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HR 7 Admin

Doha, Doha, Qatar
August 16, 2018

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Administrative professional eager to leverage my experience in office management ( HR & Admin ) to secure an office position relates on my knowledge and skills. Highly organized, efficient and skilled in a variety of office support tasks, including:

Office Organization & Administration

HR Department Startup

HR Policies & Procedures

Staff Recruitment

Employee Administration

Orientation of New Employees

All Visa Procedures and Company License Related

Manpower Control

Microsoft Excel and Word

Proper Filing and Documents Controlling

Records & Database Management

Sending emails and secretarial works

ERP Software

ISO Procedures

Payroll Coordination

ATM Arrangement

Successfully organized Human Resource Department and Administration.

Successfully implemented ISO procedures as required by department.

Successfully implemented ERP system which will guide and make easier especially in managing visa related and employee details.

Successfully organized Employee Files, recruitment process, and HR policy.

Recent Achievement

Professional Experience

JAFCO, DOHA QATAR – All Aluminum & Steel Fabrication

Human Resource Executive & Admin Executive, June 2012 to March 2018

Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs all activities in HR & Administration role.

Maintaining and regularly updating master database (personal file or documents, etc.) of each employee. Includes leave history, increment history, visa, passport, health cards, account numbers, date of joining, designation and all other details.

Recruitment: Screening and conducting of telephonic interviews of applicants for suitable candidates from applications and to prepare and schedule for interview. Conducting interviews as well.

Key Results

Co-developed company’s first-ever standardized procedures in HR Department following the HR procedures.

Develop the process of recruiting and develop the documentations of every individuals file.

Induction and On-boarding: Giving offer letter and appointment letter to those selected. Properly file documents of the employee and introducing to the department managers.

Conducting employee orientation and facilitating newcomers joining formalities.

Promoted to fulfill a broad range of HR functions, including recruitment and training employees, administering benefits, overseeing disciplinary action and managing HR records.

Act as guidance counselor between employees violating company’s policy such as fighting of employees, thief inside company’s campus and others.

Developing the implementation of ERP system for all HR procedures like: personnel information, attendances, petty cashes, visa and passport renewals, leave history, estimara, insurance and other related jobs with the coordination of the Company representative ( Mandoob/PRO ) to ensure that all employees are legally documented ( Having valid passport and visa).

Coordination to accounts department related to payroll preparation, salary issues, benefits and responsible for opening pay cards or debit cards of any new employees. Recommendations to accounts department and supervise them for salary preparation, cash advances, leave salary and final settlement.

Administering leave application, resignation and cash advances request. Ticket booking as well.

Preparation of leave notification (exit permit) for employees going for vacation and cancellation of QID for employees going for good.

Renewing of employee’s QID (Residence Permit) and issuing/renewing of heath card as well.

Assist and coordination with PRO ( Mandoob ) for any visa related issues. Good knowledge of labor & immigration procedures. Knowledgeable of company license such as CR, Company ID, Tax Card, Chamber of Commerce and visa application process.

Compilation & processing of attendance data in attendance system.

Resolving grievances or queries that any of the employees have. Resolve labor cases that have been filled by employee with the coordination to the Mandoob.

Proper documentations and filling ( hard and soft copies ). Implementation of ISO procedures.

Preparing business letters like, offer letter, warning letter, termination letter, memorandum and other letters required.

Monitor camp boss what is happening on the employee camp. Monitoring also the office for the kitchen needs and office supply.


Administration Officer/Document Controller – April 2012 – May 2012 ( Part-Time Only)

Duties and Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Project Manager, Technical manager, Design Manager, Construction Manager for daily/weekly progress of the technical team/design team or the status of drawings we are submitting.

Responsible for retrieving documents from the main contractor and the preparation and distribution of document transmittals to the client ensuring that all documents are quality checked prior to distribution.

Preparing of transmittal for every documents going out and coordination to the technical team for the drawings to be submitted to ensure that documents/drawing should be properly match to the basic criteria of the main contractor before submitting

Writing of business letters, such memorandum, letter for requesting, letter for submitting, recommendations and other related letters.

Assisting with the preparation of bid documents for business development

Developing professional working relationships with colleagues to establish and maintain open lines of communication within the team, other and client representatives.

Daily updating of documents such as drawings, letters, material submittal, incoming and outgoing documents, invoices and including other jobs such as making of letters, photo copying, scanning, answering phone calls and others.


Plant & Equipment Administrator, September 2011 – April 2012

Duties and Responsibilities:

Reporting to Senior Plant and Equipment Manager (Manager for all Burhan Branch in GCC ) for daily task, activities and making plans.

Proper filing of Departments Document such as invoices, letters, daily maintenance, fuel consumption, equipments and employee data, and other jobs such as sending emails, answering phone calls, photo copying, scanning, and other related jobs.

Writing of business letters, such as: warning letter, termination, memorandum, recommendations and other related letters

Coordinates and collect reports from the Operation Foreman, Operation Engineers and Workshop manager and report it to the Senior Plant and Equipment manager.

Preparing and computation of monthly revenue/monthly billing of External/Internal Equipments and verifying timesheets of Labors made by Operation Foreman.

Receiving incoming invoices from the supplier and verify when and where it was been used ready for payments. Collect and verify petty cash from the purchaser and prepare for petty cash.

Filing of quotations and prepare for comparison as requested by the manager.

IMECO, ABU DHABI – Hospitality and Services

Assistant Camp Administrator, November 2010 – August 2011

Duties and Responsibilities:

Over-all in charge of the labor camp. Assigned to do multi-tasking job that includes document controlling, secretarial jobs, purchasing administration and actual supervision of staff in the whole camp.

Assist in the hiring and interviewing of prospective applicants, provide office orientation for new employees and staff, facilitate training of new hires, and assist in the management of back office personnel.

Sending emails and answering phone calls.

Manage the employee from day-day performance and prepare monthly timesheets.

Supervise and manage client’s accommodation which involves housekeeping, laundry services, recreation, and maintenance occupancy in the camp, gardening, safety & security and etc.

Giving instruction to the camp supervisors in their assigned duties and responsibilities. Collect and prepare a monthly summary report regarding the over-all status of the camp.

BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES – Education & Teaching

ESL TEACHER, April 2008 – October 2010

Duties and Responsibilities:

Teaches the foreign students in the different kinds of subjects such as; English grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, pronunciations, spellings, and including the Philippine subjects

Responsible for providing an educational atmosphere where students have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological growth.

Responsible for filing all documents such as grades, questionnaire and other pertinent documents needed.

Ensures that student’s growth and achievement is continuous and appropriate for age group, subject area, and/or program.

Ensures that student growth and achievement is continuous and appropriate for age group, subject area, and/or program classifications Giving instruction to the camp supervisors in their assigned duties and responsibilities. Collect and prepare a monthly summary report regarding the over-all status of the camp.

Skills and Other Qualification

Advance knowledge in computer manipulation especially in excels and word.

Knowledgeable in ERP and ISO

Knowledgeable in welding works

Knowledgeable in masonry works.

Advance knowledge in farming/gardening works.



Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Graduate 2008 ( 4 Years Degree Course )

Major: Mathematics

Degree Diploma is available upon request


Bachelor of Agriculture - 2 Years Only


Paul Dualo

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