machine building.

1979-1980 Kiev Polytechnic University. Kiev, Ukraine

The instructor of lecture and laboratory classes on the course of "The Synthesis of the

Discrete Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automatic Systems".

Professional Membership:

1972-1980: Scientific Council in Kiev Polytechnic University. Kiev, Ukraine

1982-1994: Scientific Seminars in Kiev International University of Civil Aviation. Kiev, Ukraine

1994-2000: Scientific Council on Safety and Fire Protection at the object "Shelter".

over the destroyed Unit #4 of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Pripyat, Kiev, Ukraine

Awards and Honors:

• Two Bronze medals, granted by the "Central Exhibition of Scientific and Technical Achievements in the USSR"

for the scientific projects and inventions.

• Medal for "Honest and Contributing Labor", awarded on behalf of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

• Ukrainian Government award- “Chernobyl Cross: For selfless participation in works for the sake of mitigation

the consequences of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Accident" in 1996.

Patents and publications:

There are 1 patent granted and 3 patent applications of U.S.A. on Micro-fluidics and industrial ultrasonic NDT; 27 assigned patents of the former USSR, the independent states of Ukraine and Russia.

There are more than 50 published scientific and methodological works on Machine Building, Hydraulics and

The Pneumatics, Micro-fluidics, Automatics, Fire Protection Equipment and Procedures.

Personal Information:

• Excellent oral and written communication skills.

• Willing to explore ideas, create concepts and develop prototypes.

• Fluent in: English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages. Translation from: Polish and Belo-Russian languages.

• Disciplined and hard-working in: designing, prototyping, inventing, developing and experimentally testing.

• Comfortable to work in computer: general (Excel, Word, Internet, etc.), and special 3-D CAD applications.

• Married. My wife: Mrs. Lidia Buyalsky, M.S., Expert on Descriptive and Applied Geometry, Development of

CAD Blueprints. Our daughter: Eleonora Gorodnitchi (Buyalsky), B.S. lives with her family in Canada and is

the citizen of Canada.

• My wife and I are the citizens of the United States of America.


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